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I’m passionate about marketing and have helped many brands & businesses grow online in the last couple of years. SaaS startups, marketing agencies, hotel chains, smartphone brands…you name it.
I share all about it on this blog,
so you can learn from my experience.

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I started this blog, to share what I learned through my journey.
Join me.

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How to start a blog

How to start blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2005 and have learned a thing or two about how to start a blog.

Actually, starting a blog is easy. But growing it to the level that you make money off of it takes time and energy.

But if you’re passionate about it and put in enough time and effort behind it, it can be a rewarding experience.


Here is my simple five-step process to start a blog.

1. Get a domain name
2. Choose a good host (this, this, or this)
3. Choose a topic to blog about (use this tool)
4. Choose a good design (from here)
5. Some SEO wizardry (here’s how)

If you have a topic in mind.. say, travel, finance, arts, technology, or just about anything, starting a blog today is a good idea.
Start writing on your blog today and before you know it,
one day it’ll start making money for you.

I started blogging in 2005 and today it makes around five figures in income!


How do blogs make money?

Blogs make money from three main sources.
Advertisements, Sponsorships, and Affiliates.

Advertisements – When people click on ads shown on your blog, you get paid.
Sponsorships – Blogs get paid for reviewing products & writing articles.
Affiliates – Blogs get paid when someone buys a recommended product.

What tools do I use?

Here are some of the best tools and services I’ve used for blogging.
Some of these have amazing affiliate programs are well.

Domain Names

I ended up buying more than a hundred domain names over the last few years. And all of them were bought with this service. Reason? Super cheap!


I use this computer when in the office and a regular laptop like this when I’m on the move. I also own this beast of a laptop for video editing.

Email Marketing

I run most of my email campaigns on this tool. It’s powerful yet simple, feature-loaded yet cheap, and delivers your emails without any issue.

SEO Software

My favorite SEO tool that I end up using on a daily basis is this. I use it for finding keywords and niches, tracking my website’s position on Google, etc.

Website Host

I host most of my high-traffic websites on this host (reason – reliability) and smaller blogs on this host (reason – flexibility).

Stock Trading

For all the number crunching and stock trading, I use this app.
The reason? It’s flexible and versatile.

Money Transfer

For all the money transfers and foreign currency exchange needs, I use this service. The reason? Exchange rates are as good as what’s seen on Google!

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