Best Citibank Credit Cards in India

Citibank has numerous credit cards that are designed to meet the needs of consumers. It is categorized as travel, shopping, lifestyle, and fuel. Each has special vouchers and gifts catered to the needs. They can be used at your convenience and the points earned can be redeemed quickly.

Best Citibank Reward Credit Cards

Citibank comes with a card that is exclusively for departmental purchases, dining, and travel needs too. Earn points as you meet your expenses and get rewarded on spending within 30 days of receipt of the card. The card has tie-ups with numerous retail chains and the bill can be settled in simple monthly installment options.


As a joining gift you get 1000 points on spending Rs 1000and 1500 points on purchases made within 30 days of receipt of the card.

For purchases of Rs 125 at Apparel as well department stores earn about 10 reward points. You can make 1 rewards point for every 125 spent anywhere.

For quarterly purchases of Rs 1 lakh and above you gain about 1000 points and if you opt for e-mail statements gain another 300 points.

By purchasing any other card of Citibank you gain 500 points and for every renewal, you gain 1000 points.

You can also avail 20% discount on dining bills at over 2000 dining outlets.

Get access to concierge services that help to plan parties & family functions, send flowers, reserve tables at restaurants, and many more.

You can redeem your points online or at over 600 stores at your convenience.


Annual Fee Rs 1000 (Nil if 30000 or more is spent by the end of the year)
Interest Your rate of interest initially is 3.25% per month (i.e., 39.00% annualized)


The Citibank reward card is apt for making your purchases and making points out of it. You can redeem your points and make additional purchases with your points too. The annual charges are very nominal and rewards are pretty good too. If you are a frequent traveler you could also opt for the Citibank Premier Miles credit card which exclusively features travel benefits. It has an annual charge of 3000 but it allows you to earn miles on every airline transaction. The Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card is also an exclusive card with travel benefits. The joining fee is very reasonable and the annual charges are also pretty nominal too. You can meet all your departmental purchases and gain points on the expenses met

Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card Review

The Citibank Premier Miles card offers travel benefits with over 100 airlines. You can add your miles for booking with airlines, flight tickets, hotel stays, and car rentals. The miles earned have no expiration so they can be redeemed at your convenience.


As an introductory offer, you get 10000 miles on spending Rs 1000 with the card within 60 days of the card. On card renewal every year you can gain up to 3000 miles.

Avail 10 miles for every Rs 100 spent on booking flight tickets, hotel stays car rentals, etc.

You can also earn 10 miles on Rs.100 spent on Prepaid Mobile/DTH/Data card recharges and 4 miles for every Rs.100 spent on all other transactions.

You can keep a track of your rewards by SMS alerts by sending SMS REWARDS ‘XXXX’ to 52484

Citibank Premier Miles card users can get access to luxurious airport lounges all across India.

You can gain 1 Frequent Flyer Air Mile for every transfer on Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, British Airways, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Eva Air, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Air India.


Annual Fee Rs 3000
Interest Fixed 2.50% per month (30% per annum).


The Citibank Premier Miles Card is apt for business executives as well professionals who travel frequently. The card has its benefits and offers you the chance to earn miles on numerous transactions. The card emphasizes more travel but it has little benefit when it comes to departmental purchases or other expenses. The Citibank reward card has more benefits when it comes to apparel purchases as well as dining benefits. It has a nominal fee of 1000 but its interest rate is 3.25% which higher compared to a miles card. Another option would be the Yatra SBI card which also offers travel benefits for its users. The joining fee is 499 and the annual fee is 499. You can avail points on your travel and even get access to domestic as well as international lounges.

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card Review

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card is ideal for meeting daily expenses and gaining points on these transactions. It is reasonable in terms of charges and customers can avail of the EMI options to pay off the bills. You have privileges with dining, movie tickets, and even telephone bills. You can redeem these points and it also has cashback options for the redemption of the points.


You can get cash back at 5% for movie tickets and utility bill payments made through Citibank Online Bill Pay. But this has been set to a maximum of Rs 100 per month.

Avail about 20% discount on dining bills at over 2000 outlets.

This card offers you hassle-free cash-back redemption offers without any difficulty.

Annual Fee Rs 500
Interest Your rate of interest initially is 2.50% per month (i.e., 30.00% annualized).


