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High-speed broadband internet in India is only catching up with the rest of the world. The speediest internet is in South Korea with up to 25.3 Mbps. 

It is only one-tenth of that so far in India with just 2Mbps at the moment (2015). The USA has about 11.5 Mbps internet speeds as of now. In this article, we’ll check all the companies offering high-speed internet plans in India: ACT | AirTel | Airlink | You Broadband | Tikona | BSNL | Rcom |MTNL

Top High Speed Internet Broadband Plans in India

Here are the best high-speed internet in India today. Details below.

Tip: How to improve your internet!

MK Recommendation
My recommendation is to try a VPN software along with a WiFI link extender in the house. They can make your internet run faster, more stable & secure. Much recommended for folks with slow internet connections.
💡 Solution: Download VPN and Buy WiFi Booster.

  1. Jio Fiber
  2. ACT Extravagant
  3. AirTel
  4. BSNL
  5. YOU Broadband
  6. Tikona
  7. MTNL

In India, home users don’t have many options when it comes to high-speed internet as the speed promised and actual speed delivered are mostly different. 

However, companies have more options even though pricey to get high-speed broadband internet. For example, the fastest internet speed in India is offered by Startup Village in Cochin, Kerala with about 1Gbps download speeds and 500 Mb upload speeds. In this article, we’ll look at the top high-speed internet broadband plans available in India, today.

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Tip: To boost your WiFi speed, just buy a WiFi signal booster and plug it in.

Tip: If you want to watch live streams like the FIFA 2022 World Cup, you need a high-speed internet connection.

If you’re suffering from weak WiFi signal connectivity at home, this device will help to boos it throughout the house. It will not speed up your internet speed per se but most people suffer from WiFi connectivity across homes and this device will solve that problem.

1. Jio Fiber (up to 100 Mbps at Rs.699 monthly)

As of 2020, Jio Fiber has launched its broadband plans in India and it’s one of the speediest available so far.

However, it’s very young and not available everywhere, especially in rural India. Jio Fiber is trying to revolutionize the home internet industry by introducing not just the internet but a home entertainment package consisting of TV entertainment, home internet, and a phone line.

Kind of like how we have it in UAE and the USA right now. One service for everything.

Jio Fiber Plans

Their packages are competitive and start at Rs.699 all the way up to Rs.8,499 (1Gbps).

2. ACT Extravagant (up to 100 Mbps at 1999 Rupees/month)

ACT High Speed Internet Plans India

Update 1: ACT launched a new plan in Delhi called ACT Fibernet which offers 100Mbps at Rs. 1999/month.
Update 2: ACT is offering a free upgrade from its 40 Mbps (A-Max 1050) plan to 50 Mbps at the same cost.

ACT has even speedier plans than Airtel for home users in India. Their fastest offering is 100 Mbps and costs Rs. 1999 per month. The FUP limit is 200GB and the speed after FUP is 4 Mbps. ACT Broadband is only available in Bangalore, Nellore and Vijayawada at the moment. (as of 2015) Bummer!

3. Bharti Airtel High Speed Internet for home users (up to 40 Mbps at 2999 Rupees/month)

Airtel High Speed Broadband Plans India

Airtel broadband plans start at 2399 Rupees/month and offer speeds starting from 40Mbps. The fastest plan is the 2699 Rupees per month plan that offers the same speed (40 Mbps) but the limit is 160 GB and then it switches automatically to a slower plan of 1 Mbps.

Find A Plan For You Here

4. BSNL Broadband Plans (up to 100 Mbps at 16,999 Rupees/month & 24 Mbps at 3445 Rupees/month)

BSNL Broadband plans

BSNL has several options when it comes to choosing the right broadband plan for home users. Starting from 10 Mbps at 3999 Rupees/month the fastest broadband plan comes at a pricey 16,999 Rupees/month for 100 Mbps speeds. (Ouch!)

For less pricey broadband internet plans from BSNL, check out the following price table. BSNL offers internet speeds from 4 Mbps to 24 Mbps for home users from a price point of 999 Rupees to 3444 Rupees/month.

BSNL High Speed Internet Plans

5. YOU Broadband Unlimited Plan (up to 100 Mbps at 1724 Rupees/month)
You broadband has more options for home users to choose from starting from a slow 1 Mbps line to a fast 100 Mbps (matching Airtel and ACT) at about 1724 Rupees/month.

You Broadband Plans

This is probably the cheaper one compared to AirTel and ACT. And they are available in more cities in India.

6. Tikona Broadband Plans (up to 4 Mbps at 950 Rupees/month)

Tikona Broadband Internet Plans

Tikona has cheaper plans but at far lesser speeds than Airtel or ACT. Starting from a simple 1 Mbps line their speediest broadband plan is 4 Mbps for about 950 Rupees per month. The FUP limit is 50 GB and beyond that, the speed is 512 Kbps.

8. MTNL Broadband (100 Mbps at 6999 Rupees/month)

MTNL Internet Plans

MTNL has several options of high speed internet to choose from, starting from 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps. 100 Mbps apparently is their fastest offering and comes at a pricey 6999 Rupees/ month.

Update: Andhra Pradesh Fiber Net Internet Plans

AP Fibernet is out recently but only limited to Andhra Pradesh. Here are the tariff rates.

