What Should You Take While Traveling to USA from India for a Short-Term Stay?

Although you can find anything and everything in the United States of America, for a short trip, spending your precious dollars on something that you could have carried from India is not the wisest thing to do.

If you are on a budget, especially while buying air tickets, your luggage weight bracket will be budgeted too! So don’t just pack wisely, learn how to pack light too. Read on to know what you must carry to the US and what can be avoided.

Checklist for Short-Term Stay in America

Clothing and accessories

If staying for 30 days or less, carry clothes for your entire stay. Clothing items are generally cheaper and better in quality in the United States, so you can keep some room for clothes you might want to buy there and bring back to India.

If traveling in winter, carry heavily quilted jackets, since winter can be pretty brutal in America.

Food and medication

  • Instant cup noodles – Travel with a bulk of instant cup noodles. If you are a budget traveler, these can be a lifesaver, as they will keep both your stomach and pocket full.
  • Ready-to-eat – Sooner or later, you will miss Indian food, and finding it in a restaurant is not as much of a challenge as paying for it in dollars. Read about ready-to-eat hacks to make the process even easier.
  • Spices – If you can cook, carry spices with you. You can find Indian spices at Indian stores in the United States but they are usually expensive.
  • Medicines – Medicines and health care are expensive in the United States, so carry all the necessary medicines with you. If possible, consult an Indian doctor over the phone for a minor ailment.

Personal care items and toiletries

If you are staying at a hotel, do not bother carrying toiletries or personal care products, your hotel will provide them. If you are staying in a serviced apartment or homestay, check whether they provide these or not and pack accordingly.

If you use a particular product that is available in the US, buy it there, it will probably be cheaper. If you have to carry yours from India, buy small travel-friendly containers to transfer and pack only as much as you will need.

Electronics and Hardware

  • Laptop – Carry a lightweight laptop or if you can manage with an iPad or tablet, carry that instead.
  • Chargers and power bank – Take chargers for all electronic items you are carrying, your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, camera, etc. Also, remember to carry a power bank and suitable chords for all your devices.
  • Multi-plug converter – Indian type D plug chargers to your devices will be rendered useless if you do not have a plug converter to match your plugs with American sockets. Buy one here.

Once you’ve packed all your essentials, pack in your wonderment and a free spirit too, for they are just as important to have a great time in the “world’s greatest nation.”

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