What To Carry When Visiting USA on Visit Visa?

So, you are visiting land of the dreams soon but not sure what to carry and what not? No worries, this is your guide.

Visiting USA can be an amazing experience but make sure you research well and prepare yourself. There are many little things that can make a big difference to your travel. If prepared well, you’ll be fine! So, here goes.

Tips for visitors to USA & What to carry

Get a credit card that works in US while you travel.

US is a plastic economy so pretty much every transaction (buying/selling, anything) is pretty much done via credit cards. Of course, you can use cash where needed, but you’ll be better off using a credit card.
Get a good internationally accepted travel credit card, from your Indian bank before you travel.

Get a cheap travel insurance to cover you.

Travel insurance is really cheap – get one! Getting one can cover a lot of accidental expenses you might incur while you travel.

Depending on the weather, buy appropriate clothing.

US has a very varied climate, each season. Summers are warm and breezy while winters are cold. And it depends on which place you are located. Some places have extreme climates while others have pretty even climates. Find out in advance what the weather in your place is like. Buy appropriate clothes.

Do not carry the list of items immigration has banned recently.

Immigration changes laws all the time. Always check the latest immigration and customs instructions on what to carry and what not through airports. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones were recently banned in most Airlines because of their heating issues.

Carry your documents including Passport copies, Visa document etc scanned (or photographed) on your phone or email to yourself.

Take good clarity photos with your smartphone or digital camera and store it safely. E-mail them to yourself, so in case you need them you always have it handy.

Buy some good shoes that can deal with a lot of walking.

Get some comfortable shoes. US has a lot of great places to visit and most require you to walk. Get rid of chappals and sandals, instead get fully toe-covered walking shoes. They are preferred in public settings (and comfortable too), unlike India.

If your parents are traveling alone, get them Wheel chair assistance from the Airline they are traveling.

Most airlines will allow you to buy additional Wheel chair assistance along with the tickets. Get them if your parents are traveling alone. They will find it very useful while at airports.

Keep some cash in hand always – preferably Dollars.

Cash can come in handy in emergency situations. Save some just in case.

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