Andhra Pradesh Fibernet Plans

As you can see, there is a wide range of broadband Internet plans in India. It is up to you to choose the one that is best based on your needs and budget.

Best internet services in India from my personal experience

ReliancePoor Service, Decent Speed, Frequent Interruptions
Easy to get a connection. Ask for a waiver on installation charges. Speed is decent and customer service is poor. I got a new connection in 3 days. Their modem is not WiFi enabled so I had to get a brand new one. Even then, every ten minutes connection would be disrupted. You have to log in to their portal to get internet. The executive who got me the connection worked from an agency and is not responsible for anything other than getting you the connection.

AirTel – OK Service, Good Speed, Connectivity not available everywhere

AirTel has decent customer service, and reliable speeds but connectivity is not available everywhere especially if you are in rural areas. Their mobile internet service is very good as well.

BSNL – Customer service sucks, Good speeds, Good connectivity but less knowledgeable staff.

BSNL is your last resort if everything else sucks and you are in a region where connectivity is a problem (rural areas). They have a lot of packages to choose from but the high-speed ones are subject to availability and connectivity. When I approached them for their highest speed plans, they said that it’s only available in areas very close to their offices/telephone exchange.

To summarize, here are some of the best choices.

Best fiber internet providers in India – Jio Fiber and AirTel.

Best internet plans for homes – Reliance Jio, BSNL (for remote places), and AirTel (in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi only)

Fastest broadband in your area – To know which is the fastest broadband in your area, just refer the table above.

All the best!

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  1. BSNL Bharat Fiber now offers 100mbps@777 and 200mbps@1277 with static ip. lowest plans are 30mbps@449 and 20mbps@499. plan you have mentioned are old ADSL plans.

  2. I am in Trivandurm and just recently they pulled a fibre line.This is after 2 years since we submitted the application. The connection is yet to be set up so the jury is still out on the service.

  3. All the plans you have mentioned about BSNL are copper line based and very old thariff,
    2020 BSNL bharat fiber plans starts from 499/ month 200Gb 20mbps to 1999/month 200Mbps.

  4. hello i am dhaval i from gujrat i have 1 qestion is that is that possible when i go to out side from my home than i want a do a live capture on youtube so i want reqierd a 20 to 25 MBPS net speed with dongle or any other device so please tall me i reay needed at any cost. so is it possible than pls. contact me.

    thank you
    regarding : mr. dhaval thadeshwar

  5. Hi sir
    My home inside mobile an computer Internet connection is very slow
    That any way of solution.
    Is any WiFi and boardband connection best?
    And lowest pack

  6. Excitel is actually a good option. The primary reason i would say affordability and unlimited internet at good speed.I have my friends using excitel services and they have never complained once. Even i want to get excitel connection but its not available at my location.

  7. Without data cap – NO as of now.
    But 100 Mbps – Yes andyou can get upto 1Gbps if you were at bengaluru.
    BSNL offers 100 Mbps @ 1277 –
    Asianet GigaFiber offers 200 Mbps @ 1499
    ACT Fibre Offers 1Gbps @ 5999 –

    And you said you use 100GB/ month so it won’t be an issue
    ACT with 1Gbps provide 2.5TB per month limit
    Asianet Offers 750GB per month limit
    BSNL Offers 750FB per month limit

    That will be sufficient for you needs

  8. These are still too slow. Ikf provides 100 mbps unlimited at 999/-

    Also wishnet also provides same speed at similar cost.

    There is no download or upload limit. Why not include them?

  9. Hi Mani,

    I want to start a business in a small town as a internet service provider in chef and best with good service.

    Kindly advise me which is the best service provider to get franchise.

    Thanks and Reagards,
    Manish Raut

  10. 20Mbps is not high speed. What’s wrong with India?

    People in the USA have 1Gbps connect with UNLIMITED usage for $80US/month. I use about 100GB of downloads per month (watching netflix HD and youtube HD).

    Are there any plans without a data cap? If I move to India – can I get at least 100Mbps?

  11. Hi! Great information. Here I read these details about Best high speed internet. I’m using airtel broadband connection in Chandigarh. Time to time airtel launches new schemes and offers. I always check updates about Airtel broadband plans and prices because it is always kept up to date.

  12. Hi mani, is excitel a good choice. They are providing Internet speeds from 50 to 100 mbps at very affordable prices at my location(Northwest Delhi). But i have seen many bad reviews. Should I give it a chance? ☺

  13. I am looking for Youtube Live events! Can you give me the best Jio plans with high upload speed to broadcast Youtube live events?

  14. hi im Leo Taal , if im just staying there for 3days what the best way to still connect to internet? is sim cards a good option? thank you for your time 😀

  15. Hi Mani:

    I am searching for Internet connection for my parents in New Delhi, just for basic usage such video chat and some informational search and emails. Any Suggestions and monthly usage will be around 150 gb max.

  16. Hello Rabin Biswas, it was really a very helpful post.
    I am from guwahati and have been using NGC Broadband and i must say they provide the best service here in guwahati.
    you can checkout the given link for more information

  17. You know what, I get 220 GB upto 10-12 Mbps(if i change it to fibre instead of wireless my speed will be 50 Mbps) and 2 Mbps post fup worth Rs 999. My ISP is Sikka Broadband in lucknow.

