Tips for Conference Attendees Visiting USA from India

The US State Department’s Visa Statistics for June 2017 show that the highest number of visas issued to Indians were tourist and business visas, which were a total of 49,567. Conference attendees traveling to the United States also travel on a business (B2) visa and this seems to be popular choice in India.

Traveling on business is a little more complicated and less flexible than traveling as a tourist. A flight delay, lost baggage or any other travel contingency can be a lot more taxing when you’re expected to arrive at a conference and network with your peers. Besides preparing for your business visa interview, you must also be prepared for your travel and the conference itself. Here are some useful tips to help you stay on top of everything and have a smooth experience.

Tips for Indians Attending a Conference in America

  • Connect with other participants

Business conferences are a very helpful avenue to connect with professionals and build a network. Most events, including business conferences, have their own pages on social media platforms, so remember to mark your attendance on the conferences page to let people know.

These pages usually have a list of all those who confirm their attendance on the page. Find out about other Indian as well as American attendees, connect with them virtually and be a step ahead in the networking process. Another good way to connect to people associated with a conference is to follow its hashtag on social media and find them. Besides following, you can also use it in your own posts to have a more active presence in the circle.

  • Prepare an introductory pitch

You are bound to meet a lot of warm leads at a conference, but only meeting them will not materialize into gains. When you meet someone, do not merely speak, communicate. Convey a message to them that will have a positive response and will give the desired result. To convey this message efficiently, prepare a small pitch to introduce yourself and establish a symbiotic relationship.

This is important to make yourself stand out amongst the hundreds of other participants who are here on business too. The fact that India has a growing economy and more and more investors are discovering the country’s potential will surely work in your favour. For more tips you can read 5 No-Fail Ways to Introduce Yourself at a Networking Event.

  • Getting past the language barrier

If you’re visiting the United States for the first time, you might not have exposure to their accent or may be unfamiliar with certain words that are different in British and American English. Being unable to understand a lecture or when being spoken to can render all your efforts to attend the conference useless.

It fails the two basic purposes of the conference, getting educated and building contacts. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the accent and vocabulary beforehand. And if you still fail to get a hold of the conversations, you can always politely ask the person to repeat themselves or speak slowly.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a successful and fruitful experience at the conference. And after it is over, if you have time, explore the great country to have a well-rounded trip.

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