Limited or Comprehensive Coverage? Which Visitors Insurance Should You Get

When you’re traveling to USA, it is a wise decision to get traveler insurance. It protects you from all emergency risks and offers medical cover during your time of visit. I know that many people think that visitor’s insurance is an avoidable thing and try to save money with it. Not a good idea.

Like I have explained before, not getting visitor’s travel insurance is never a way to save money. Just spending $20 can get you covered from the risk of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is a wise choice in my opinion. Now the problem is, once you have decided to get traveler’s insurance, the question is, which plan to get.

If you are considering taking visitor’s insurance from a good agent/website like this one, you will be faced with choosing a limited or comprehensive coverage plan. What is the different and which one should you take? Let’s take a look.

Obviously, each plan works differently and you have to make a choice that best fits you. So it may be unfair to ask whether one plan is better than the other. Having said that, both plans have their pros and cons.

When should you get limited coverage travel insurance?

  • When your visit is for a very short time.
  • When you don’t have extra money to spare.
  • When you are not traveling much and is likely to be around one area.

When should you get comprehensive travel insurance?

  • When your visit time is more than few days.
  • When you are traveling and exposing yourself to more risk.
  • When your risk is high.
  • When you might need higher medical needs.

Generally, limited coverage visitor’s insurance means, you can go to any doctor but your coverage will be very limited. That is if the treatment charge is high, the company will not pay most part of it. For comprehensive coverage, the company will cover a lot more from your treatment cost, but you cannot go to any doctor, and will need to go to the company recommended ones only.

So, they are two different extremes. In my opinion, taking a comprehensive coverage is far better. Because, even though it’s slightly expensive compared to a limited coverage plan, the coverage is extensive and flexible. Your expense is going to be less and the company will take care of most part of the payment, once your deductible is paid. And compared between limited and comprehensive, the price difference isn’t huge compared to what big expenses you are being covered for (comparing medical expenses in USA).

Limited Coverage v/s Comprehensive Coverage Comparison

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Coverage – More benefits compared to limited coverage plans.

Benefits – Covers large number of risks, Has co-insurance and is flexible.

PPO network – Just like PPO plans, higher acceptance and lower rates.

Access to Doctors – May visit any Doctor. But recommended to visit provider network.

Travel coverage – Covers against travel risks like trip cancellations, baggage loss etc.

Cost – Comparatively expensive.

Limited Coverage Plans

Coverage – Just basic coverage covering very low risk factors.

Benefits – Pre-determined medical cost. Will not cover higher risk factors or treatments.

PPO network – May not be included in PPO network.

Access to Doctors – Can visit any Doctor, but despite that plan will only pay pre-defined limit per Doctor.

Travel coverage – Does not have any travel coverage.

Cost – Lower costs.


So essentially, taking a comprehensive travel insurance coverage is much recommended as they cover most high risk factor and offers better coverage with low risk to the insured user. That is if there comes a situation where you are charged with expensive medical treatment, you don’t have to worry about paying more than the deductible. The company will take care of it. Also, comprehensive coverage has more benefits and insures you against more risks with a little bit more few dollars.

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