How To Choose a Good Travel Insurance Plan

So, you (or your relatives/parents) are traveling to US and you need a travel insurance. Now, how to choose the best travel insurance from the crazy number of insurance plans available online? Let me help you choose.

As someone who’s traveled several times to the US and brought relatives and parents in, I’ve been through this process many a times. (I live in the US and have been traveling on H4 visa earlier for business trips.)

Trust me, many folks will tell you that visitor’s health insurance is not required and that you should avoid it. First time when I traveled to the US, I thought it is a waste too. With so much difficulty, I found a good air ticket that could save me some money, now will I blow it up by purchasing insurance? Hell no. Well, I was wrong.

Do you need visitors health insurance?

This is the question everyone asks. Do you really need it? Why can’t we skip it?

Well, I’ve written about this already. Medical insurance in USA is super expensive. It is expensive for residents, so for visitors, you can imagine. If you get in to small accidents or need a quick medication, then you’re in tough luck. Back in India, it is so easy to get medical attention if you fall sick. All you have to do is go to your nearest Doctor.

In USA, it is different though. You can’t go to a Doctor like you wish. Based on the insurance plan you’re on, you will have to wait for days to get an appointment. And if you get to a Doctor, depending on your insurance plan, it could cost you hundreds of Dollars for even small illnesses.

So, if you fall sick or get into any small accident, you are pretty much sure to spend a lot of Dollars. And if you don’t have an insurance then the risk is even more higher. Because, for emergency care (which is where you will go to if you are not under any plan or need immediate assistance in case of accidents) the price is even high.

Risks involved without insurance

So, the risks involved if you visit US uninsured, is huge! You could end up getting no medical assistance or even you get assistance, you could end up paying hundreds or thousands of Dollars!

How to choose the right visitor’s insurance?

It’s always a wiser idea to get a visitor’s medical insurance when visiting USA, no doubt. But how do you choose the right one? Well, there are a few tips.

  1. Find out how long your stay is going to be
    If your stay is short and is only for few days, get a limited coverage as it is less expensive.
  2. Where will you be visiting?
    Think about all the places you are going to. Are there chances of you getting sick? Are there adventurous trips involved? Make the right judgement of whether or not you will be ok or not.
  3. Who can take care of you?
    Who is traveling with you? Can they take care of your expenses? If yes, great. If not, think about getting a cheap traveler’s insurance.
  4. Analyze your risks
    Analyze the overall risks you are taking. You could totally skip insurance but think about what you might be risking. And make a wise choice.
  5. Full or limited coverage
    Choose if you need full comprehensive or limited coverage. They come with their advantages and disadvantages, go through each and choose the right one that fits you.
  6. How much coverage do you need
    Figure out how much money you want to be insured at. The more the better but not all the time do you need big money insured.
  7. Go for cheap plans instead of super expensive ones
    You don’t need to go for expensive travel insurance all the time. Even cheaper ones like around $40 – 100 is good enough to protect you on a short trip. There are many types of plans available to choose from here. Choose the right one.

There are plans ranging from $20 to $150. Compare different plans here and make the right choice that fits you. There is no one great plan that fits everyone. There are options though. All you got to do is figure out which is your best option and make the right investment. Perhaps $200 is a good fit, but sometimes even a $20 plan would just do fine.

All the best!

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