Here Are The Best Online Sites to Buy Travel Insurance From

Written By Mani Karthik

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Whenever I talk to someone who’s bringing over their parents to USA or visiting USA, the one question that always gets asked is “Should I buy travel insurance?“. The very next is, “Where to buy it from?”

I heard about travel insurance when I traveled first to USA on a business trip, back in 2010-11. I didn’t what travel insurance was. Of course, the only insurance we are obsessed with is life insurance. Nothing else. And although my first reaction was to skip it, I somehow got it. Where did I buy it from? The travel agent who booked me tickets. lol.

Little did I know about what I was getting or what the insurance covered. The only thing the travel agent asked me was how much you want to spend. Big mistake.

Never buy a plan because it is cheap. Never buy a plan because it’s the most expensive. Compare as many plans as possible and find the one that fits you.

Here’s what I learned

  • Never buy from a ticket booking agent.
    He does not care about what coverage you get or what your requirements are. All he is interested in is selling you a product he has.
  • Always check for coverage.
    There are different types of coverage like limited and comprehensive. You should pick whatever works for you. Don’t opt blindly.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest insurance plan.
    Many of us will be tempted to get the cheapest plan. Well, getting a really cheap plan doesn’t give you anything. If you spent a few more dollars, you’re better off getting more value for your plans and better coverage.
  • Compare with many options.
    Never choose from one or two companies or plans. Most travel agents will offer you what they want to sell, and limit your options.
    There are many options and plans to choose from. Do your research (like with this travel insurance plan comparison website) before making a decision.

So, where should you buy travel insurance from?

In my opinion, you should buy it online or from where you can choose from plenty of options. Compare between plans, compare prices, check coverage options etc before finalizing.
Don’t buy a cheap plan just because. Different plans work differently and costly doesn’t mean better coverage. Use a tool like this, to compare different insurance plans, so you know what you are getting for your money.

All the best!

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No. Travel insurance is not necessary when you travel to US. But highly recommended since medical expense in US is high.

Yes. Travel health insurance is totally worth it when you’re traveling to a country like USA where, in case of any unfortunate incident, the medical expenses can be very high.

Yes. You can buy travel insurance after booking a flight. But it’s ideal to buy it before the flight so that, you can protect your entire trip.

  Can You Buy Travel Insurance After Booking a Flight

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  1. Hey Eva, Ideally you should get a good comprehensive coverage plan, so it covers any pre existing conditions, but even a limited coverage plan like ChoiceAmerica is worth checking out.

  2. Hi Mani,

    I’m looking to purchase medical travel insurance for my mother who’s visiting the US from the Middle East. She is 80 years old. She will be with me for 2 months and I wanted to know your thoughts on plans that have a happy middle ground in terms of cost and coverage.

    Thank you.

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