Hey, I’m Mani Karthik

Mentor &

finance to spirituality

I share everything I learned, on this blog.

It’s my way of giving back to the community.

The idea of being able to share your thoughts and learnings with the world..

And helping someone halfway around the globe..

Is what made me keep going for the last fifteen years.

Brands I’ve helped with marketing


Dukaan is an online eCommerce app/platform that helps regular folks sell anything online, with their own website.

Personal Finance


Supermoney is an online financial services aggregator website in the US. I helped it grow its organic traffic and revenue 10X in just two years.



Happyfox is a SaaS customer support software that I helped grow with organic & content marketing. Happyfox doubled its organic traffic in just 9 months!

blogging for the last 15 years
MK Blogging on Laptop

Why blogging?

Blogging is an excellent way to earn a side income. I started it in 2005 and make a five-figure income from blogging, today.

Blogging is an amazing way to showcase your thoughts, talent, your learnings to the whole world! it’s awesome.

Like to travel? Start a travel blog. Is cooking your passion? Start a cooking blog. Love make-up and fashion? Start a fashion blog.

Whatever your interest, there is an opportunity to make an income from it, if you have a blog.

Heck, do you watch a lot of movies? Start a movie blog.

And anyone can be a creator, with a blog. So, why not?

What they say

Mani is an exceptionally talented Search Marketer. He is well versed in the latest techniques for SEO and SEM. It’s important for any Search Marketer to understand how Content and Social play with SEO and SEM strategies and Mani is particularly strong in this area. Mani is a pleasure to work with and always had the best interest of the product and Company top of mind. I would love the opportunity to work with Mani again in the future.

Janelle Laguette

Ex @Citrix @GoogleTechCouncil

Mani is unequivocally a hall of fame marketeer and teammate. In the year that we’ve been colleagues, I’ve witnessed him deliver amazing results day-in-and-day-out via his exquisite marketing acumen and generously proactive and positive orientation that is unwavering regardless of the scenarios and challenges presented. He’s a lead-by-example guy who helps his teammates post ‘wins’ just as readily as he produces his own. There is no organization that wouldn’t benefit from his involvement. Those looking for further details regarding my endorsement of Mani are welcome to contact me.

Brent Rickles

Marketing & Business Development Strategist

What is this blog about?

In my pursuit of becoming a better, smarter person I share everything I learn in life.

About how to effectively manage personal finances, how to travel frugally, how to shop smart, how to invest right and live a happier, stress-free life.

I wish they taught us personal finance in school.

I mean, it’s probably the most useful skill one can have today – knowing how to manage your finances.

Unfortunately, they don’t.

So, I’ve been learning it myself from experts I could find around me.

My perspective on personal finances changed once I moved to the USA.

The economy there was pretty different from what I had known when living in India.

Everything ran on credit.

I came from the Indian school of thought that taught you to save up money whenever possible.

Invest in Fixed Deposits.

“Bank balance” was a big deal.

But in the US, you had to learn how to manage credit successfully.

“Credit Score” was a thing. Debit cards and cash were frowned upon.

Living as an NRI (Non-Resident-Indian) opened up new perspectives about money management and life.

I share all of it on this blog.

From how to invest in stock markets to find the best travel insurance when flying to US and back.

From learning to choose the right credit cards and managing CIBIL scores.

From life hacks to travel and personal finance, everything that I share on this blog today is meant to make you a smarter, happier person.

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