  18. Hi Mani.
    I am Pankaj from Guwahati. I have taken wifi plan from NGC Broadband.They have the most suitable plan for you.
    You can get the best plan for yourself depending upon you need and they have the most reliable and fast internet service.
    To know more about their plan kindly visit their website
    Thank You

  19. Hi Albena,

    I’d suggest BSNL wireless USB stick. Compared to all other private players BSNL has the best coverage. Speed might be an issue but hey, better be connected that at all. If you know where exactly you will be, you can check out AirTels availability at that place using their map here –

  20. Hi Mani! I will be in Rishikesh attending a yoga teacher training, but my work (translator/subtitler) requires me to be online on a daily basis. I know the place where the yoga teaching will be does not have internet in the rooms and common areas’ wifi is unreliable. What internet on-the-go (with a dongle/router) would you advise me to buy in India? Shall I do it at Delhi Airport or I can buy internet on-the-go also in Rishikesh? 🙂 Thank you so much for your help!

  21. Dear Mr.Mani,

    Your web page is very informative and your analysis is relevant in line of subject.

    Staying at Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh can you advice couple of option.

    We are highly unsatisfied with Airtel.


  22. It depends on where you are. Best way out is to contact your local network and ask them to give a demo at your place.

  23. Hi Jay,

    Try the AirTel 4G hotspot as well. It offers good speeds but check with them if they have connectivity where you are traveling.

  24. BSNL is still dreaming of the 70s when they were the Telecom Kings. It is time government dismantle it and save tax payers money.

  25. i will not be surprised railways themselves using BSNL or other ISPs. May be it was created to give some job to the employees kith and kin.

  26. i was using airtel broadband for so many years and it has excellent customer care service. Before switching over i was getting 8 mb speed with telephone connection Rs.2500/- approx. I was not using the landline and told them i need only broadband only but they went on charging for the landline telephone which i never used. I came to know about ACT during the 2014 /2015 offering good speed unheard off at nearly one third price of Airtel. I wanted to give a u try and it needed no modem. i started with 40mb line connection and first few weeks had some problems with speed and getting the technician to set it right. it was in Feb 2016. Though i had read in the net many reviews about bad customer care of ACT and many connectivity problems, and terribly low speed problems, i wanted to try as i was not happy with airtel charging me so much for the telephone connection i never used. But the one month trial period was ok for me and i continued upgrading to 60mb line and by July i upgraded to 75 mb with FUP at 100gb . I pay Rs.1400 in all including all taxes. My present speed is 100mb and FUP is 175gb. During the Vardha cyclone period all net connections were down.
    ACT simply waived the charged for that period and was generous.

    I am avid user of internet and computer downloading and trying out so many applications and software. Daily first thing in the morning i check up the speed using Okla internet speed test using various ISPs servers. The speed is consistent.
    Customer care is excellent, payment facility is excellent, so much transparent in their dealings. I am happy with the speed and the pricing. I had tried out one by one all the ISPs starting from VSNL, BSNL, Sathyam, Hathway, You broadband, tikona and felt AIRTEL service was superb till i tried the ACT. Even today i read many bad reviews about ACT but i can say may be i am lucky. For my mobile i am with Airtel.

  27. Good Point, but neither is ACT or even MTNL. Hathway is currently available in lot more areas than these two ISPs put together. Thanks either way, Mani, for the guide.

  28. Hey Mani,

    My job requires me to travel very frequently .I am planning to buy a USB dongle for internet.Reliance WI-POD is my first choice.Could you suggest me ?

  29. Hi Mani!

    Thank you for a good review.

    I am a tourist in India. Staying now in Puttaparthi (A.P.), have plans to move to northern Goa after February.
    I need a USB dongle or WiFi portable hotspot with unlimited mobile Internet for my freelancing. Is it possible now?
    I do not know what is the best, what is more reliable, 3G or 4G, in mentioned areas.

    What do you recommend?

    Thank you, and wishing all the best to you.

  30. Few of Internet plans are very expensive and people are annoying them, reason internet speed. Gigatel internet emerging internet services provider in India, price is less and speed is high. very good feedback’s are coming by experience customers. So Plz Mani discuss in you article some other brands also which really mean for people.

  31. Act FIBERNET was launched in Coimbatore city(tamil nadu)…my house is very close to bsnl office and big coverage network..should I buy either act FIBERNET or bsnl??..please,suggest me..

  32. I’m a little surprised to see no Hathway plans on your list, Mani. I’m currently using ‘Fiber Stream 20’ that costs Rs. 650 (plus taxes) per month and gets me 20GB @10Mbps and unlimited thereafter at 1Mbps. There’s also a 100GB plan @10Mbps for Rs. 750. At the higher end, the 50Mbps (200GB FUP) plan costs 1200 per month, while 100Mbps (250GB) comes for Rs. 2000 monthly (excluding taxes).

    All are FTTH, and the optic fiber cable comes right to the connection box on my property. The connection comes direct from hathway, bypassing the LCO. I’ve been using it for over five months now, and uptime has been 100%. Download speeds are almost always as advertized, although upload speeds are horrible and I’m lucky to get anywhere near 1Mbps! Latency is nothing to write home about either, and pings even go up over 100 to some servers. WTF Hathway!

