10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

Need an app developer? There’s an App for that. Just kidding. You need to hire one. Here are the best app developers in India.

Apps are taking over our worlds today. Steve Jobs really did set a revolution with those little icons on our phones. Today, there’s an app for pretty much everything. To me, the one thing that makes the world of apps amazing is that they can be made by anyone. Anyone. Damn, there’s even a DIY App maker App.

Remember that Flappy Bird app? Some kid in Indonesia made it out of his bedroom and he was an instant sensation overnight. The world of apps is amazing like that. Anyone can learn code, and make another Flappy Bird overnight. Well, sort of.

Today, India is the leading country in India for App developers. After the outsourcing boom in the ’90s, App development is probably the biggest deal ever after. With mobile penetration hitting all-time highs and app development courses sprouting up every nook and corner, it’s not surprising to see some top App development companies in India.

In this list, I hunted down the best app development companies in India. If you’re looking to hire an App developer to make your next big idea, a Top 10 app on the App Store, these are the guys who can do it.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

Here are some of the best app development companies in India…

1. Sourcebits

It is one of the best and most prominent mobile app development companies in India that has delivered more than 500 projects to date and out of which 30 are the top apps in the chart. Located in Bangalore, it was founded in 2006 and since then they have been developing mobile apps on almost all mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, etc. They have another office in San Francisco and both of these offices are driven by a team of dedicated managers, developers, and leading UI/UX and visual designers who endeavor to fulfill all the categorical demands of their potential clients.

Key features of this company:

  • #1 iOS & Android developer
  • Powerful agile app development and Stand-out launch marketing
  • Killer UI/UX design
  • Comprehensive product lifecycle management
  • Talented mobile development team
  • 500+ projects delivered

2. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is an ISO 9001:2009 certified company in app development that is conveniently located in India (Ahmedabad) and the USA. It is driven by a team of well-versed and knowledgeable mobile app designers, artists, software developers, and technical experts who are entirely dedicated to understanding the needs of their prospective clients and offering them the best possible mobile app development, game development, and software development services. Since 2008, OpenXcell has been providing app development solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Web with 700 Top Apps delivered.

Key features of this company are:

  • ISO 9001:2009 certified
  • Adopters of Mobile back-end technologies
  • Develop End to End solution
  • App Marketing and Porting
  • Responsible App Design & development
  • Prepare App Strategy

3. Contus

Contus is yet another prominent mobile development company that has extended its operations from Chennai to California! They have a team of 200+ skilled and experienced engineers and developers who strive to offer the best and unmatched cloud, web, and mobility solutions to their potential clients. They have been catering to clients from more than 40 nations and are known for providing major advantages on costing and scale.

Key features of this company are:

  • Blend technologies for businesses
  • Amazing digital experience
  • Team of 200 + developers and UI Engineers
  • 70+Successful Mobile & Web Products
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • Global Community of Partners

4. Cygnet Infotech

Established in 2000, Cygnet Infotech is a prominent mobile app development service provider that has a vision of providing innovative, tailor-made, affordable, and makeshift solutions that can empower their clients to create an inevitable reputation in this competitive world. Their experienced and knowledgeable team members endeavor to offer application development services for web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Along with this, they also function as a dependable technology partner who offers reliable consulting, implementation, and support services that throws light on Enterprise Content Management, Software Product Development, Application Development services, and much more.

Key features of this company are:

  • Innovative Digital Publishing Solutions
  • ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 Certified and CMMI Level 3 Appraised
  • Development Processes driven by Agile Methodology
  • Headed by Experienced Leaders
  • 95% Client Retention Rate
  • Technology Expertise – ranging from Microsoft, Java & PHP to various CMS, Mobile, Cloud and QA Platforms

5. Affle AppStudioz

Entrenched in India, Affle AppStudioz is a prominent mobile app development company that has offered approx. 2000 of cutting-edge applications and cater to more than 700 clients in 50 countries. All their team members are committed to offering high-quality services and creating industry-specific software and mobile applications in a timely and professional manner.

