Best Travel Insurance for COVID 19 & Coronavirus

Boy oh boy! I feel like a hermit sitting at home attending Zoom calls all day. I’m sure you too are feeling the same.

Life has become more sedentary and if there’s one thing I can ask for, then that is travel. How I miss traveling!

At the time of writing this article, domestic travel is open, but I have no reason to believe that it is safe. COVID 19 cases are spiking in India, and the only silver lining I can see is some companies developing the vaccine.

Once the vaccine is out, I’m going to be traveling like there’s no tomorrow. But until then, stay low and be a hermit perhaps?

But, if you want to travel meanwhile, there’s hope.

Of course, travel will not be the same as we knew it. Most likely, you’d be traveling around in awkward masks or face-hear, carrying a bottle of hand sanitiser.

But hey, the days to worry are gone. Thanks to a bunch of travel insurance companies who have decided to include COVID 19 and Coronavirus testing under their standard insurance plans.

What that means is, you can travel safe and worry free, if you have bought these travel insurance plans.

In the unfortunate event that you fall sick, these plans can cover you for Coronavirus testing or treatment.

So, which are the best travel insurance plans that cover Coronavirus / COVID treatment?

Here are the best travel insurance plans for COVID19.

Best Travel Insurance Covering COVID & Coronavirus
1. Atlas America
2. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
3. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver
4. Atlas Essential America
5. Atlas Premium America
6. Safe Travels Voyager

Atlas America

Atlas America is a popular and well-established travel insurance plan in the market. So much so that it is one of the most popular travel insurance plans for visitors to USA.

Under this plan, if you’re traveling to USA you will receive the following benefits.

  1. Eligible medical expenses incurred in the U.S include hospital room expenses, ambulance, emergency medical evacuation, ICU, etc.
  2. Eligible expenses related to COVID-19.
  3. Travel benefits like Trip Interruption, travel delay and lost checked baggage.

Coronavirus coverage with Atlas America

According to Tokio Marine (the company that administers this policy), all eligible expenses related to COVID-19 will be covered by this policy. Read their entire description of coverage here.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is another popular travel insurance plan for visitors to the USA that offers COVID and Coronavirus coverage.

It is administered by Trawick International, a well-reputed travel insurance company that offers different options for policy maximum (from $50,000 to $1000,000) and offers coverage under the First Health PPO network.

Do Safe Travels USA Comprehensive cover Coronavirus and COVID 19?

Yes, under the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan, expenses and treatment are covered just like any other sickness.

Safe Travels USA Cost Saver

Safe Travels USA Cost Saver is an economical and cheaper plan as compared to the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan.

The difference is that under the Cost Saver plan, unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition is covered up to the first $1,000 of covered expenses. While in the Comprehensive Plan, sudden and acute onset of a pre-existing condition is covered and up to the maximum policy limit per period of coverage up to age 69.

In the Safe Travels USA Cost Saver plan, all expenses and treatment related to COVID 19 are also covered just like any other disease.

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Safe Travels Voyager

Safe Travels Voyager is a travel insurance plan for citizens of the United States who are taking either domestic or foreign trips.

Safe Travels Voyager can be purchased for any trip up to 180 days in length, and it covers trip cancellation up to 100% of the trip cost and trip interruption up to 150% of the trip cost. Per passenger, the maximum trip expense that can be insured is $100,000.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) care will be covered by Safe Travels Voyager, just like any other new medical problem that arises after the policy’s effective date.

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What does travel insurance cover for Coronavirus?

Travel insurance covers Coronavirus and COVID 19 like any other disease. As in, any medical expense incurred due to COVID will be covered by travel insurance (only selected policies like the ones mentioned in this article.)

Does travel insurance cover canceled flights?

Yes. Not all but certain travel insurance plans do cover flight cancellations. See this article for a list of travel insurance plans that cover flight cancellations.

Does health insurance cover vaccinations for travel?

At the moment, there isn’t any travel insurance that covers vaccinations for travel.

Does travel insurance cover travel bans?

Yes. Certain travel insurance plans cover flight and trip cancellations to selected locations with travel bans. It depends on which travel insurance you get through.

What does travel insurance not cover?

Every travel insurance plan has exclusions that limit the coverage and benefits. You’ll need to check directly with the insurance company what the exclusions are.

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