10 Things You Can’t Buy in USA & Should Bring from India on Your USA Visit

Globalization and online retailers like Amazon have made life so simple. We are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. No matter where you are, you’ll find everything you need with just a click of a button.

Earlier, people traveling from India to the US needed to pack each and every item they’d need during their stay in America. This is no longer the case since most Indian things are available in the US now.

However, there still are some exceptions to this availability, while prices might also be higher.

All items imported from India to the US are more expensive due to the added taxes. Therefore, there are some things that are better bought in India.

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Here’s a list of 10 items that should be bought in India.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Travelling to the US

Basic Medicines:

Yes, the US has medical stores. However, having some basic medication after getting a proper prescription from a doctor is a must for your peace of mind, during the initial period of your stay.

Traditional Clothes:

Being a country that is culturally diverse, you can wear any clothes that you feel comfortable in or are required to by your religion in the US.

However, it might be difficult to find clothes and accessories related to every religion.


Many Indians start their day with worship, using Agarbattis.

Although you will find a lot of Indian stores in the US, finding one near your location can still be a matter of luck for some. It is better you bring along Agarbattis if you will need them in America.

Pressure Cooker:

In India, most dishes cannot be cooked without a pressure cooker. Once you reach your destination in the US, the first thing you’d want to enjoy is a scrumptious home-cooked meal.

This is not the time to go hunting for an Indian store that sells pressure cookers. So, if the weight allowance permits it, bring one along from India.


There are some spices that are really costly in the US. It is advisable to buy spices in India to save money.

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Surprisingly, when compared to India, specs are slightly more expensive in the US. Since, glasses are one item you cannot do without, make sure you carry an extra pair from India, after a proper eye check-up.


It is commonly seen that people carry dozens of soaps with them to the US, which can last them for months. You can do the same.

Dental Fixes:

In the US, dental costs are really high. If you have a dental problem that requires you to get some dental fixes, it is recommended to get it done in India.


You might want to decorate your space in the US with some paintings and sculptures. However, these items are expensive in America. So, buy artwork in India.


Even books can be extremely costly in the US. So, consider buying your favorite ones in India and packing them in your luggage.

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And, if you have friends or family traveling between the two countries frequently, just hand them over a list of things to bring for you from India.

But, keep the list short or they’ll stop informing you of their travel plans!

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