    However, on the positive side, unlike Airtel, Hathway doesn’t inflate usage. I check my usage regularly, and can vouch for the fact that their usage-tracking mechanism works well.

    All said and done, EXTREMELY value-for-money IMO in terms of both speeds and reliability. Dunno about their customer services, though. Never had to deal with them touchwood. I’m thinking of switching to the 50Mbps plan if my cousin agrees to share with me. It will still be slower than my Jio connection though LOL! 😛

    P.S. –

  33. Hi Praveen,

    I would recommend the AirTel dongle and the BSNL dongle. AirTel is good within city limits and BSNL is good covering most rural parts with cities as well. So if you are traveling, either of these will be good for you. However, using VPN on these is a stretch. Unless you have a dedicated line (or at least something high speed) I wouldn’t recommend it, or you can go ahead with low expectations. Chennai is a well connected city, so you will be good with AirTel IMO. All the best!

  34. Hi MK. I have a question related to reliable internet connectivity. I Primarily work in USA and I visit my parents in Chennai. I connect to my office VPN but the current BSNL broadband is no good. Mostly I get VPN refused connection messages. I was thinking of going for a high-speed dongle, but am clueless as to what I need to purchase. I have no sim card in India, so basically want plug-n-play USB types. I have a Win 10 laptop. Also was thinking of switching to ACT when I travel to India this time around. I’m going to try one of the good ACT plans for internet broadband anyways. Because my parents often dont get good speed when seeing their grandkids via skype, hangout. Whatsapp video calling seems to keep the connection, but is no gr8 as of now. Can you also pls suggest a good high-speed reliable USB dongle. Thanks.

  35. BSNL has launched Unlimited 3G Data Plan which is working great. Just recharge it with 1099Rs and Enjoy Unlimited Internet with upto 20 Mbps Download & 4 Mbps Upload.

  36. Not even this Now Vodaphone also launch their new Internet plans own network which is very very good i think. Voda charging 500rs per month for: Free unlimited outgoing calls, unlimited message, unlimited 3G internet

  37. There are much better plans in Siti Broadband and there’s also excitel and aninetwork and more
    My Plan 50mbps upto 150GB then 2mbps unlimited for Rs.1034/month.

  38. Just got Ethernet Xpress in Goa (North Goa) with 50 Mbps for 60 GB, then 2 Mbps for Rs. 2300/- (tax incl.)
    Have tried many others, however customer service not existing. Lets hope that Ethernet Xpress is delivering what they promise and contract.

    NB: Thanks for your comprehensive data overview. nice work Mani.
    PS: I also help people around the globe with their health and wealth issues with my free advise and coaching.

  39. Thanks for sharing this superb blog! But one more plan not add to this list. Gigatel Plan, Please guyz get check once and use. Hope you will like it.

  40. Nice compilation of all the internet service providers. Thanks a lot. I feel jio will move to the no.1 position in your revised list soon.

  41. 4Mbps should be more than enough to have buffer-free streaming of videos. If you are into gaming then you may require more than that. Also, if you are not streaming any live webinars, you can just start the video and keep it paused for sometime to help it load in advance for the rest of the video.

  42. I am from MP but currently living in Patna, Bihar. I was planning to have a broadband connection. Can you please tell me one ? i was willing to have atleast 2 or 4 mbps and my budget is around 1000 Rs.

  43. Hello Manik,

    I am Shailendra from Jaipur and looking Broadband Connection – Hi Speed Internet for surfing Data. I lived in Pratap Nagar – Sanganer Area ( Pin Code 302033 ) and BSNL is single service provider in my area. We are not interested to take any services from BSNL.

    Airtel & Tikona Broadband Lines is not available in our area. Only Data Infosys is available in our Area but we are not sure about Data Infosys. Please suggest me.

  44. the stupid bsnl service is cancer to indian internet users just check the high end plan …carging 17k that was bs and act fibre is not spreding to all cities wtf

  45. My budget is 500rps and expecting data usage is 20gb per month. Which network is suitable for my budged.
    Can you suggest me please. Currently I’m located in Chennai.

  46. Dear All,

    We have our office in Central Delhi. We are currently having airtel plan for 80 GB 16mbps.
    speed is horrible on wifi netoworks .
    Can you suggest any other plan in this area.

  47. Hi mani this is sampath from hyderabad.
    Im thinking of getting a wireless internet connection with unlimited usage.can u suggest any reliable and affordable budget is 1k/month

  48. I am staying in Mumbai. Currently Hathway, I am using.. Paying almost Rs. 1000/- pm. But I am not happy with d speed. Pls suggest smell alternatives..


    Bhaven Sheth

  49. Hi,
    your site is very useful
    I am living in Bangalore, which one is best in hi speed for study purpose, please suggest

  50. sir please tell me which internet offer is best for me . My budget is Rs 999 per/month

    I live in rishikesh utthrakhand .
    I need 2 to 4 mbps speed and fup limit speed is 1 mbps please answer.

  51. I would like to get High-Speed Internet service at:
    Shantikshetra Premgiri Ashram Village: Jambrung (Kamatpada), Post Ambivali, Taluka Karjat, District Raigad, Maharashtra, India, Pin Code – 401 201

  52. Hi Yajush,

    What is your budget? Please make your selection from the list above. I would suggest AirTel, Reliance if you want good speeds. Customer service pretty much is the same for all companies except BSNL (for which it is worse in most parts).

