New US Visa Rule : H1B Visa Extension May Not Be Possible for NRIs

According to several reports (source 1, source 2, source 3), it appears that Trump administration might be bringing in a new rule by which existing H1B visa holders may not be eligible for visa extensions.

What that means is, if you are already on a H1B visa (which is usually given for three years and is eligible for an extension of another three years) you might have to return to India after your first three years of working in the US.

This might also prove problematic for existing green card applications who are on H1B visas and awaiting their green card approvals, which sometimes even extends up to five/ten years.

Of course, the media is hyping it up as usual, saying that it would send almost five lakh Indians back home. I highly doubt that will happen. If it does, that is bad of course, but it is easily said than done.

Many NRIs in USA are on H1B visas and either in the process of filing green cards or looking for an extension. If they have to be sent home, it is a huge risk posed by employees. Imagine all that talent gone in the next year. There would be a huge gap to be filled in.

In the NRI desi community however, there is mixed reaction to this news.

On a lighter note, many folks are thinking that it is a blessing. Now they have a valid reason to go back home and not worry about long waiting green card and visa issues.

But seriously this is an issue if implemented. A quick change in direction and a surprise to many.

At the moment, none of this is implemented and are only hear-says.

We got to wait and watch what the Trump administration will do to H1B visas.

Fingers crossed!

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