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Domain Names

I ended up buying more than a hundred domain names over the last few years. And all of them were bought with this service. Reason? Super cheap!


I use this computer when in the office and a regular laptop like this when I’m on the move. I also own this beast of a laptop for video editing.

Email Marketing

I run most of my email campaigns on this tool. It’s powerful yet simple, feature-loaded yet cheap, and delivers your emails without any issue.

SEO Software

My favorite SEO tool that I end up using on a daily basis is this. I use it for finding keywords and niches, tracking my website’s position on Google, etc.

Website Host

I host most of my high-traffic websites on this host (reason – reliability) and smaller blogs on this host (reason – flexibility).

Stock Trading

For all the number crunching and stock trading, I use this app.
The reason? It’s flexible and versatile.

Money Transfer

For all the money transfers and foreign currency exchange needs, I use this service. The reason? Exchange rates are as good as what’s seen on Google!

How to start blogging

How to start blogging

Well, I can share my experience. The mistakes & the learnings. Been blogging since 2005 and have learned a thing or two.

Have documented it all here for those who want to learn.

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