I quit my career in the US, to follow my passion.

Many said it was a bad move.
I think it was the best decision ever!


Who is Mani Karthik?

I’m a small town guy from India,
who fell in love with the internet.

I went on to do some awesome stuff,
worked with some of the smartest minds
at some of the coolest places.
But I wanted to do something on my own
and decided to quit.

I returned to India to follow my passion – blogging.

So today, I’m an entrepreneur, blogger & mentor who’s on a mission to help NRIs who want to return to India, make it back easy & safe.

The Golden 90s in India

Life was so much fun back then.

“Chitrahaar” on Wednesdays, “Mahabharat” and “Disney Tales” on Sundays! Lot of cricket, video games, friends and fun!

Boy, I miss those days!

The American Dream

US was the dream destination for my generation. I learned about “Brain Drain” in high school but damn, I never knew I’d be a part of it.

It took me ten years and a Shah Rukh Khan movie “Swades” to make me realise where I belonged. 

Being a Blogger in India


I was a casual blogger, until 2005. 
I applied for a home loan. Boy, you should’ve seen the bank manager’s face when I told him I was a blogger. He denied me a loan. I took it personally!

Then I went on to do “real jobs”. You know, breaking keyboards inside cubicles. Well, that sucked.

After ten years, I got him to sanction me a home loan for the fanciest property in town.

Ha! Revenge. Bollywood ishtyle!

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Answers to Your Questions

Are you an Idiot?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Depends on who is asking and what I did just before. But generally, I am one. I think it’s nice to be a learner. Without assumptions. Like a blank page. You learn as you go.

Can I work with you?

Yes. If you have the talent and hunger, you can work with me and my team remotely. If you think you can help me, please contact me with the details and a quick intro. 

What exactly do you do?

I have a small boutique company on my own. And I have many projects under it. I work with remote distributed teams who help me run the company. So it’s like a large team but working remotely.

Are you a blogger?

Yes. I fell in love with blogging back in the early 2000s and is still strong. Blogging lets me share my knowledge with anyone on the internet. It’s a weirdly satisfying feeling knowing that your blog helped someone.

My Latest Projects

My last year’s new year resolution was not to do any more side projects. I launched five new ones ever since. ‘Nuff said.

Back to India

It’s a community & support group to help NRIs return back to India.

Daily SEO blog

It’s a tech blog for website owners and marketing enthusiasts.

Return to India Jobs

It’s a site that helps NRIs returning to India, find jobs on their own.

My Blog

I suck at grammar and use a lot of slang. LOL.

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