How to detect fake currency notes (Rupee) : 5 Easy ways

The circulation of fake currency notes in India have increased and a RBI report says that around 4 lakh fake notes are found in the year 2011-12.Fake notes are being brought to India even from neighboring countries. So you have to be careful in dealing with currency notes and it is wise to learn about detecting fake notes.Mostly you can find more fake notes in denominations of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 when compared with other denominations.

You can very well get a fake note from the ATM machine of the banks also. So make a point to check it before using.

1. See through Register

Look at the front page of the note.You can see a floral design printed on the left hand side in the middle of the vertical band. The flower shape used in the design is unique for the denomination.(10,20,50,100,500,1000).If you look normally, you may see some individual flower petals printed on both side of the design. But if you check it in front of a light, you can see the denomination corresponding to the currency printed on it. For eg. on a Rs.1000 note,you can see 7 petals on the front and 7 petals on the back which will look like 1000 when combined.It is better to remember the floral designs for all the denominations.

2. Check for water mark

In the front page of the currency note,you can see a medium sized blank watermark on the left side near the floral design. Do you think it is really blank? No, it is not. Observe it closely in front of light. What do you see? A big magic ? The magic reveals three hidden things and they are below:

– Portrait of the face of Mahatma Gandhi
– Electrotype mark of the respective denomination (eg. 1000). The mark is printed in the vertical direction.
– Multidirectional lines

3. Identification mark

A mathematical shape unique for the denomination is printed on the left hand side just below the floral design. The printing is of type intaglio to help even the visually impaired people to recognize the fake notes. The denominations and the corresponding shapes are given below.

Rs. 1000 – Diamond
Rs. 500 – Circle
Rs.100 – Triangle
Rs. 50 – Square
Rs.20 – Rectangle

Rs.10 denomination does not have an identification mark.

4. Security thread

You can see a thick dotted line near the center of the note and it is nothing but the security thread. If you see the line from behind against light, it will look like a continuous line.

In a Rs.1000 note,the words ‘bharat’,’RBI’ and ‘1000’ are printed on the lines and the color changes from green to blue when viewed from various angles.Rs.500 and Rs.100 notes looks like the same as the above except that it does not have the numeral. Rs.50,Rs.20 and Rs.10 notes does not have color change feature.

5. Latent Image

Look closely on the right hand side corner of the vertical band near the portrait of Gandhi. You can see the hidden image of the denomination numeral printed in the vertical direction. It can be seen very easily with a close view.

6. Year of Printing

Look at the back side of the currency note where you can find the year of printing ( eg.2010) near the bottom edge (approximately center of the note).

7. Optically variable ink

You can see the denomination numeral printed in big size on the center of the note. If you tilt it, the color of the number varies from blue to green when viewed in different angles. This feature is available only in Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes.

8. Intaglio printing

All the rupee notes will have the Reserve Bank Seal ( Front side,Center of the page) and description of the currency in Hindi language ( Below the printed numeral). These are printed using intaglio so that it can be felt by touching.

9. Microlettering

Take a magnifying glass and look at the area between the ear of the mahatma Gandhi picture and the vertical band. You can see the word ‘RBI’ and the denomination numeral (eg.500) printed on it.

What to do if fake note is found?

Based on the above methods, you have found a fake currency note. What to do now? You need not worry. As per the latest RBI regulations, you can exchange the currency notes in your bank and get the correct one of the same value.They may get a signature from you for their records.

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  2. Kumar

    You should know the tricks of the trade. See places like SSprinters in chickpet and navbharat press in bangalore seshadripuram. They print fake currency and circulate. Govt should ban such places from doing business

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