  53. Hi Mani
    I live in Goa (403515) for 6 months a year, on a complex of 78 apartments. We are looking to have broadband put into the complex and we personally are looking to download films. Can you advise a reliable provider who could give individual lines to apartments looking for broadband.

  54. Hi Karthik

    First of all congratulate for your blog,,

    actually my budget is under 1000 per month inclusive all taxis will you please suggest me any company and plans.


    Vishal Sharma

  55. hi,
    i am using airtel iptv that is going to be discontinue this month. However being an old customer airtel has offered me 2mbps plan with 80gb fup and 512kbps post that at 1600 per month. As i am running a pg so the data consumption is more and i am looking for cheaper plan that offers unlimited data. I found haithway in my area that offers 4mbps unlimited for 1600 pm. Is it good to go if not please suggest.

  56. Sir , I need a wireline connection of 2 mbps upload speed . Although BSNL has FTTH plan of 2 mbps both uploading and downoading speed it doesn’t attain even 1mbps always according to one report . Please inform me where in India BSNL provide this plan in its specified speed of 2 mbps . Thank you

  57. I live in Bangalore. Im planning to do WFH from my home town Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Could you please let me know which broadband would be best in that area?

  58. hello Mr. Mani,

    I am planning to visit Kerala (Malappuram district) my home village (vengad a small village) for a month. I want to attend some online classes, and down load class materials, can u please suggest which network connection will be suit for a month? expenditure can be upto 1500.


  59. Hello,
    Mani Karthik,

    I live in Uttar Pradesh (East),Lucknow
    My budget is under Rs.900/per month and the speed should be around 2 to 4 mbps

  60. Hi bro,

    I am from Malaysia. Planning to move to Tamilnadu next year near Nagapattinam to be together with family. Currently I am using 30mbps and planning to get around the same speed when i go to there. My monthly budget is around INR2000. Can recommend any plan? thanks bro.

  61. Hello Mani,

    I am Prabhu from Chennai, can you please tell me which broadband service provider has Truly Unlimited Plans and with atleast 4 Mbps upload speed.


  62. Hello Mani, I am looking for unlimited 3g internet plan for dongle with better speed, And my budget is around 300-400. please suggest me a good one.

  63. Hi Mani Karthik,
    I am lives in malappuram dist in kerala.can you suggest me a fast network connection which makes downloads fast?

  64. Hello Sir,
    I am from Manipur Norhteast.. i want to take internet connection..which would be fast and unlimited??? my buget is from 400 t0 500 per month??
    wating for ur reply

  65. Hey,
    I am from bhagalpur,Bihar and require an internet connection with minimum 4 Mbps speed and unlimited usage at the same speed..criteria being unlimited GB and minimum 4 Mbps speed.Budget is not an issue though cost effectiveness would certainly count.There is no really reliable service provider here and BSNL broadband is most of the time down.Please suggest me some options.When at Navi Mumbai, I was using Dvois SSV which was very cost effective as in unlimited data at 4mbps speed at 850 only.

  66. Hi Sahabuddin,
    Check if you have BSNL connectivity in your area. If yes, go for it. Otherwise AirTel or Reliance are good options. Do you have a budget in mind?

  67. Hello sir,
    I am from jatani,bhubaneswar,Odisha,pin-752050.i want to take internet connection which would be fast and unlimited .I am bit confuse .please let me know urgently.Waiting for reply.

  68. Hello sir i m ankit lives at small town bilaspur distt rampur u.p.
    my budget :
    i spend 400-500rps months & i want 3gb data.
    i purchased dell vostro celeron procssr.
    i have not purchased any data card which data card i purchase plz tell me ?
    my budget is 1500rps .
    iN My circle the networks of idea voda airtel is very fast but i dont know about MTS.

    which data card is best for me ?
    plz tell me sir

  69. I am living in haryana ‘s village pin code of my village is 127306
    I want a plan in which I can get almost 10gb a month and speed should be more than 600kbs .

  70. If money isnt a problem then which among them is the best option? As in which would you choose

  71. Vikas, your best option is BSNL. Please check with the local office to see if there is connectivity there. Otherwise, if you have wireless range for Reliance, you could get the wireless netconnect plans.

  72. Hi Pawan,

    Truly Unlimited is unlimited according to their policies however the plan “40 GB unlimited” and others have restrictions. You have selected the right plan.

  73. Hi Nareesh, My guess is that AirTel will be a better fit for you but I recommend checking with both ACT and AirTel to see if they have connectivity there. All the best.

  74. Hi Karthik,
    I live in secundrabad, and the area is sikh village, tadbund. The landmark is sri tadbund veeranjaneya swamy temple, tadbund. According to you which among these two i.e airtel and act broadband connection will be good in the above mentioned area. Please reply soon. Thanks and regards.

  75. i would like to attend on line classes through skype only audio . classes are from malaysia , dubai
    for 2 hrs aday , 4 days per week.
    i am bangalore
    which internet connection plan would you like to suggest

  76. i wanted to attend on line classes through skype (only audio)onducted from dubai, malaysia i am from bangalore . for 2 hrs a day , 4 days a week. which internet connection would you like to suggest for me

  77. Brah im using Reliance wireless datacard with ‘truly unlimited rs.999’ plan..I would like to know whether its really unlimited or whether it has any limits i.e like 50gb or 100gb !

