5 Best Mobile Digital Payment Systems in India

So, you’ve made up your mind to g0 cashless huh? Good choice. Here are some of the best digital payment systems in India that will help you to make money transactions online without dealing in cash.

Since the demonetization move, India is increasingly switching to digital payment systems, and rightly so. Going cashless, is a great way to help boost the economy and quite honestly, an easier way to do transactions.

So, a lot of people are asking how they can go cashless and switch to mobile payments. Well, here are some of the best mobile payment systems in India that will help you to go cashless and still make payments online via your mobile apps digitally.

1. Ultracash – Pay via smartphone even without internet

Ultracash is a mobile app with which you can pay money to anyone else who has the app installed on their phone. Here’s how it works. You install the app on your smartphone. Then connect your bank accounts with it. You should give your bank account login and passwords for this. Once connected, you can use your funds in the bank accounts to make payments. When you are at a seller (say a shop), instead of paying with cash, you just flip out the phone and pay the amount you want and they will receive the payment in their account. You don’t even need internet to do this. Just keep the phones close to each other. You will get an invoice from the seller. After confirming the details, you just click pay and the money is transferred.


  • Pay to anyone with a smartphone and the app.
  • No internet or WiFi required.
  • Works on any smartphone.
  • Available for iOs and Android.
  • Set up bank accounts, debit and credit cards.

Here’s a video that will show you how to use the Ultracash app.

2. PayTM

PayTM is basically a website where you can pay your monthly bills online. But they’ve recently added services like Bus ticketing and more. Their “mobile wallet” is essentially a mobile payment application. Ok, if that is difficult to understand, think of it like your wallet where you can store all your bank accounts and credit card accounts. Then, you can pay for selected services (which ever accepts PayTM) via your mobile app, from those accounts. Just like Ultracash, the PayTM mobile app willl allow you to make payments via your mobile app at PayTM accepting stores anywhere in India. Currently, PayTM is accepted by several merchants in India including even the small time vendors.

3. Oxigen

Oxigen is yet another mobile payment system in India, that has existed since 2004. They offer a lot of mobile paymewnt systems like, online money transfer, recharges, utility bill payments, Aadhaar and eKYC, Ticket Booking (Railways/Airlines/Bus/Movie) and eVisa card. I like their eVisa card which is essentially a virtual credit card that you can use to make payments online with selected merchants (those who accepts visa cards).

4. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is another mobile wallet and online payment system like PayTM and Ultracash, where a user can store money in an online “wallet” to make payments. You can use it to make mobile and DTH recharges, pay utility bills, and shop at listed supporting merchants. The MobiKwik wallet has to be loaded with money once before it can be used across functions. MobiKwik provides users the option to add money using their debit or credit card, net banking, and ‘cash pay’, a doorstep cash collection service.

There are a few more mobile applications in India that lets you pay bills online and other payments offline via mobile apps. Clearly, this is a hot scene and with the cashless economy push by the PM, I’m hoping that there will be more apps sprouting up in this space. I’ll be adding more updates to this page, so do watch out for updates.

If you have any feedback on the apps mentioned above, please drop a comment here. Thanks!

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