Common Mistakes First Timers Make While Traveling from India to the USA

Your first attempt at everything is bound be a “learning from mistakes” kind of experience. But when it comes to taking an expensive trip from India to the United States, you can’t afford to make too many mistakes. This is why we’ve made a list of possible first-timer mistakes to avoid when traveling to America.

Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip to The United States


It is a common misconception that everything in the US is expensive. It may be true for some items, but there are many things that are cheaper in the United States. If you use any of those items often or might need them on you trip, do not carry them from India, instead buy them once you reach the US.

Avoid packing towels and bath products. If staying for a short period, you can ask for them at your accommodation. If staying for a long period, buy them in the United States, they are cheaper and better in quality.

And don’t forget to read more tips on how to pack light.

Exchanging INR for USD at the airport

Take out time prior to you trip to get your rupees changed to US dollars at your bank or a foreign exchange service. If you go to a Currency Exchange window at the airport, seeing that you have no other option, the officials there can often be notorious and charge you more than the going exchange rate.

Be sure to get an ample amount exchanged and if you are unsure of how much you might need, an even safer option is to inform your bank that you will be traveling and use your credit cards, your bank will take care of the exchange.

Learn more about buying foreign exchange here.

Not Buying Insurance

Travel agents often overlook travel insurance in fear of scaring the client away and losing their deal. But one must never leave for an international trip without travel insurance, especially to the United States, which was declared the country with the most expensive healthcare in the world, by The Washington Post in 2014.

A travel insurance policy not only covers unforeseen medical expenses but also provides benefits for other mishaps. These include delay or loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, loss of wallet, reimbursement for a cancelled flight and many more. Moreover, buying insurance with a cashless transaction feature will allow you to pay for medical and other expenses without cash, thus saving your exchanged currency for other uses.

Piling Up Your Itinerary

When traveling to the United States as a tourist, people tend to cram their days with numerous places to visit. Hopping from one destination to another, in an attempt to see everything on just one trip means that you will end up enjoying the least. Even if it is your first and only trip to America, plan your itinerary with enough time to not see but experience each place.

If you do not mind budget hotels, you can lower the cost of accommodation and add a few more days to your trip.

Once you’re there, the stark difference between the Indian and American cultures might also take you aback. You must remember that the country is your host and for it to respect you, you need to respect its people, customs and way of life.

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