What Documents are Required for Parents Visiting USA on B2 Visa?

There is nothing more delightful than to welcome your parents to you home in a foreign country. Every year, hundreds of Indians emigrate to the US in search of education, prosperous jobs and, of course, a promising lifestyle. According to the Migration Policy Institute, the population of Indian immigrants grew more than eleven-fold from 1980 to 2010, roughly doubling every decade.

However, no matter how much you achieve in this foreign land, there is always a void that only family can fill. This is why, once settled, Indians make conscious efforts to get their parents to the US on a B2 Visa. You should know that those coming to America for personal activities like visiting family or friends, attend a wedding, a reunion or ceremony, medical treatment, etc., need to apply for a B-2 visitor’s visa.

If you too are thinking of inviting your parents to visit you in the US, you should know that there are certain documents that would be required to complete the visa process successfully.

List of B2 Visa Interview Documents for Parents Visiting USA

  1. Invitation Letter
    Merely your desire to invite your parents to the US isn’t enough. You need to send them an invitation letter, signed by you. It should clearly state that you are inviting them to the US and are sponsoring their visit. This letter will work as legal support, indicating your parent’s intent to come to the US.
  2. Proof of Sufficient Bank Savings
    To cover the expenses of your parents’ visit, it is recommended that your savings total roughly $10,000 dollars or more. To save this much, you need to start planning months in advance. You need to send the proof of your bank savings account to your parents to show for the visa.
  3. Scanned Copy of Parents’ Passports
    Most people book the visa appointment for their parents in India online, from the US. For this purpose, you will require a copy of your parents’ passports, with all the information. To avoid any mistakes while filling the form, it is best to ask your parents to send scanned copies of their passports to you.
  4. Employment Letter from Your Current Employer (H1B Sponsor)
    To indicate your salary and verify your current H1B visa status, you will need to obtain an employment letter from your current employer in the US. Do keep the appointment letter of the interview and parents’ passport handy for this purpose.
  5. DS-160 Form
    This is the most important document required for the visa appointment. To book a visa appointment, filling out the DS-160 form is the first step. Unless your parents are familiar with English, the online process of filling up forms and the technical jargon associated with the B2 visa, it is best that you fill do the needful on their behalf to book the visa appointment.

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Send your parents a printout of every document signed by you, including the DS-160 (after you have filled it), your passport, H1B approval (Form I-797), if applicable, invitation letter, copy of the last three bank statements. And, remember to send the employment letter and bank account verification letter in original. Your parents will require all these documents at the time of the visa interview.

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