Schengen Visa Fees for Indian Passport Holders

Schengen Visa Application Process For IndiansOf all the countries in the world, the Schengen area has always held immense appeal for me, mainly due to the free movement of people allowed across the participating countries, meaning that you just need one visa to travel through 26 countries! The 26 European member states are part of an agreement, called the Schengen Convention, according to which all these countries have officially abolished passports and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. Even the border posts and checks have been removed between the countries falling in the Schengen area. Did you know that the name “Schengen” is derived from a village named Schengen in Luxembourg, where the agreement was signed in 1985?

To enter into any of these countries as a tourist, all you need to do is apply for a Schengen visa. According to government reports, a total number of 15,192, 556 Schengen visas were applied for at the consulates of the member states in 2016 alone.

If you plan to visit the Schengen area, you need to apply for the Schengen visa. If you don’t know where to begin, read What is a Schengen Visa & How to Apply for One?. This article contains all the basic information you need to get started with the visa application.

After understanding the visa requirements, the question that might strike your mind would be, “How much would a Schengen visa cost?” This is what I intend to answer through this article.

How Much Does a Schengen Visa Cost?

For starters, you should know that when applying for a Schengen visa, each applicant needs to pay a non-refundable mandatory visa fee, which is retained as the processing fee. The processing fee includes the visa fee and a service fee. There will be no refund in case your visa application gets rejected or denied.

The cost of a Schengen visa might vary depending on the age of the applicant and the type of visa applied for:

Regular Schengen Visa Fees Depending on the Age

  • Adults: €60
  • Children: €35
  • Note: Nationals from Georgia, Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine are also eligible to pay €30 as Schengen visa fees.

Schengen Visa Fee Depending on the Duration of Stay

  • Short stay visa, less than 90 days: €60
  • Long stay visa, more than 90 days: €99

Applicants for Whom There is no Fees

  • Children under 6 years of age
  • Students, postgraduates and accompanying teachers who are travelling to the Schengen Area for the purposes of studying or educational training
  • Researchers of third-world countries travelling for the purposes of scientific research
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less, participating in seminars, conferences, cultural or educational events, sports organized by non-profit organizations.

The Schengen visa fee is payable through cash, debit or credit card at the designated consulate/embassy. However, you should know the preferred payment mode of the consulate you need to apply at beforehand, since some consulates may not allow you to make card payments. Not knowing this will delay the visa application process.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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