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In my pursuit to finding happiness and living a good life, I share everything I’ve learnt on this blog – from spirituality to health, tech to food, finance to life skills and everything in between.

Every day is a new learning, a new lesson. If we all shared our experiences, how amazing would it be? More you share, higher the possibilities!

And that’s the reason I blog. In the hope that it offers you something useful and make a difference in your life. At least, try.

About 150,000 people visit it every month and I’m glad to have made them my friends today. 🙂

If you liked what you read, please let me know on Facebook or shoot me an email. That would make my day!

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Get Smart

Get Smart

We’re all born intelligent. But to get ahead in life, we need that extra something. Learn with me, the tips and tricks to get smarter in life.

Get Rich

Get Rich

Getting rich isn’t the first priority in life, but it sure helps. Join me in my pursuit in finding out what it takes to get wealthy and rich!

Be Happy

Be Happy

Happiness is everything. It’s what makes or breaks you. Join me in my pursuit learning what it takes to be happy & content in life.

How To Get Over Bad Relationships

When people talk about how a heart break can bring out the poet or artist in you, or that “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought,” probably never had their heart broken. It feels like physical pain, as if someone has reached into your chest and is...

Why I chose the Innova Crysta over Tata Hexa

So, one of the things that kept slipping down my to-do list is travel. It might sound surprising because even though I've been traveling between US and India, and within US, I feel guilty for not traveling within India. Be it Yosemite or Vegas, everywhere I go, deep...

10 Tips to Be More Productive & Do More in Less Time

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, needs no introduction. His net worth stood at $20.3 billion as of December 22, 2017, according to Forbes. But did you know what else Musk is famous for? For being extremely productive. In an interview to CNBC, Elon Musk said, “Focus...

How to Overcome Depression

That moment when you feel like the sky is falling down on you. Everything you do becomes terrible mistakes. People talk behind your back. You end up alone in a room, not able to share your worries to anyone. You feel alone in a crowd. Vultures all around, waiting to...

7+ Best Websites to Buy Bitcoins in India

Bitcoins are all the rage isn't it? In India, although a bit late, Bitcoin is making an impact with lead stories on popular TV channels and newspapers. With the hue price hike happening, it's no more something that can be ignored and there's a growing interest from...

How Can I Be Happy?

I talk to a lot of folks going through depression and suicidal tendencies. One thing that's common among them is that they don't feel important anymore in life. They feel like there is no purpose in life. Generally, they aren't happy. Let's think about that for a...

5 Biggest Regrets Made by People on their Deathbeds

The mere mention of one's own death can evoke different reactions in different people. While some would see it as an unwanted topic to deliberate upon, others like me would see it as an opportunity to reflect back on life and plan course corrections, if needed. I...

Why buying a Tesla in India might be a very bad idea

Felt like riding a bullock cart driving my Honda CRV to work today morning. Thanks Tesla! This whole Tesla thing came into my radar when they launched Roadster sometime back in 2010, but I, along with many other myopic guys brushed it aside for a toy. I could see that...

Jose Veloso Salgado’s painting 1898 - Vasco da Gama perante o Samorim

Jose Veloso Salgado’s painting 1898 - :Vasco da Gama Perante O Samorim"

How India Discovered Vasco da Gama

In this amazing talk, Sanjay Subramanyam talks about the historic figure Vasco Da Gama and his "not so popular" perspectives and traits as mentioned in texts of that era by others. This talk will reveal how Vasco da Gama appears to be certain times, a cheat,...

Meditation can reshape your brains – Neuroscientist

In this video, Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist, explains with scientific evidence & brain scans how meditation actually changes the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress. Full...

5 Easy & Painless Ways to Suicide

If you’re looking for painless ways to end your life, here are top five ways to suicide – no pain, easy peasy. First off, if you’re reading this, I’m sure there is something going on in your life – possibly something bad. You have thoughts – negative ones mostly. I...

The Day I fell in Love with Kochi. Again.

For those of you who know me well, I'm a Kochiite. What that means is, if you put me anywhere else on the world map, I'll find my way back to Kochi. Like your GPS, there's a setting in my head that says "Take me to Kochi". To put it in context, imagine this. I'm...

My iPhone X First Impressions

So, I got a new iPhone X. Didn't think I would get one as I've been using a iPhone 7 Plus and I was super comfy with it, but it cracked into pieces, as it fell off. So I ordered a new iPhone X from Amazon and got it delivered two days back. So far, these are my first...

Where to Buy Your First Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the new buzz in town. Everybody wants to invest in this cryptocurrency. An article published by Money in September 2017 gave a list of eight players who have made really serious money with Bitcoin and are still in the game, among whom the Winklewoss Twins,...

How to Mine Bitcoins – 3 Ways

Bitcoin has definitely been the buzzword for 2017. But did you know that by 2140, we won’t be left with any new Bitcoins that can be mined? Yes, when the algorithm for Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, a limit was set on the number of Bitcoins that will ever...

My dirty little secret to keep away from spam emails

Has it ever happened to you that you signed up for some app or web service, only to get spam emails from unsolicited sources, soon after? I try all kinds of new apps that get launched and face this issue all the time. Last day, I tried to check my CIBIL score on a...


Marketing is fun. Sometimes, not so much. But mostly, fun. Pick three of your friends. Any three. They must've bought something today. Coffee, something online, a software subscription perhaps? Ask them this. Why did you choose not to buy from the other brand? Yes,...

Here’s how you can help those affected by #ChennaiRains

Continuous rains are flooding Chennai for last couple of days. People need help. Their houses are flooded and people are helping each other. For the rest of us, this is how you can help. This post has couple of helpful information and links for Chennai-ites who are...

Top Bloggers in India

Technology Blogs Fashion Blogs Food Blogs Travel Blogs Finance Blogs Let me take you a few years back to 2005. While chilling at a restaurant, I bumped into an old family friend of mine. We were so happy to meet after a long time. Initial chit-chat and...

What do I blog about & why

I’ve been blogging from 2005, ever since I was in India. Today, this blog is read by more than 300,000 people every month and generates over seven figures in income.

Back in those days, I use to write about random things, like movies I watched and restaurants I ate at. Somehow, people started finding out and it started getting comments and feedback from all over the world. That motivated me and I started writing about everything from personal finance, travel, investmenteducation, NRI matters, tech and more. Things that interested me and others found useful.

I recommend blogging to anyone who has interesting things to talk about. It’s easy getting started with blogging these days. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make money blogging in India, check out this article and sign up.


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Return To India

This is a project I launched, aimed at helping NRIs thinking of returning to India, to execute the process easy and hassle free with the help of others who’ve already done it. Many NRIs find this project useful and use it on a daily basis. It was also covered extensively by media soon after launch on outlets such as The News Minute, Yahoo, Quint, and DT Next.


DailySEOblog is my very first project I started in 2005, that got me introduced to the world of blogging. On this blog, I shared all my SEO experiences and experiments, that got a lot of attention from the blogging community. It aims to share SEO and online marketing tips and tutorials to aspiring online marketing experts and is read by enthusiasts the world over.