  78. Brah im using Reliance wireless netconnect+ ‘truly unlimited’ rs.999 plan in chennai..I would like to know whether it is really unlimited or does it has any limit i.e like 50gb or 100 gb ?

  79. Hi Mani karthik,

    My Pincode is 524230, i have contacted BSNL they said it nor possible to provide broadband connection to my location.

  80. Hello sir,
    I’m going to home in summer vacations and my home is located at KUCHAMAN CITY (dist: NAGOUR ,RAJASTHAN-341508). There I Don’t have many options of the internet . I need at least 30 GB per month with sufficient speed. budget is 1.5k to 2k. will you please suggest me a better option ?

  81. i am from a rural area where there is no providers available, contacted BSNl but they said it is not possible to offer to my village, can you please tell me if there is any other alternative way ?

  82. Hi Karthik,
    I’m residing in Vizag.I want the best wifi connection with an affordable price for home purpose(TV, laptop,mobiles). Can you please inform me the details along with the price range so that I can go through it.
    Kindly provide the same information for Raipur(C.G) also as some of my relatives were staying there.
    Note: BSNL connection was not there in our area.

  83. Hi Manik,
    Could you please advise some good plan for a wireless internet service in Hyderabad, I think Hotspot based is much suitable for us..

    looking for uninterrupted service at a low cost..


  84. Hi Mani,

    We are evaluating Smartlink for providing Fibre Broadband connectivity in our society complex. DO you have any views/feedback on Smartlink? They have a good plan of 50mpbs speed @ 999/month with 20GB daily download limit.

  85. i m here in kota, rajasthan
    i want unlimited internet….speed is not priority(but still 1 Mbps should be there) …unlimited internet what i want…what is best option i can get.
    Note : BSNL BROADBAND is not reachable here

  86. Hi mani,
    I live in up west (mathura). I want good speed data connection. Budget around 1000 per month .around 15 gb monthly usage.

  87. Hi Am planning to buy reliance broad band, am living in coimbatore. Will it be a gud option to buy reliance BB

  88. I would suggest to upgrade your BSNL plan Neeraj. They are doing really well these days. I haven’t heard good things about Tikona. Several complaints and their availability is sketchy.

  89. Even with BSNL FiBro 3999, you will soon end up using all the data, because they have a 50GB limit. I would suggest the BSNL FiBro 16,999 (200 GB then 2 Mbps) or 9,999 (150 GB then 1Mbps).

  90. Hello bala,I feel plan for wifi buying without modem..i can easy carry hand with wifi box and connect to mobile for long journey.I don’t want pay top up recharge for internet..which best company I buying whether airtel or reliance??…

  91. Hi ,MK
    I want to start my own Internet service in my kota city in rajasthan . Can you suggest me which cable Internet service provider is best?

  92. friend take hathway 14mbps plan 75gb per month after 2mbps 3months cost 2300 double antina router free. nice plane nobody not given in hydrabad

  93. hi,

    in my area no broadband plans are available and Mobile Internet is very costly, can you tell me some solution?

  94. im planing to switch ADSL to fiber in tamil nadu tirunelveli town in my internet browsing center with 7 or 8 computers only,currently im using airtel with 150 GB 2Mpbs (fub512) but im not satisfy with it coz after 20days its will move to fub. that the reason im planing to fiber and BSNL Fifre Thrill 2999 OR 3999? kindly advise me.

  95. Which internet provider would be good for Mumbai on a budget of Rs 1000? I want plans with atleast 30 GB FUP

  96. Hi Bala, If you can afford it go for FIBro ULD 3999 or 5999, it’s worth it. But if you’re on a budget, I’d recommend the Reliance plan as it will only cost you around ~1000 Rupees for a 4X faster connection. Keep in mind that don’t expect the speed to be as fast as they claim. Check with Reliance’s local office and if possible do a speed test before switching from BSNL. All the best.

  97. Hi Mani Karthik

    We live in BSK -2nd stage, Bangalore.
    We are presently having BSNL broadband internet connection at 1 mbps & 50 GB
    in our residence.
    Pl tell us whether we should switch to Reliance 4mbps & 50 GB or should we opt for BSNL FIBro ULD 3999 or FIBro ULD 5999 ?

  98. I am residing in Jaipur ( Raj ). I have been using BSNL Broadband service for 4 years. Few months ago BSNL reduces FUP upto 6 GB with 2 Mbps speed afterwards 512 Kbps. My Plan is BB Home Combo ULD 845. I am paying Rs.845 per month Someone suggested me to Choose TIKONA wireless Broadband which is providing better speed in just Rs.150 ( Rs.1000 ).
    Another problem is the Poorest services of BSNL. Whenever Call at BSNL complain centre, always reply wait for 2-3 days, server is down. Without contacting Higher Authority, Never problem solve.
    Shoud I opt for TIKONA wireless Broadband ?

  99. Buddy..which is the best broadband connection plan in haryana region in price range of ₹ frnds are suggesting me Airtel and Bsnl broadband…don’t know what 2 do?

