Top 10 Christmas Apps For The Holidays!

Christmas is coming and fun is all around. I love it when malls are playing carols and lights brighten up the walkways! Such a lovely sight. Every one’s wearing red and the Christmas theme is in. So, why would your phone be left out? Try out these Christmas apps that will liven up your mood this holiday season!

10 Best Christmas Apps For The Holiday Season

Let’s start with the first one.

1. The Christmas List

The Christmas List app is one of the best for planning and managing shopping effectively during the Christmas season. The app is developed by The main features of the app include creating and tracking budgets per person, countdown of shopping days until Christmas, assigning gift to multiple recipients, creating shopping list, tracking the status of the gifts like shipped, received or wrapped, single glance view of overall shopping progress and sharing list via email or messages.


2. Better Christmas List

Better Christmas List is a good shopping app for Christmas season and is developed by Code Before Dawn Inc. The main features of the app include setting and tracking budgets for the season, creating separate shopping list for family and friends, tracking the past gifts received by the friends, exporting list and sending it to others, tracking the expenses, alerts for the gifts to be purchased, sorting the list by store or level of urgency etc.

3. Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations is developed by SentientIT Software Solution. The app gives idea about all kinds of decoration and shopping for the festive season like Christmas cards, Outdoor decorations, decoration using natural materials, Christmas tree decoration, gifts for Christmas, Christmas crafts and cribs etc. The app has a bunch of decoration ideas so that you can avoid spending hours in thinking about the decorations for the festive season and simply enjoy the season.

4. Santa’s Christmas Village

Santa’s Christmas Village is developed by EnsenaSoft and is a good app with lot of fun activities for getting or increasing the festive mode. The main features of the app include checkers board game with Christmas theme, Snowman game with Christmas music on the background, word search game with all the Christmas related words, seasonal and classic Christmas songs etc.

5. Christmas Radio

Christmas Radio app is developed by It is one of the best apps for listening to music related to the festive season. The app connects you to hear a wide variety of popular Christmas songs from over 50 different radio stations.

6. Christmas!!

Christmas is a cool app for the Christmas season developed by Gourmet Pixel Ltd. The main features of the app include Christmas day countdown, Christmas calendar with surprises for every day till Christmas, festive jokes, Christmas wallpapers, gift list for Christmas, games for the festive season, Christmas Songs etc.

7. Santa’s Bag


Santa’s Bag is a good shopping app for Christmas season developed by Clay Pot Software LLC. The main features of the app include creating budgets for the season, planning Gifts, creating shopping lists & wish lists, tracking the progress of the gifts purchase, sharing the lists with friends or social networking sites, tracking the expenses for the gifts etc.

8. Christmas Tree (Ideas)

Christmas Tree is one of the best app to get ideas on decorating the Christmas tree. It is developed by Sticky Ice Games LLC. The main features of the app include 5 different tree styles, festive backgrounds, holiday songs, lighting and sound effects, decoration items like ornaments, trinkets, toppers, gifts, ribbons, positioning of the ornaments in the correct place etc.


9. Christmas Card Creator

Christmas Card Creator is developed by Big Blue Clip LLC and is used for designing beautiful greeting cards. The main features of the app include design template with over 200 backgrounds, funny characters, snow flakes and ornaments, saving and sending the cards through email or sharing the card with social networking sites, exporting the cards to cloud storage like Dropbox.

10. Christmas Lights (Game)

Christmas Lights is developed by Nuvus Software LLC. It is basically a festive game which includes Christmas tree, lightings and puzzles which will lighten up the mood of you and make you happy. It is a brain tickling game which involves lightening of the bulbs in the Christmas tree and has many levels up to 20.

So, there you have it. The best apps for Christmas. Happy holidays!

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