Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

If you’re into investing and mutual funds, you’d have come across the name Kuvera, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

I came across Kuvera as a recommendation from a friend on Twitter. I’ve been using it for some time now, and this is my honest review of Kuvera.

This review is not paid or endorsed by anyone.

What is Kuvera?

Kuvera Review

Kuvera, is a zero brokerage (no-fee), free mutual fund investing platform for Indians, that is available on both mobile and web platforms.

It started operations in 2017, is based out of Bangalore, and is headed by Gaurav Rastogi, an ex-portfolio manager of Morgan Stanley.

What does Kuvera do?

Kuvera helps you to find and invest your money in mutual funds, without any commissions, either as a lump sum (one time big amount) or an SIP (specific amount monthly).

What is unique about Kuvera?

Ease of use.

With Kuvera, it is easy to find good funds, invest and do everything that is required to invest in mutual funds, even for a beginner.

Also, since it doesn’t take any fees from users, all the money you invest through Kuvera, goes 100% into the funds you choose. It’s totally free.

Kuvera also have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Family accounts – You can manage all your family accounts from one place, one login.

Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

Invest in gold – You can invest in Gold directly from Kuvera, with even discounted rates if you qualify.

Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

Goal planning – You can set specific life events as goals within Kuvera. For example, kids’ marriage or education and plan accordingly. I found this feature extremely useful.

Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

How does Kuvera make money?

I don’t know. It is still a young startup and perhaps their focus right now is user growth and good user experience.

Both of which they are doing very well. Perhaps at a later stage, they might look into taking a cut from your money or in transactions. I don’t know.

Why do people like Kuvera?

I asked about Kuvera to many personal finance enthusiasts in my circle, from the Back to India NRI groups and my blog.

The overall response is that they have happy with Kuvera, and would recommend it to anyone.

Most folks have tried Kuvera along with other mutual fund apps like Groww or ET Money or PayTm Money.

Kuvera has the following advantages.

  • Superior customer support.
  • Easy to use app/web interface.
  • No bugs, no glitches.
  • Superior privacy and user data protection options.

What do people hate Kuvera for?

Long KYC processes. If you’re a first-time investor who hasn’t done KYC yet, you won’t be able to use Kuvera.

Kuvera Review: How good is it?

So, I’ve been using Kuvera for some time now. And the last few weeks have been pretty eventful. In the end, I am happy with Kuvera. But the story isn’t so much short and sweet.

Step 1 – Signing up for Kuvera

So, as soon as my friend recommended me Kuvera, I signed up for it. But alas, I was totally disappointed.

I gave in my email and other personal details. But when it came to the KYC part (where you have to give in your PAN card etc), I hit a roadblock.

The system said that first-time investors who haven’t done their KYC, won’t be able to use Kuvera!

That was a bummer! 🙁

So, I went with Groww!

Groww too is a similar platform like Kuvera that helps people to invest in mutual funds without any fees. And they have one advantage over Kuvera.

That’s the fact that they can accept first time investors who are doing KYC for the first time to use their platform.

So, now that I got disheartened with Kuvera, I went with Groww and did my KYC. Groww was fun using. It felt very much like school, when Kuvera felt like college, perhaps.

Groww had more vibrant colors, better UI, and things popped!

But there were glitches. A few times, the app crashed and kicked me out.

And then when I added funds from my bank, it didn’t go through in the first try. I put Rs.10,000 into five different mutual funds, but I wasn’t able to purchase the funds. The customer support was good, but not awesome.

So, what did I do? Switched back to Kuvera.

Since Groww had helped me with doing my KYC, I used that to my advantage in Kuvera.

Groww had done a better job of tying up with the Govt. Digi Locker facility in doing KYC. Now that it has been done, I could verify it on Kuvera.

And I did.

Step 2 – Finding Mutual Funds

Once, you are inside Kuvera, things are super-easy.

In your dashboard, you can search for all kinds of Mutual Funds with all the filter options. See pic below.

Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

You can also dissect an interesting fund you found. Look at its history, performance, current and past values etc quickly in a glance.

Kuvera Review: The Best Mutual Fund App in India?

If you like the fund, click on the “Invest” button and buy it. Either as a SIP plan or a one-time lumpsum amount.

The check out process is super simple as well. Just as or even simpler than buying on Amazon.


Is Kuvera trustworthy?

To be honest, I do not know with any concrete evidence to show.

However, as of now, it seems to be pretty solid. With a good team behind it, I think they are on to do some great things. Many assure that even if Kuvera went bust tomorrow since your funds are all allocated directly from the companies, your funds are safe.

Kuvera Review - Best Mutual Funds Investing App in India

Essentially, it looks like you are saving up on lot of commissions, which you’d have had to give to other non-direct mutual fund apps by using Kuvera.

So far, so good. But like in anything finance-related, things can change pretty quickly from good to bad. I hope that doesn’t happen with Kuvera.

You can download Kuvera from here.

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  1. Avarachan

    Why Kuvera doesnt use Demat account?

  2. Neo

    KUVERA UI does not have basic info about units holding in their dashboard. This is minimum think one would expect to have in dashboard.

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