Top 10 iPhone Apps for Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shaastra is an old and traditional Hindu science of architecture followed predominantly in India while constructing residential and commercial buildings. It is also called Vastu veda or Vastu Vidhya. Even though, it was followed in the construction of temples in olden days, it got revived again only in the past 10 to 15years. Vaastu deals with direction alignments and placement of items like furniture, paintings etc. Nowadays people in western countries have also started using Vaastu Shastra.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Vaastu Shaastra/Vastu Shastra apps available for the iPhone.

1.Vaastu Score

Vaastu Score is developed by Binduraj Chandrasekaran, Darshini Apps. It provides the vaastu Score for your existing home, recommendation for placement of things in a room, using the built in magnetometer for setting room location & to place things, suggestions for improving the score, email vaastu details for a specific home etc. The more high the score, the house has more prosperity in future.

2. Vastu Compass

Vastu Compass is developed by ITango Pty Ltd. The main features of the app include finding detailed vastu information about all directions in your home, recognize the correct placement for each room or interior area, guidelines for the placement of main entrance of the house etc. The app helps to convert your existing home to one with more prosperity and harmony.


3.Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is developed by Rakesh Shringi, It explains the vaastu principles used in designing office, house, factory, plots, heath, finance, love, pregnancy, flats & careers. The app also has many tips for making corrections in the house to have a better vastu score.

4. iVastu

iVastu is developed by Space Monkeys LLC. The main features of the app include in-depth details of vastu principles used in residential as well as commercial buildings, different vastu products used for designing buildings, sharing the principles with social networking sites etc.


5. Vasthu

Vasthu is developed by Jegan Selvaraj, Blisslogix Inc. The main features of the app include principles followed in the design and construction of home, office, factory, hospital, commerical buildings like restaurants, lodges, entertainment theatres, shopping malls etc. One can also share the info with social networking sites using the app.

6. iConsult Vastu

iConsult Vastu is developed by (India) Pvt. Ltd. The main features of the app include the vastu principles and tips followed in the design of all parts of a house like drawing room, bed room, kitchen, dining room, children’s room, store room, puja room, treasury, water tank etc. It also explains the principles followed in the design of commerical buildings like shops, industrial buildings like factory etc.

7. Office Vastu

Office Vastu is developed by Nexus Tech Interactive Services especially for office and business construction. The main features of the app include choosing the location of plot, shape of plot, slope of floor, shape of roof, deciding the position of plants, chairs, boss cabin, accounts & marketing department etc, choice of colors, location of electronic gadgets like computers, servers etc.


8. My Vastu Scorer

My Vastu Scorer is developed by Apptarix Mobility Solutions Private Ltd. The app is used to find out the vastu score of your house very easily by giving few inputs like location of the house, position of the rooms etc and it can be used for any number of houses. You can also use the app while renting the house.

9.  Vaasthu Plan

Vaasthu Plan is developed by Alpharithm Technologies. The app uses either fixed compass or revolutionary tracker compass to detect the vaasthu compliance of all the rooms like living room, kitchen, bed room, drawing room etc in the house. It is a good app to check with a house before buying it.


10. iTeach Vastu

iTeach Vastu is developed by Patron Technosoft India Private Limited. It is an excellent app for learning the principles of Vastu Shastra and it gives all the vaastu tips for planning a new home, office, married life, residential or commercial plot, tips for modifying the existing property etc. For office, it helps to expand your business and make good profits. For home, it helps the family to have a happy and peaceful living.

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