Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card Review

The role of the Army, Navy and Air Force in protecting our country and securing its boundaries cannot be expressed in just a few words. India’s leading private sector bank, Axis Bank Pvt. Ltd., wishing to acknowledge this, has come up with the Pride Platinum Credit Card, which is especially designed for the pride of our nation, the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve in the nation’s armed forces, making the card available exclusively for Indian Defense personnel.

The card is an attempt to pay homage to the protectors of our country. The feeling of pride accentuates when you hold the card featuring the colours of Indian flag on it. The cardholder is also given an additional option to emboss the Army, Navy or Air Force logo on the card.

Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card Review

Serving the usual purposes of a credit card, Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card spares you from the hassle of carrying cash around and makes purchases easy. Moreover, you can even withdraw cash at Visa ATMs across India, just like any debit card. With the card exclusively designed for Indian defense personnel, the customer can enjoy minimal fees and charges, along with lower interest rates.

Given the increasing credit card frauds that are take place, apart from the card getting stolen, the bank has ensured high level security in this chip and PIN card. At the point of sale, the card holder will be required to make a personal identification number-based authorization, making the card extremely safe. In case you lose your card or it gets stolen, call the customer care services and get the card blocked and ask for a replacement.

Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card Eligibility

Any Indian defense personnel above the age of 18 years and below 70 years can apply for the Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card. In addition, you can add on cardholders from among your family members or dependents over the age of 15. At the time of verification by the bank, the applicant needs to present their colour photographs, photocopy of their PAN card or Form 60, latest payslip/Form 16/IT return copy as proof of income, residence proof, which could include the passport, ration card, electricity bill or landline telephone bill, identity proof, which could be the passport, driving license, PAN card or Aadhaar card.

Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card Benefits

  • Dining Delights Discounts:
    On dining at the participating restaurants and using your Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card to pay the bill, you receive a minimum 15% discount.
  • Additional 100 bonus reward points:
    If you choose to spend more than ₹5,000 in a month using this card, 100 bonus reward points are added in your next month’s account.
  • Easy EMIs for Big Purchases:
    Don’t panic if you have made transactions of ₹2,500 or more.  With the premium platinum card, you get the facility to payback through easy EMIs.
  • Cheaper Fuel Prices:
    If you use the Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card for fuel spends at any petrol pump in India, the 2.5% surcharge is waived, up to ₹250 per month.  However, the fuel spend should be between ₹400 and ₹4,000.
  • Complimentary Card:
    You can empower your loved ones like your spouse, children and parents with the Pride platinum credit card through an additional or complimentary card.

As an advantage to the buyer, there is no joining fee for the first year and only ₹250 annual will be charged as fee from the second year onwards. Don’t worry about the additional fees and charges, the facilities offered to you come with minimal charges. Overall, the Axis Bank Pride Platinum Card is a good choice, given the perks it offers.

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