SBI Unnati Credit Card – A Credit Card For Those Without Credit History

If you’ve been wanting to get a new credit card for the first time, and disappointed that no bank would give you, worry not – SBI is here to your rescue with SBI Unnati Credit Card. A credit card for first timers with no credit history.

I’ve mentioned it many times that going ahead, it’s wise to have a credit card in India. And if you’ve been wanting to get a credit card, there are many things that goes into finding the best credit card for you for the first time.

Generally, I advice first timers to get a secured credit card, if they have a good standing history with a bank. But now, SBI has made it even more easier for first timers to get a credit card. Even if you don’t have a credit history and is looking to get a credit card for the first time SBI can help with it’s SBI Unnati Card.

Features of SBI Unnati Card

  • No annual fees for the initial four years. Afterwards, Rs 499/year.
  • All SBI bank account holders are eligible to get it.
  • All Jan Dhan Yojna account holders are eligible.
  • Any SBI customer with a balance of at least Rs 25,000 in the savings account is eligible for the Unnati credit card.
  • Pay electricity, telephone, mobile and other utility bills via E-Bill pay facility.
  • Good card for use abroad as well as it is accepted in over 24 million outlets across the globe, including 3,25,000 outlets in India.
  • Add-on cards are available for customer’s parents, spouse, children or siblings above the age of 18.

So, there you go. If you were always looking to get a credit card, then this is the card for you. Also if you need to build up your credit score, use this card to your advantage. All the best! Official website here.

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