Key features of this company are:

  • Robust Technology
  • Aesthetic Designs
  • 2000+Apps developed and Marketed
  • Integrated In-App Analytics Platforms
  • Marketing and Monetization Platforms
  • Modular Platform Based Approach

6. Riktam Technologies

Starting in 2007, Riktam has created an excellent reputation among the competitors by offering one-of-a-kind and unmatched mobile app development and web solutions to their prospective clients. Driven by a team of adept consultants, world-class designers, and developers, they have delivered more than 300 projects executed for Web, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone and became pioneers in customer relations and services.

Key features of this company are:

  • 321+ Apps developed
  • Specialists in developing Apps on iOS and Android platforms
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Provide dedicated resources on hire as well.
  • Rated as 4.5/5. Source by Clutch Review

7. Arkenea LLC

Having experience of five years, Arkenea specializes in collaborating with entrepreneurs and enterprises for creating cutting-edge mobile apps and web portals that resonate with their clients. They have designed a wide number of applications for many fields such as social media, education, messaging, and so on. Located in Pune (India) and San Jose, CA (US), they are known for designing user-friendly and exemplary mobile apps that can go well with the needs and marketing strategies of their clients.

Founded in 2011, they have created a wide number of apps for social networking, entertainment, utility, marketplace apps, and much more. They believe that creating incredible software is tough but with them, it isn’t!

Key features of this company are:

  • 150+ products developed
  • Mobile strategy thought leaders
  • Strong emphasis on robust processes
  • Mature engineering process
  • Creative approach
  • Rated among TOP TEN App development companies by (Silicon India, Instabug)

8. Konstant Infosolutions

It is yet another award-winning mobile app Development Company in India that bagged many prestigious awards for offering exemplary services to their prospective clients. They strive to offer a bunch of services that encompasses application strategic consulting, graphic design, development of world-class e-business applications, application development, etc. In the last 12 years, this company has delivered more than 3500 successful projects to their clients that helped them stand out from the crowd.

Key features of this company are:

  • Ranked 3 Top Mobile Apps Development Companies by Clutch
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Specialized Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Specialised in Mobile App Development on both iOS and Android

9. TechAhead

TechAhead serves an extensive range of start-ups, small-scale, medium-sized and well-established companies by offering applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a globally acclaimed company that offers a line of services such as testing, consulting, updating, app idea development, designing, and marketing. Founded in 2009, TechAhead has been one of those prominent companies that aim to deliver excellence and perfection.

Key features of this company are:

  • Experts In Smartphone App Development
  • Committed To Excellence
  • iOS consulting and Development
  • Windows Phone App Development
  • Strict adherence to Budget, investment, and deadline
  • Kindle App Development

10. InnovationM Mobile Technologies

Headquartered in India, innovationM is a leading mobile application development service provider that offers specialized consulting, design & development services to some of the renowned and reputable companies such as. With its Account & Client Solutions team present in US, InnovationM is expert at providing mobility solutions in all the sectors and shares a combined experience of technology and industry experience. Founded in 2010, it has been serving clients worldwide.

Key features of this company are:

  • iOS consulting and Development
  • Windows Phone App Development
  • Mobile Development using PhoneGap
  • Mobile Design Framework from Innovation M
  • Backend Server Development & Cloud Deployment
  • Mobile Web development Using HTML 5

Above mentioned names are some of the leading and best app developers in India, that have marked their name on the global platform.

How to choose a good mobile app development company

As an app developer, there are many aspects one must take into consideration before starting the development process. There are questions like what kind of app to develop, which platform to choose for development, how much money should be spent on the app development, and many more.

App developers work with clients to create an app that suits their needs. Therefore, it is important for them to understand the needs of their clients in order to provide great customer service and create a product that will exceed expectations. Here are some things you should consider when choosing an app developer.

Choosing a good app developer will ensure that your idea for the best possible app is put into practice effectively and efficiently.

It is no easy feat to find a great app developer for your project. Knowing what to look out for the step before you start the process will save you a lot of time and money. Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider when looking for an app developer:

  • The type of experience they have
  • Does they have a portfolio?
  • What apps are they developing?
  • What apps are other clients developing with them?
  • The culture of the company

All the best!

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