5 Best Travel Insurance Plans Covering Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, it’s important to find the right travel insurance plan before your next trip. Here are some tips to help you find the best coverage for your needs.

You’re looking for visitor insurance and just realized that not all travel/visitor insurance will cover pre-existing conditions. What do you do? Well, luckily there are a few visitor’s insurance plans that do cover pre-existing conditions. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the best visitor’s insurance plans for those with pre-existing conditions.

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But first, let’s get some details right.

pre-existing condition as defined by insurance companies

Many think that any condition that existed before you took the policy is categorized as a pre-existing condition. Not entirely.

A loose definition of “pre-existing condition” as defined by insurance companies is…

Any medical condition a person might have been diagnosed with, or had any treatment for, or is taking any medication prior to the start date of the insurance.

Now, that’s a very generic definition. It doesn’t clearly define what pre-existing conditions are covered or how long should one have been diagnosed in order to qualify as a pre-existing condition.

A pre-existing medical condition is an illness or condition that you had before you applied for your travel insurance policy.

Most travel insurance companies will not cover you for any treatment you need for a pre-existing medical condition. Some companies will offer limited cover for pre-existing medical conditions, but this is usually only available if you have taken out a policy with them before you develop the condition.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important to declare it to your travel insurance company when you apply for coverage. If you do not declare it and you need to make a claim for treatment, your insurer may refuse to pay out.

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What does Acute onset of pre-existing conditions mean?

This is yet another insurance jargon you have to learn as you’ll see it repeating often in insurance plan details.

What it means though, is an immediate return of a pre-existing disease.

For example, an immediate return of Asthma after you enter the USA. If a plan covers the acute onset of pre-existing conditions, then it should be able to cover the treatment.

Travel insurance covering pre-existing conditions

Good question. In my experience, most travel insurance plans don’t cover any of the pre-existing ailments. For example, if you were previously diagnosed with heart disease, then you won’t be covered for heart-related illness in most of the visitor’s insurance plans.

However, there are a few insurance plans that do cover the basics with riders. Let’s check.

Atlas America

This is a percentage-based comprehensive plan. It has pretty good coverage of unexpected sicknesses and injuries within the USA and Canada. With this plan, you can go to any hospital or doctor of your choice however for better provider rates, it is recommended to go to a Doctor within the PPO network.

The Atlas America travel insurance plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for U.S. citizens traveling outside of their home country. The plan offers a wide range of benefits, including medical and dental coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage, trip interruption and cancellation coverage, and lost baggage and personal effects coverage.

The plan also provides coverage for adventure activities, such as hiking and trekking, and for sports and leisure activities, such as golf and skiing.

Visitor Secure

Visitor Secure is a basic, cost-effective travelers’ medical insurance plan that provides pre-defined coverage benefits for each medical service. You may visit any doctor or hospital of your choice under this plan.

Visitor Secure is a travel insurance plan designed to provide coverage for international travelers. The plan offers a variety of features and benefits, including emergency medical and evacuation coverage, trip cancellation and interruption protection, lost luggage reimbursement, and more.

VisitorSecure also offers a variety of optional coverages, such as adventure sports coverage, political evacuation coverage, and identity theft protection.

With VisitorSecure, travelers can rest assured knowing that they are protected in the event of an emergency. The plan’s comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind and financial protection in the event of a covered incident.

Choice America

Choice America is a limited coverage plan that offers basic coverage for some eligible pre-existing conditions. It’s not the most amazing visitor’s insurance plan out there but offers a lot of flexibility and is one of the best in its category. It offers a lot of essential benefits for those with pre-existing conditions. You have to ensure that your pre-existing condition is listed in their eligible list of conditions, that’s all.

ChoiceAmerica Features

  • Basic coverage, low cost, fewer benefits (Review limits)
  • Limited Pre-Ex conditions Coverage | Limited Dental and Vision coverage
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Amusement Park Coverage | Cruise Coverage | Loss of passport | Border Entry Protection coverage
  • No PPO network, visit any doctor
  • Renewable and Cancelable
  • Not available for the residents of Maryland (MD)

Some other good options to consider might include World Nomads, Allianz Global Assistance, or Travelex Insurance Services.

Check out the full list of travel insurance for pre-existing conditions here.

How to get insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

As I mentioned earlier, any medical condition that existed before taking a policy is considered (mostly) a pre-existing medical condition. Most eligible pre-existing conditions can be linked with visitor’s policies in the following ways.

  1. By providing a health history form – When you take a new insurance policy, provide a health history form (usually provided by the company) that lists down every ailment you had previously.
  2. Taking a Doctor’s opinion – During the consultation, let the Doctor know of your health record and history so that he can report it to the insurance company.
  3. Lab results – After your treatment, the Doctor will send the lab results along with “Doctor’s notes” to the insurance company. At this time, the Doctor will share your pre-existing condition details with the company, if you had communicated it properly.

