Aadhaar Card for NRIs – How to Apply

Are you a Non-Residential Indian, wanting to get an Aadhaar card for yourself? The good news is that now, even NRIs can apply for an Aadhaar card. According to the Aadhaar Act of 2016, an NRI who has lived in India for 182 days or more than 12 months is eligible to apply for an Aadhaar card, according to an article in The Times of India.

Luckily, you can apply for your Aadhaar card in a very convenient and hassle-free way. The process for applying is the same as that for any other Indian citizen. You can choose to apply online or offline. Online, you will need to visit the self-service portal of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or can apply offline by visiting the nearest UIDAI-approved enrollment centre.

Don’t worry about tedious paperwork or having to visit government offices again and again. Here are the steps to apply for an Aadhaar card.

Step 1: Go to the UIDAI website

You can start your application process by visiting the official website of the UIDAI. There you will find a list of enrollment centres, from which you can choose one that is closest to you.

Step 2: Fix an appointment

After choosing the nearest enrollment centre, fix an appointment online or you can directly visit the enrolment centre. It is advisable to pre-fix the appointment for a hassle-free process.

Step 3: Carry all your documents

When you reach the Aadhaar enrollment centre, you need to submit copies of several documents, such as identity proof and address proof. Since you are an NRI, you will also have to submit valid documents to show your relationship with another country. The officials will then check your documents and tell whether you are eligible for an Aadhaar card or not.

Step 4: Submit your biometrics

The officials will then take biometric readings, such as fingerprints of all 10 of your fingers, photograph and a scan of your eyes. This doesn’t take too long, since the enrollment centres have all the necessary equipment to take all biometric readings. These details will help create a unique identity card for you.

Step 5: Get the acknowledgement slip

Once you have submitted the copies of the necessary documents and your biometric readings have been taken, the official at the enrollment centre will give you an acknowledgement slip. This slip will contain your enrollment ID, which you can use to track the status of your Aadhaar application on the UIDAI website.

Aadhaar is a strong identity proof for all Indian citizens, as well as NRIs. This can help NRIs get government jobs and other government services, while in India. Moreover, they can also get various benefits under social security policies and study schemes launched by the Indian government.

So, if you are planning to return to India or will be staying in the country for a long period of time, it is a good idea to apply for an Aadhaar card and ease access to various government and non-government services, like banking.

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  1. Eddy

    As a South African living in U.S for past 8 years on work visa, I want to say thank you for starting this website to help other Indians get back to India. This will take a huge, huge load off the immigration that has been choked to the limit and will make it possible for other nationalities to apply for GC. If you can, please go on national and international channels and spread this good word.
    Keep it up! And again, thank you!

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    Hi, I gave the wrong phone number and I can’t remove it, can you please help me change the number I gave to join the group? Thanks

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