The Citibank Cash Back Credit Card has good rewards but it may be less when compared to other cards being offered by Citibank. The card is pretty reasonable and also allows you to make cash redemption too. Another drawback would be that it does not come with a welcome offer which is commonly seen in all cards. Other options would be the Citibank Rewards card which comes with travel vouchers as well as shopping vouchers too. It has an annual charge of 1000 and allows you to redeem your points at over 600 stores. ICICI Platinum card is also another interesting option that has an interest rate of only 2.49% per month or annualized 29.88%. There is no joining fee for this card and you are also not required to pay the further credit card fee if you own a valid fixed deposit.

Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card Review

This card allows you to earn points on your fuel expenses incurred. Fuel cost is rising day by day and if you can gain points for the expenses met it is a good deal. They have special discounts and concessions with the Indian oil outlets. You can avail yourself of them at your convenience by just swiping this card.


For 150 spent with this card, you gain about 4 turbo points. You can also get a full waiver on fuel surcharge up to 2.5% of the fuel bill.

You can also avail of 4 turbo points for Rs 150 spent at selected outlets like Flipkart, Raymond, Jabongg, Yatra, Goibibo, and many more. For grocery and supermarket expenses you gain 2 points for Rs 150 spent.

You have numerous options for the redemption of points. The points can be used to pay off the fuel bill, or can be converted into vouchers of popular brands or can be paid off at several outlets.

You can keep a track of your rewards by SMS alerts by sending SMS REWARDS ‘XXXX’ to 52484

The turbo points do not have an expiration date so you can save them for later purchases too.

On subscribing to three other cards of Citibank you get Rs.600 worth free fuel and also have the benefit of paying the Annual or Renewal Fees on all three.


Annual Fee Nil if 30000 or more is spent with this card in a year
Interest 3.25% per month (39% per annum).


Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card is perfect for meeting fuel expenses. It has very attractive rewards and allows you to make points on your fuel expenses. These points can be redeemed at your convenience and can also be used to make purchases too. If you wish to check other options then the AirIndia SBI Platinium card is also good. It has travel benefits as well as fuel discounts too. But it has a joining fee of 1499 and an annual charge of 1499. But the advantage is that you can also make points on your expenses made and redeem them while booking your tickets.

Citi Prestige Credit Card Review

The Citi Prestige Credit Card is one of the most expensive card among all credit card but its benefits are also more than others. You can make numerous lifestyle benefits and earn rewards on the purchases made. Your accumulated points can be redeemed and can be further used to purchase gadgets or add to your loyalty program of airlines.


As a welcome gift you get 10000 bonus air miles and Rs 10000 worth gift vouchers from Taj Group or ITC Hotels.

For every Rs100 spent gain 1 reward point in India and 2 reward point if spent internationally.

Avail Etihad Guest Gold membership and 5000 bonus mileage, British Airways Executive Club upgrade and 5000 bonus miles on the completion of your first British Airways flight Citi Prestige Credit card.

Other benefits include Taj Epicure Plus Plan , InnerCircle Gold membership, Hilton HHonorsTMGold status, Jade Membership of Shangri-La’s Golden Circle and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership.

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Annual Fee Rs 20000
Interest 2.50% per month (i.e., 30.00% annualized)


The privileges offered by this card is pretty unique when compared to other cards. The Citi Prestige Card has numerous rewards but its annual charges makes it a little expensive. With membership options and bonus miles the card is definitely worthy for travelers and regular shoppers too. If you feel the charges are high you could also opt for the Citibank Rewards card which has rewards for departmental purchases, dining, and travel needs. The charges are reasonable and allows you to redeem your points easily without any hassle. The SBI Platinum is also a good choice as it also provides numerous apparel vouchers as well as travel vouchers with a joining fee of only 2999.

Have you used any of the above credit cards from Citibank? Share your reviews and experience in comments please.

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  1. Sivaprasad S U

    is citibank cards still available in india?

  2. Sid

    Agree. There are only couple of online partners for 10x points. Marketing gimmick OR pure cheating ?

  3. Mani Karthik

    Thanks for the update Anshuman.

  4. Anshuman Nopany

    Citi Prestige no longer offers HHonors/Shangrila membership.

    Some other benefits like aquasail tie-up has been terminated. Many facilities have done away with. Citi claims that a new set of arrangements is in the offing. Don’t know when it will come through.

    Presently, with the reduced facilities, I don’t think the membership fees is justified.

  5. Gagan

    Pls avoid Citi Bank Rewards Credit Card. They say 10x rewards points at Departmental / Apparal Store as well as Online Partners. But there is no list of 50 partners even with Customer Care. And the list which is online has only 3 and that too e-commerce partners.

    I feel this to be a cheating tactic by Citi Bank. I had done transaction on D-Mart / Haiko and for neither got the promised 10x points

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