Do You Need Travel Insurance for Cuba?

According to the Cuban Business Report, in 2016, more than 4 million tourists visited the country. What would be the one thing that would be common to all those individuals? All of them must have been armed with travel insurance.

The Government of Cuba made Travel Medical Insurance mandatory for visitors coming to the country, both from overseas as well as Cubans living abroad, a rule that came into effect in May 2010. According to this rule imposed by the government of Cuba, all travellers are expected to buy travel health insurance prior to visiting the Caribbean island nation. Once you enter Cuba, the Cuban authorities will check you for a return air ticket, a valid visa, proof of sufficient funds and, most importantly, proof of travel health insurance.

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Why Travel Health Insurance was Made Compulsory

Some people visit the island of Cuba to enjoy their holidays, some come to meet their relatives, while others are interested in exploring a new destination. However, during their visit, anyone can fall victim to an unforeseen event of a medical nature, such as meeting with an accident, or a non-medical emergency, such as the loss of important personal items or documents.

Having adequate travel medical coverage prior to arriving in Cuba extends peace of mind to the visitor, who can then enjoy a tension-free trip to this beautiful island. Moreover, having travel insurance prior to visiting Cuba becomes a necessity as the Cuban authorities do not let anyone leave the country with outstanding medical bills to be paid.

In you end up with any kind of medical emergency; you’ll be provided the necessary medical care through a wide network of health facilities in Cuba.

How to Get Insurance for Cuba

Although travellers are expected to be armed with a travel insurance policy when they depart their home country, those who have an invalid policy or do not have any insurance on arrival in Cuba, are given the facility to take out a policy through assistance from the Cuban insurance companies at the airport, marina or port.

The most common and trustable Cuban insurance company is Asistur SA, which has an office in the immigration area of the airport. Their assistance is available 24 hours a day, all year round. This Cuban organisation specializes in offering various kinds of assistance to tourists.

Visit the link for more information.

Best Travel Insurance for Cuba

Whether you purchase travel insurance from your home country or in Cuba, here are a few things you should look for while choosing a travel plan.

In general, the travel medical insurance plan should cover for medical emergencies, medical evacuation by air, and repatriation. The plan should be comprehensive and should cover loss and theft, as well as for medical problems. The policy should cover ambulance expenses and the expenses incurred due to an emergency flight home, if required.

While purchasing the insurance, it is useful to inquire whether the insurance plan makes payments directly to providers or whether you need to claim later for reimbursement for health expenditures occurred overseas.

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