10 Best Cheap Hotels in India

Hospitality sector has just boomed in India and it has established itself as the provider of world class accommodation. The reason for such a growth is only because of the entry of large hotel chains and high quality services being provided at rates that are both affordable for the high classes business category as well as the common tourists. Such kind of plenty hotel chains have come up in India thus increasing the traffic and growing the business to greater heights. With more and more hotels developing their chains across India, India has become one among the best destinations for tourists with great stay facilities and services at competitive rates.

If you’re traveling to India and is looking for economy & cheap hotels to stay, you are in luck. Generally hotels in India are cheaper considered to global costs, however you got to make sure you get the value you are looking for. Otherwise, just going for cheap costs alone might not get you the right place. In this article, we will look at some of the budget/economy and cheap hotels in India.

10 Top Cheap Hotels in India for Travelers

Let’s start with the first one.


1. Ambassador Group of Hotels

This group is one among the best hotels in India. They believe that a good hotel is not one that provides only a god night’s sleep, but also one that gives a great awakening for a fresh start. They believe creating business is purely on ethic of corporation, and customer satisfaction. The Ambassador Group has their chain of hotels all across India and also have the flight catering services. They see to it that they are committed to being a caring and responsible provider. They are well known for their Croissants and have many outlets across Mumbai. Truly a great experience when being with them on a holiday.

2. Best Western Group of Hotels

The Best Western Group of hotels is the world’s largest chain provides having their chains across 80 countries worldwide!! Now that is not a small number… They provide marketing, reservations and operational support for more than 4000 operated and independently owned hotels. They provide privacy and luxury both at the same time to their guests. They have their chains run across from North to south and from East to west of India. With their excellent services and facilities, thousands of tourists enjoy their vacation when being in any part of India.

3. Casino Hotels

This is one among the best hotels in India and located at the prime tourist locations across India, especially the Southern India, Kerala. The beauty of the back waters blended with the exotic cuisines, rejuvenating spas and wonderful sightseeing locations, the experience with Casino is just remarkable. They have all the best features for their customers round the clock throughout the year.

4. The Clarks Group of Hotels

The Clark groups have their chain spread across India, mainly at the prime tourist locations, mainly  in the Northern India with their world class services. The provide privacy and luxury , both at the same time at very reasonable prices. For any tourist, they could enjoy the wonderful services of the Clark Group with all amenities. If you are looking out for excellent stay at reasonable prices, then the Clark Group is the perfect choice.

5. The Fortune Park Group of Hotels

One among the best hotel chains and a member of the ITC hotel group makes the Fortune Park standing apart from their competitors. They have world class facilities at very budgeted expenses. For any kinds of leisure destinations, the Fortune Hotel is a good choice and they are spread across India from North to South and hence make it one among the first picks for tourist across the country. Your holiday could be one of a kind with a great stay at the Fortune Park groups.

6. Holiday Inn Group of Hotels

Who has not heard of the holiday groups? One among the best groups across the world and has a great number of chains in India too. They have world class facilities at the best rates.  One would enjoy a wonderful holiday while being at the Holiday group, as all the pampering is what they offer to their customers.  The hotel packages are suited for different kinds of tourists and business travels.

7. HRH Hotels

If you are some one who would love to explore the heritage of India, then choosing your stay with the HRH Hotel group is the best pick. The HRH is the only chain of heritage palace resorts and hotels under private ownership. They provide a royal experience as most of these hotels are redone from former palaces, havelis and mansions.  The experience that you acquire here is truly unbeatable and an unforgettable experience.

8. ITC Welcomgroup Hotels

This is a premium chain of luxury hotels that brings in a perfect blend of traditional India hospitality with present-day international standards. With more than 100 hotel spread across, ITC stands apart from their competitors in all respects. They also have franchisees from the luxury collection brand of Starwood Resorts and hotels. If you need to experience the premium quality, get to ITC.

9.Jaypee Group of Hotels

This group runs some of the best hotels across India. The hotel of this group is mostly seen in almost all the important tourist destinations in India. With wonderful services and great amenities, the Jaypee Group is one among the best. They have the best room facilities and wonderfully trained staffs that makes your stay , truly memorable one.

10. ITDC Hotels

As the name suggests , Indian Tourism Development Corporation  , it definitely takes up all the requirements for the tourist that lands up in India from all parts of the globe. A perfect blend of tradition along with modern style is bought about with their group . Being spread across the country, it is easier for the tourists to choose a wonderful stay at very affordable prices, making their stay a wonderful experience.

No matter where you plan to visit, the accommodation and food and the two factors that has to be really considered and accounted. Irrespective of all other fun you have, to make it a complete holidaying, you need a good stay experience and one which does not tear you up. In such instances, there are planet budgeted hotel chains that offers a five star rated experience. Enjoy yourself at one of these locations and experience for yourself the wonderful moments that you get at these places.

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