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Who am I?

I’m a Marketing consultant helping early stage startups grow and scale like crazy!

How can I help?

I’ve helped multiple startups in the USA, India and UAE, with marketing. Have scaled them from zero to few millions and profitable.

It’s been some odd fifteen years.

Guess that makes me qualified to say I know a thing or two about online marketing.

On this blog, I share advice on…

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Online Business

Looking to start an online business? I’ve been there done that.
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Personal Finance

Making money is easy. Growing it?
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Everything to make you smarter, better, happier in life. From travel hacks to deals and life hacks.

  • Who Can Start a Business in UAE Freezones?

    The UAE, renowned for its glittering skyscrapers, luxury lifestyle, and vast desert landscapes, is also a hotspot for global entrepreneurs. With over 40 Freezones, the UAE offers an environment conducive to business growth. But the question remains: Who can start a business in these Freezones? Let’s dive deep and demystify the eligibility. 1. Entrepreneurs from…

  • How YouTube Influencers Can Start Business in UAE Freezones

    Are you a solopreneur hustling on your own, or a YouTube influencer looking to take your personal brand to the next level? The UAE, with its dynamic Freezones, offers a great platform for individuals like you. Read on to understand how you can set up your company in one of these zones. I’ve had my…

  • Freezones in UAE, Where Foreigners Can Start Business

    If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve caught the UAE business bug, just like I did. And why not? With the promise of 100% ownership and oodles of other benefits, UAE Freezones are a foreign entrepreneur’s dream come true. So, let’s unwrap this gift and delve into the diverse range of Freezones where you can…

  • Starting a Business in UAE: Process, Cost & Requirements for Foreigners

    Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! I get it, you’ve been eyeing the globe, searching for that perfect spot to let your business thrive, right? Well, let me spill the beans on why the UAE has been a game-changer for me and could be for you too. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Can a Foreigner Start…

  • ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: How to Write ChatGPT Prompts

    In the world of AI, ChatGPT is a big deal. If you’ve chatted with it, you know the importance of the prompt. It’s not just about saying, “Hey, tell me a joke.” Crafting the right prompt is a careful mix of words and intent. Ready to dive into this AI journey? 1. The Alchemy of…

  • How ChatGPT Works

    Deciphering the ChatGPT Enigma: The AI Magic, Unveiled Listen up, bro! We’re diving into the mind of one of today’s AI marvels: ChatGPT. You might think it’s just about stuffing a machine with books, articles, and a pinch of Wikipedia, then expecting it to yak like a human. But oh boy, it’s so much more…

  • How to Make Money with Chat GPT

    Look, I’m going to tell you something, and you might not believe me right away. But sit tight, and let’s take a winding road down the realm of artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT. Now, why the hell am I going on about ChatGPT? Because my friend, there’s a glint of gold in there. But as with…

  • How To Be An Online Fitness Coach

    Look, we’re all about growth here. But not the kind that involves expanding waistlines. We’re gonna help you become a top-notch online fitness coach, ready to flex your expertise and make the internet your personal training ground. Step 1: Acquiring the Necessary Fitness Certifications Embarking on your journey as an online fitness coach begins with…

  • Online Businesses You Can Start Using AI Tools

    Alright, buckle up and get your neural networks ready, because we’re about to jump into the crazy, uncharted, but oh-so-exciting waters of online businesses powered by AI. That’s right, artificial intelligence. The stuff that was once pure sci-fi is now becoming a reality, and it’s transforming just about everything in its path. But hey, who’s…

  • How to Become a Content Writer – Step by Step Guide

    The universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice – the language of content! Okay, perhaps that’s a bit over the top, but seriously, if you’re someone with a knack for penning down words that not only make sense but can also grab eyeballs, then becoming a content writer could be your calling. 2.…

  • 9 Online Business Ideas for College Students: Turn Your Hostel Room Into a Startup Den

    Alright, listen up, folks. I know your professors have probably drilled it into your head that you have to study, get good grades, graduate, and then find a job. The traditional career path is all well and good, but let’s shake things up a bit, shall we? How about starting your own business? And no,…

  • 15 Lesser Known eCommerce Business Ideas For India

    Howdy, hustlers! India’s digital economy is blooming like a Gulmohar tree in full bloom, and it’s high time you planted your e-commerce seed in this fertile land. To give you a nudge in the right direction, here’s your guide to 15 e-commerce business ideas perfect for the Indian market in 2023. 1. Organic Food Store…

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