SBI General’s Travel Insurance Review – How Good Is It?

Imagine a situation when you are hospitalized while traveling in another country. What if you need some kind of medical aid, examination by a physician, therapies or diagnostic tests, but you don’t have enough money to cover these expenses? Pretty scary, right? It can happen to anyone and at anytime, whether they are on a business trip or spending leisure time abroad. This only goes to emphasize the importance of arming yourself with a good travel insurance plan before you leave home to travel abroad, to ensure the right assistance when needed, such as cashless service or reimbursement for per-specified expenses.

Protecting you against medical and financial emergencies during your trip abroad, anywhere in the world, SBI General’s Travel Insurance (Business and Holiday) offers comprehensive cover for you and your family for your peace of mind. Read on to know all about SBI General’s Travel Insurance.

Period of Travel Insurance

  1. Single Trip:
    For a single trip, SBI General’s Travel Insurance can be issued for a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 180 days, where the coverage duration of the trip will start and finish in India.
  2. Multi Trip:
    This policy is issued only for one year, covering all travel that takes place during that year.

Further, there are two options available under SBI’s travel insurance policy, one including coverage worldwide and the other one excluding USA & Canada. Under all circumstances, the minimum premium one would end up paying for would be ₹250/-.

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Any individuals who falls in the age group of 6 months to 70 years can be covered under this policy. And, there is no need to undergo a medical examination to become eligible either.

Cover Starting Amount

Providing comprehensive coverage, SBI General’s Travel Insurance offers medical cover up to US$0.5 million.


SBI General’s Travel Insurance claims to be one of the most comprehensive policies in the industry. It covers for:

  • Expenses incurred for medical treatment overseas.
  • Medical expenses including evacuation & repatriation
  • Cover for personal accident.
  • Hospitalization daily allowance.
  • Support for expenses incurred in situations like loss of passport, loss of checked baggage, delay of checked baggage, trip cancellation, trip delay, trip curtailment and missed connection.
  • Golfer’s Hole-In-One to protect golfers from misfortune.
  • Home Burglary Insurance
  • Bail Bond and Emergency Cash Advance
  • Personal Liability
  • Hijack distress allowance


The company shall not be liable to pay for claims arising out of situations where the policyholder is traveling against the advice of a physician, or to obtain treatment for a pre-existing medical condition. Moreover, the policyholder will not be covered for any expenses incurred due to suicide or attempted suicide, any willfully self-inflicted injury, mental disorder, stress, anxiety or depression, drug abuse, alcoholism and liability attributable to HIV and/or any HIV related illness like AIDS.

Visit the website to know exactly what is covered under the SBI’s General Travel Insurance and what’s not.

Claim Settlement

On buying SBI General’s Travel Insurance, stay assured of a fair, transparent & quick turnaround time for cashless claim settlement.

Other Features

  1. Extension in Policy Duration:
    This is only permissible in single trip insurance for a maximum 180 days. Policy extension can take place with prior approval of the insurer and paying an extra premium. However, there is a condition that after extension, the total policy duration should not exceed 270 days.
  2. Automatic Extension:
    This offers extension of 7 days over and above the extension of the policy duration, after prior approval is provided automatically, without any added cost.

If you have been convinced to buy SBI’s travel insurance to safeguard yourself on your next overseas trip, buy the policy online from the SBI General website by completing the questionnaire and making the premium payment.

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