  100. Hi Utkarsh, Reliance might be a good option for you. Their speeds are about 12 Mbps at plan priced at about 999 Rupees per month. Check it out. I can’t guarantee speeds at your place. I recommend checking with the local office for realistic speed expectations.

  101. Hi Vaibhav, both BSNL, AirTel and Reliance are good candidates. But it depends on what your budget and speed requirements. Check the different pricing options above.

  102. Hi Misha, I have good feedback on it. AirTel 4G is great for indoor use especially in cities, but if you are planning to use it for travel or away from city, then I hear that you should expect to be disappointed. Which city are you looking to get it for?

  103. You haven’t included Excitel broadband. I have used it and its fast and cheap see it on their website. Also ping is great,remains 2 to 5 ms on their servers and 45 to 85 on others.
    Hope you review it. XD


  104. Hi Bro, I live at Faridabad. Please suggest me unlimited plans about 20GB with good speed atleast more than 4Mbps(Mega Byte Per Second).

  105. Hi Mani,
    Thanks for sharing this article with all the information. Had a query- Would you know what is the feedback for Airtel 4G Wifi home? I was planning to take one but am not sure how is the performance in terms of the speed. Can you pls help me?

  106. Hey can u suggest me best economical plan with good speed n company too plssss for allahabad….

  107. Planning to take a broadband connection,in the budget of 1000Rs can u plz suggest Airtel or BSNL.Mangalore city.

  108. Hi Mani. Could you recommend me a good ISP for unlimited plan, good speed under Rs.1000. I live in Lucknow.

  109. hey karthik thank you so much for sharing so muxh of information i am a 12 standard boy from beawar , (ajmer), rajasthan and i want a broadband provider which provides internet plans under 500 even the dat limit is less can u please suggest me one

  110. Reliance Freedom plan might be a good option for you in Kerala. But their connectivity is not all that well and will depend on which place you are. I would suggest checking with their local office/dealer.

  111. Hui Shyam,

    Check with AirTel and Reliance for a CUG/Enterprise plan. They usually have indisclosed pricing for small teams. It is better to contact them directly. Tip: It will help if you can show your current or previous bills from your ISP if you have them. If you don’t have one, no worries just skip it.

  112. Mani Karthik @ I want to take new internet connection for my office can you suggest any service provider.
    place : Hyderabad

  113. Can u tell me which broadband can give me downloading speed of about 5MB/s(megabyte per second) in Bhagalpur zone.??

  114. Can u tell which is the best broadband provider in Kerala having a speed between 1-10mbps and cost less than 1000₹

  115. Is it for a company or group? I suggest getting a CUG plan. Major companies always have undisclosed plans for large user groups and you can negotiate on the price based on your requirements.

  116. I am currently using vainavi broadband in hyderabad my plan is like 4mbps(no fup)-800rs,from next month I am upgrading to 5mbps(no fup)-900rs.I still want a higher speed plans with no data caps,i am not successful in getting one.

  117. Hi Mani, I liked your article. Thankx for that. I stay in Mumbai. I am thinking to go for Airtel’s internet plan. Do you think it’s a wise idea??

  118. Andhra has several players in the city. For rural areas, BSNL is your best bet. Try contacting your local BSNL telephone exchange, they will be able to help you figure out whether your area have connectivity or not.

  119. Try BSNL, their plans are within that range and you can get good reliable internet. Not sure about the wait times though but they will be able to tell you if any. Contact your near BSNL office.

  120. i am living in chsndigarh ,i am looking for 3mbps ultd data under 700rs, which broadbsnd can provide me such speed.

  121. i am a student of mechaninal engineering . my college at bhagalpur,bihar doesnt have a good wifi connection. which broadband should i use to get unlimited data.

  122. Hi, I’m looking to set-up a high speed unlimited data usage plan for my parents in Kolkata over the next week or so before I head out.

    Basically want to make sure they can stream Netflix in HD without buffering issues / having to resort to a lower quality (non HD) stream. They won’t be doing much downloading.

    Could you suggest any options ?

  123. I haven’t heard many good reviews about Tikona unfortunately. Although, their plans are comparatively cheaper. There have been several complaints about how their speeds are unpredictable.

  124. Great post, Karthik Sir! Even I feel that Tikona internet plans are great. SOme of their are truly value for money. Have you used their 4G connection? How is the speed and overall performance? Is it similar to their broadband service? Thanks.

  125. hello Karthik sir,

    I wanted to buy a wifi (wirefree internet service) but don’t know exactly which service would profoundly aid me.. wanted to ask you sir that on which company should I bank upon.. reliance, airtel, bsnl..etc
    I live in Chandigarh and using reliance netconnect 3g dongle service for last 3 to 4 years but now wanted to shift on wifi service..
    reliance says they don’t have broadband wireline feasibility at my location.. and their wipod’s reviews are not so great.. don’t have much idea about bsnl and airtel wirefree services..
    plz do guide and aid me..

    -Kashish Korotania

  126. I live in up west city modinagar. Bsnl broadband is not available in my city.can u suggest me how to get unlimited internet access??