Summary – Getting visitor’s insurance for a pre-existing condition isn’t difficult. Yes, it’s a fact that many insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions but luckily there are insurance companies that provide insurance for most established pre-existing conditions. What’s important is to choose a travel insurance plan that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions and ensure that your conditions are included in the eligible list.

If you are looking for visitor’s insurance for parents traveling to USA, here are your best options.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned information is for research purposes only and should be verified for accuracy with the respective providers mentioned.

Got questions? Please ask in the comments.

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9 responses to “5 Best Travel Insurance Plans Covering Pre-Existing Conditions”
  1. Bala

    My In laws had pre existing condition..do you suggest atlas America or coverage america gold ?

  2. Aks

    To all who ask questions about which one to buy. Honestly, do a deep detailed search, take point on a single paper and decide. No one here is going to tell you which is the right one.

    My case
    – 62, 57 yrs farther mother
    – Visiting USA 163 days 5 months plus
    – what to do??? For their travel and safety of your bank balance n peace of your mind.

    1. When you buy their air tickets or hotel etc. Always make sure you buy TRIP protection insurance, during flight buying time usually before you say complete booking or book the flight or just after you just bought the flight (ex: round trip) you will see an option by some flight companies that if you want to ADD Trip insurance/ protection/ trip insurance.

    Don’t skip it. It’s best to buy it at the the time of buying air tickets. Why, later on money will help you buy it or you may pay more for nothing.

    2. If your parents don’t have pre conditions or possibility of acute on set of pre conditions, then if you want economical MEDICAL coverage (ITS different than or more rich in coverage than a usual trip coverage or trip insurance), then get any comprehensive medical coverage after reviewing their brochure ++ disclosures.. trust me insurance companies try to avoid paying but want more from you while buying such insurance. Look exclusions carefully.

    Careful about ALL broker websites who sell medical travel trip insurance (covered or provided by other companies) as they sometimes have WRONG / incorrect info (may be intentionally) to fool consumers who is trying to buy medical or travel or trip insurance.

    If your parents didn’t had any major work done within 3 yrs, patriot platinum is not bad. If you think they have pre existing conditions for which they recently had work done then Choice America GOLD is good.

    Note: patriot platinum doesn’t offer less of passport, border protection (return your parents back home with some coverage), missed connections etc which cover America gold provides.

    Cover America gold has max 125k a cute onset of pre-conditions coverage. Patriot Platinum doesn’t have a cap, its upto policy max 2M provided the condition doesn’t happen in last 3 yrs n that means it’s stabilized.

    3. Buy at least some medical coverage.

    Note: Paying 200-500 more upfront for policy (for reduced deductible) is not a bad idea. In other words if you pay $1500 for 5 months of stay for medical coverage with deductible of $250, it’s far better than picking a $1200 or $1000 same policy of the deductible increases from 250 to 1000 or 2500.

    4. Try to buy directly from the airline. Sometimes this helps to work out with getting insurance added removed renewed etc also charges to travel. If you used some cheap or X popular website to buy an airline ticket its hard to deal with airline charges later.

    Don’t think a lot. Drink water and just buy a plan which you think is good for NON-US citizens (if your parents are Indian citizens) to ensure you are actually getting what you want. Don’t pay 1500 dollars for getting a dumb policy which says only four us citizens only deep down somewhere (as brokers website can be showing incorrect info)… while the insured will be Indian citizen.

    5. Better to get the policy from a US based company.

  3. Mani Karthik

    I don’t have any issues with insurance from India, as long as they are accepted by hospitals in USA. I am not so confident about recommending them for this reason.

  4. Mani Karthik

    Sure which plan were you going for Amlesh? You can ping me on WhatsApp even.

  5. Amlesh Thakur

    Hi Mani,

    Hope you are doing well !

    I have a query regarding travel insurance or health insurance availability in Canada having the pre -existing ailment cover for the parents, please let me know at the earliest.

    Best Regards
    Amlesh Thakur


    This is great work Mani! My parents are visiting USA for around 160 days and 1 of them is diabetic. I was wondering if you know of any issues if i buy insurance from India (for e.g. Tata AIG). Do you recommend that as compared to buying comprehensive plan from USA?

  7. Karthik Iyer

    Thanks MK, I came across your web log and want to thank you for the very useful information you are sharing. Truly awesome !

  8. Mani Karthik

    Thanks for your kind remarks Sunil. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  9. Sunil Kambrath

    Hi Mani,

    I have never seen such a wonderful & useful blog ever before. I came across this website while searching for insurance for my parents. Very beautifully written, researched and really noble.


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