HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review

Corporate folks and frequent travelers are in for a treat with the benefits from HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. It’s a credit card from HDFC bank that is customized for frequent flyers and business travelers. The card gives you special lounge accesses, ticket booking discounts for your travel needs and more. Spend using this card and enjoy the rewards on your travels – that’s pretty much it. This is a card your HR or expenses department in your company will love to get for your employees. As a bonus, apart from travel you also get discounts on movie tickets, shopping and hotel reservations. Let’s check out the details.

Benefits for HDFC Regalia Card

– For every Rs 150 spent on this card you get 4 reward points.
– Get free access to over 700 global lounges across the world 5 times in a year.
– This card comes with an insurance cover of 12 lakhs when travelling abroad.
– On making purchases from the website you get 8 reward points for every 150 spent using this card.
– You get 2500 points on making the annual payment for the card.
– Get access to Taj Epicure and Taj Inner Circle Gold membership after availing this card. It comes with vouchers certificates gifts that can be used for air ticket booking, hotel reservation and d2h recharge.
– You can also avail special discounts and deals on the Taj Epicure plus Membership Card.
– Get exclusive deals and discounts on the HDFC Bank Travel and Entertainment Portal.
– The card also comes with extra security with magnetic strip as well as chip.

HDFC Regalia Card

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Fees & Charges

Annual Fees 2500 Rs
Interest 1.99% per month

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must 21 years and above but not more than 60 years.

He/she must be salaried professional. In case of self-employed they should be 21 years and not more than 65 years.

Documents Required

The candidate must furnish the following documents
Income proof
Address proof
Identity proof

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Pros

– The card can be useful for families who are on vacation and the travel benefits are good. You can collect the points and redeem them for good rewards that accompany it.
– The interest rate is 1.99% which is pretty reasonable and they also a grace period of 50 days which is beneficial for the customer.
– The card can be availed by all salaried professionals above the age of 21 making it easy for all to get the card.
– On renewal of the card you get 2500 points annually which is a good bonus and can be used for when redeeming rewards.
– The card gives access to Taj Epicure and Taj Inner Circle Gold membership, Taj Epicure plus Membership Card, and HDFC Bank Travel and Entertainment Portal which is pretty beneficial from customer’s point of view.
– The card also comes with an insurance cover especially when we are travelling abroad.

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Cons

– The annual charge of 2500 is pretty high


HDFC Regalia has done a good job by introducing a travel beneficial card for its customers. Frequent travelers can make use of free lounge access and discounts that come with booking tickets. The card comes with an insurance cover when travelling abroad and so you don’t need to opt this separately. If you the compare charges of this card with American Express Makemytrip card you will find the charge to be a bit high. The latter has an annual charge of Rs 1500 and comes with a tie up with The Air India SBI Signature Card has a high annual charge of up to 4999Rs and has a tie up with Air India. The interest rate here is 3.35% which is also pretty high compared to HDFC Regalia Card. Considering the annual charge HDFC Regalia is not that high but it comes with numerous benefits that prove to be good for the customers.

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  1. nikhil

    the points expire after 2 years, which sucks

  2. Amit

    How does the Regalia Card compare to the Diners Premium? Which is better suited for international travelers?

  3. Anand

    HDFC Bank has great offers but their customer service sucks. I have had bad experiences many times.

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