  127. you can go for reliance pro3 wipod it gives you unlimited data at rs. 599+ 14% tax. It offers you 5gb day and 5gb night with 14.7 mbps speed and after that unlimited browsing and downloading at 144kbps

  128. i have bsnl broadband (plan rs.675) speed 512kbps…but i never get 512kbps i get only .70kbps … someone please help me what should i do .. which plan is best an honest for me

  129. hello Karthik, i am currently using mts mblaze 40gb (20gb night and day) @ Rs 1300 plan…… and its not enough for me. Please suggest me a good ISP for unlimited data usage and speed higher than 300kbps.

  130. YOU Broadband Best in Speed, Cost and Reliability in Chennai. I’m using 50Mbps plan with 50GB (FUP) after that @ 1Mbps unlimited. All this for only 955/- (Through online payment original cost was 1050/- not that much high though. Same plan with 50Mbps with 100GB(FUP) is available which was costing around 1205/- through online payment it comes around 1155/-) I’m getting 6 to 7mbps constant speed in IDM and 900 to 1.5Mbps speed in torrent. What else you want? you will be in heaven with YOU Broadband Chennai.

    Airtel, BSNL are simply waste of money with just 5GB 10GB plans at 1200/- to 3000/-. Indians are still cheated with this kind of plans

  131. I need closed to 50 to 100 Mbps speed for my remote work with multiple computers at home in vijayawada Can you pl suggest which plan is better with good service and less or no outage

  132. Dear Mr. Karthik,

    We are living in chennai and presently using MTS blaze 999 package. It’s not enough due to day &night (mostly night not using). Kindly advice with same ratr with better options

  133. Hi

    I am looking for hi speed internet. please advise were i can find. i am located in Jodhpur ( Rajasthan),

  134. Hi Meenakshi, for Skype calls you don’t need high speed internet, I would suggest AirTel or Reliance (Thunder 599 or above). Get a good resolution camera, that is important.

  135. Dear karthik,
    I am looking for a hi speed wireless internet connection for making skype call with my husband in abroad. Would you please suggests me the best option in varanasi to choose.

  136. Hello Karthik,
    Looking for best WiFi service for mobile as i will be there for 3 weeks and back, i carry samsung 5S,
    I need excess from anywhere from india!
    Most part in Gujarat and Mumbai
    Please advise
    Virendra Desai

  137. i think reliance broadband 1099 plans is the best in the whole list it will keep giving around 600kbps speed throught without quoto so u can surf the web in high speed without worrying about the data bandwidth bcs its UNLIMITED….!!

    wanna know if it is avalaible in uttarpradesh/lucknow

  138. Hey Nishant,

    Considering the broadband networks in Goa, AirTel, Reliance and BSNL are your best choices IMO. BSNL might have waiting periods but AirTel and Reliance can you a connection faster. What speeds are you looking for?

  139. I know. That’s what I like about BSNL though. Their coverage is exceptional. They’re available in some far off villages too, but with spotty network. But note that none of the other private players are even remotely available at these places. Hope the Govt. makes better infrastructure investments, so that the BSNL network strengthens up.

  140. Hey bro, Act is best I agree but Hyderabad is where ACT is most extensive and everywhere, we have been using it for ages but you did not mention that. They shifted their headoffice to blore and are yet to make it available citywide.

  141. My bsnl broadband is getting often disconnected severly. And there is no other option in my area as the availibity of other isp’s is very low i.e, nil.

  142. Well I live in Goa… You have any idea which is the best broadband service here? Please tell me… I really liked this article and i hope you’ll help me choose the right one!!! Thanks alot in advance ?

  143. I am a student studying 1st year bsc computer science, I want a Internet connection with good packs and has to be cheap. I’m in Chennai (ambattur) please reply me

  144. Hi,

    I am going to come to India next week. I am looking for a good hi-speed wireless internet connection.

    Can you please suggest which one is the best? I going to be there for more than a month. It would be primarily for my work which involves conf call with screen sharing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  145. I am not from the marketing team. Just check out Excitel broadband price. It is only available in delhi for now. Plz mention it in your site.

  146. download 4 mbps, download 4 mbps, same upload and download in ftth, but worst network, connection continuously getting problem.

  147. ACT BROADBAND: i sad with youbroadband but my friend told to me you tray Act broadband i trayed act broadband its works very fast internet i am very happy i told to my friend you give to me good idea i am no very happy [see i giveing to you one sloution you tray one time Act Broadband

  148. That’s sad to hear Sai. How much are you paying for ACT? With their services just in Hyderabad, I thought they’re doing a good job with service. What was the problem you were facing?

  149. i am looking for hi speed internet. please advise were i can find. i am located in coimbatore, madukare market, 641105.

  150. Bro I’m using act fibernet and now a days their services are really embarrassing.. U believe it or not..I have called them nearly 50times to repair my net since one month…I suggest not to use act fibernet..

  151. @David Wilson – are you a paid agent of Tikona? The Worst Broadband after Reliance in terms of customer care. Their support is a nightmare, including calls for paying for non-existent bills and threatening with lawsuits (done by some paid agent impersonating as laywer from Tis Hazari Court). Search google for Tikona Harassment.

    Tikona is also indulging in manipulating user reviews in the famous website. They pay some people just to post paid review in Just visit the site and see their reviews, all glowing with praise!! Your BS meter will go wild!!!

  152. Your website is amazing brother 🙂 i uses Tikona Broadband and the service is good too. i loved your article , thanks 🙂

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