CoverAmerica Gold v/s Atlas America – Comparison

Ever since I published the CoverAmerica Gold review, there’s been an interest from folks to know about which is a better plan. CoverAmerica Gold or Atlas America or PatriotAmerica Plus?

Well, let’s answer this question once and for all.

First, let’s compare CoverAmerica Gold and Atlas America.

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
To age 69: $50,000, $100,000,
$250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, $2,000,000
Age 70-79: $50,000, $100,000, $150,000
Age 80+: $10,000
To age 69: $50,000, $100,000, $250,000
Age 70-79: $50,000, $100,000
Age 80+: Unavailable
Onset of Pre-existing Conditions
Age 70-79: Up to overall maximum limit or $100,000, whichever is lower
Under age 70: up to overall maximum limit
Through age 69: To policy maximum
Age 70-79: $30,000
Cardiac and Stroke are separate from Acute Onset
Through age 69: $36,000
Age 70-79: No coverage
Deductible$0 available.

$0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 per certificate period
$0 not available for any age.

Age 70-79: If policy maximum is $100,000, then deductible options are $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000
Through age 79: $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000
CoinsuranceOutside PPO: After deductible, 100% to policy maximumOutside PPO: After deductible, 80% up to $5,000, then 100% to policy maximum

Let’s look at Medical outpatient charges.

CoverAmerica Gold v/s Atlas America – Comparison of Medical Charges

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
ER visit copay that
does not end in hospital admittance
Prescription Drug Coverage60 day supply per prescription90 day supply per prescription
Emergency Eye Exam
for a Covered Loss
$150, $50 deductible per occurence$150, $50 deductible per occurence
Local AmbulanceTo policy maximum when illness or injury results in hospitalization as inpatientTo policy maximum when illness results in hospitalization as inpatient or for injury.
Maternity Complications of pregnancy only, during first 26 weeks of pregnancyNone
Claims 60 days to provide proof of claim beginning on last day of certificate periodWithin 180 days of service

What about travel insurance coverage? Let’s compare.

CoverAmerica Gold v/s Atlas America – Comparison of Insurance Benefits

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
Dental – Acute, Unexpected Pain$300 – not subject to Deductible$250 – $50 Deductible per occurrence
Pre-certification penaltyNone50%
Return of Minor children$50,000$100,000
Return of Mortal RemainsTo policy maximum$25,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $1,000,000 $25,000 for
Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition
$1,000,000 maximum limit, includes pre-existing conditions
Loss of Passport or Travel Documents $100$200
Border Entry Protection $500$550
Missed International Connection NoneUp to $400 per insured person.
International transit only in route to US and outside Country of Residence.
Initial commercial carrier scheduled departure to US: Delay of 3 hours or longer.
Scheduled departure of the Commercial Carrier Connection: 12 Hours after scheduled originating flight.
Adverse weather, overbooking, or mechanical breakdown of Commercial Carrier.
Travel Delay of 12+ hours and unplanned overnight stay $100/day, 2 days max$100
“Overnight” not included in specification.
Only covered for either a car accident substantiated by police report, or a lost or stolen passport substantiated by police report.

Now, let’s compare some of the life insurance features.

CoverAmerica Gold v/s Atlas America – Comparison of Life Insurance Benefits

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
Accidental Death and DismembermentUnder 18: $5,000 (death or loss of two limbs), $2,500 (loss of one limb)

Ages 18-69:
$25,000 (death or loss of two limbs), $12,500 (loss of one limb)

Ages 70-74: $12,500 (death or loss of two limbs), $6,250 (loss of one limb)

Ages 75+: $6,250 (death or loss of two limbs), $3,125 (loss of one limb)
$250,000 maximum per family
$25,000 per adult (death or loss of two limbs, death must be within 90 days of accident); $12,500 (loss of 1 limb)
$5,000 per child (death or loss of two limbs, death must be within 90 days of accident); $2,500 (loss of 1 limb)
$250,000 maximum per family
Common Carrier AD&DUnder 18: $10,000
Age 18-69: $50,000
Age 70-74: $25,000
Age 75+: $12,500; Maximum $250,000 per family or group
$5,000 per child, $50,000 per adult, $250,000 maximum per family

Now, let’s compare other benefits.

CoverAmerica Gold v/s Atlas America – Comparison of Other Benefits

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
Cruise CoverageIncludedDepart and return to US port of call
Traveling to Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America
Home Country CoverageIncidental: 30 days per every 3-month periodNone
Hospital Indemnity$100 per dayNone
Identity Theft CoverageNone$500
Terrorism$50,000, Eligible medical expenses onlyTo policy maximum
Theme Park ActivitiesIncludedIncluded
Legal FeesNone$250 maximum
During the period of coverage only. Cannot be related to criminal activity and must be found guilty.
Personal Liability$25,000 maximum

For third person injury and property
$2,500 related third person property
not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit

Optional: $75,000
$50,000 maximum
For third person and damage to third person’s property. No coverage to a related third party or damage to related third person’s property.
Bedside Visit$1500None
Felonious AssaultNone$10,000 maximum

Must be substantiated by local law enforcement. Cannot be a a motor vehicle moving violation. Payable if the insured suffers one or more losses payable under AD&D. Only one benefit is payable for all losses.
Crisis Response$10,000

Optional: $90,000
not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit
Pet Return$1,000None

And finally, let’s look at the plan and features comparison of both these plans.

FeatureAtlas AmericaCoverAmerica Gold
Cancellation FeeAfter effective date, pro-rated refund minus $25 if no claims. Can cancel individually in a policy.After effective date, pro-rated refund if no claims. No cancellation fee. Can’t cancel individually in a policy.
Policy Duration5 days-364 days5 days-12 months
Extendable364 days24 months
Claim AdministratorTokio Marine HCC – MIS GroupIMG
UnderwriterLloyd’sSirius International
Primary Geographic RestrictionsCannot be located in Maryland, New York, Washington, Australia or Canada at time of application
Citzenship country restrictions: Cuba, Puerto Rico, United States, Virgin Islands (US)
Destination country restrictions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea
Home country restrictions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Puerto Rico, United States, Virgin Islands (US)
Additional Restrictions: Cannot be physically located in Australia, Canada
Mailing or billing address can not be in Maryland
Citizenship country restrictions: Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone

Home Country Restrctions, Unavailable: American Samoa, Guam, Nortern Mariana, Islands, Puerto Rico, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands (U.S.)
In Market Since19982017
AvailabilityWidely through many insurance brokersAvailable only through one insurance broker
Product Stability and Ongoing AvailabilityVery stable. The same underwriter and claims administrator since inception. Not Sure. Since the launch around less than 2.5 years ago, there have been 3 underwriters (Lloyds, Crum & Foster, and now Sirius International) and 2 plan administrators (Seven Corners, and now IMG) have changed.


So, in summary, Atlas America is a better travel insurance plan than CoverAmerica Gold.

CoverAmerica Gold looks promising in the first glance, but digging into details shows that there is much more than meets the eye.

Atlas America is a stable and widely popular product among visitors to USA and there’s a reason why. Well, multiple reasons.

If you’re serious about getting a plan that will cover and protect you against almost all of the most popular “uncertainties”, Atlas America is a better choice than CoverAmerica Gold.

Recommended PlansAtlas America and PatriotAmerica Plus.

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