What is covered in Visitors Insurance?

If you’re traveling to the US, I very much recommend getting a travel insurance plan for you. Why? Well, my experience tells me that getting a travel insurance (visitor’s insurance) protects you from many uncertainties. and in fact can save you from unexpected expenses. Read this – Why you should get a travel insurance plan.

But for those of you getting a visitor’s insurance plan, what all can you expect from it? As in, what is included in a visitor’s travel insurance plan? Let’s take a look.

What is included in Visitors Insurance?

New sickness or illnesses – Most good travel insurance plans will cover any or most new sicknesses or illnesses you get while you are traveling. Most plans will not cover pre-existing conditions. But there are a selective few insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions also.

Accident or injury during travel – If you get into any accidents or get injured during one while staying or traveling abroad, most travel insurance plans will cover you.

Medical evacuations – Most plans will cover emergency medical evacuations or similar situations.

Return of mortal remains during death – In any unfortunate event of your death, returning of mortal remains to your home country can be quite troublesome. Travel insurance plans might not cover the legal processes but any good plan will cover the financial expenses.

Above mentioned is a list of items that are usually covered by good travel insurance plans. Please be adviced that yo should always check for fine details of coverage before buying a policy from insurers, as coverage and conditions under which they apply can change from one company to another.

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