Best HDFC Bank Credit Cards in India

HDFC Bank is a popular bank offering the best customer credit cards. It has numerous credit card that is available at very reasonable interest rates. They are categorized as super premium, co brand, professional, premium travel, premium women, premium, regular and cash back. You can easily avail these cards according to your requirement and budget.

Let’s check out some of the best credit cards from HDFC bank in India. (By the way, Citibank Credit Card reviews are here.)

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HDFC Platinum Plus Card

HDFC Platinum Credit Cards

The Platinum Plus Card from HDFC is apt card for meeting your day to day expenses. The fees is pretty reasonable and offers good rewards too. All salaried professionals between the age of 21 and 60 can avail this loan. It also gives you the benefit of adding three more cards for your spouse, children or parents.


In a year for an accumulated spend up to 50000 you can earn 2 reward points for every Rs 150 and for purchases above 50000 gain 3 reward points for every Rs 150.

SmartPay is HDFC bill utility bill service payment system that will assist you in making the bill payments easily and conveniently.

Avail fuel surcharge waiver up to 250 per month.

Can get zero liability on your lost credit card if you report the loss within 24 hours of losing it.

You can also avail the revolving credit card at nominal interest rate.


Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee 399 Rs
Interest 3.4% per month and 40.8% per annum


The Platinum Plus Card is perfect for meeting utility bills and gaining points on it. There is no annual fee and the annual charges is pretty reasonable too. But the offers as well the rewards from this card is minimum and may not be much as compared to other cards. It does not come with much travel as well as shopping benefits. The HDFC Diners Club Premium offers numerous dining, concierge as well lounge access to its privileged customers. It has an annual fee of 1000 but its interest rate is 3.25% and 39% annually. If you are a frequent traveler you could also opt for the Citibank Premier Miles credit card which exclusively features travel benefits. It has annual charge of 3000 but it allows you to earn miles on every airline transaction.

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The HDFC Diners Club Premium

HDFC Diners Club

The HDFC Diners Club Premium is a classy card which has numerous privileges accompanying it. This card gives you unlimited domestic lounge access and even Concierge services. It has tie –ups with Taj that allows collect numerous vouchers as well as benefits.


Gain 4 reward points for every 150 spent. And as part of the Premium Diners Club Miles Exchange Program you can transform 1 reward point to 1 AirMile on Jet, IC. You can redeem your points for gifts as well as vouchers from the exclusive catalogue.

Stay at Taj Group hotels and get privileged to complimentary breakfast, as well as early check in and late checkout facilities. Get complimentary offers on Taj Safari and Taj Air. You can also get access to small luxury hotels under the membership of Tiered Guest Recognition Program

Get access to lounges 500+ worldwide lounges and even dedicated lounges in in Mumbai and New Delhi airports.

The 24×7 Global Concierge desk will help you get access to easy dining referrals as well as reservation assistance. You can also get a complimentary glass of wine for every booking made with the concierge services.

Get access to bookings on Flights, Hotels, Movies and Events through the Book Now section on the website.

Avail golf training courses through the concierge services.

Get Fuel surcharge waiver up to 500 per month.

Enjoy Revolving Credit on your Credit Card at an interest rate of 3.25% per month.

Can get zero liability on your lost credit card if you report the loss within 24 hours of losing it.


Joining Fee 2500 Rs
Annual Fee 1000 Rs
Interest 3.25% per month and 39% per annum


The HDFC Diners Club Premium is apt for users who travel often and want travel benefits. They have numerous rewards and special concierge services for its customers. The lounge access both in domestic and international airports, fuel surcharge waiver and golf training courses are the other highlights offered by this card. Jet privilege HDFC Bank Platinum Card offers numerous travel benefits and gives you access to lounge access too. It does not offer elaborate benefits as seen with HDFC Diners Club Premium but here Jet Privilege has an annual charge of Rs 1000. The Axis Bank Signature Credit Card gives you exclusive privilege in travel and living, dining and lifestyle. The rewards are pretty amazing and the annual charge would be waived if the annual expense is 6 lakhs and above.

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HDFC Business Platinum Credit Card

HDFC Business Platinum Credit Card

The Business Platinum Credit Card has numerous business savings offers and also comes with rewards too. The fees is pretty is pretty nominal and can be availed by all. Get access to Merchant establishments worldwide and even withdraw cash from HDFC Bank ATM or MasterCard Member ATM.


Depending on the business credential you can avail loan up to 20 lacks using this card.

Get access to airport lounges across India with your Business Platinum Credit Card

Avail 1% cash back on all retail spends of minimum statement balance of 50000 and 0.5% cash back on retail spends more than 10000.Also get 1% Cash back on International spends of Rs. 10,000 or more of a statement balance.

Gives you fuel surcharge waiver up to 500 per billing cycle.

Make cash withdrawal from HDFC Bank ATM or MasterCard Member ATM of about 40% of your credit limit.

Users of this card can also get 50 interest free days from the date of purchase.

Can get zero liability on your lost credit card if you report the loss within 24 hours of losing it


Joining Fee 299 Rs
Annual Fee 299 Rs
Interest 3.4% p.m. (40.8% p.a.)


The Business Platinum Credit Card has good offers and comes with numerous rewards. The highlight is availability of loan up to 20loans that can be availed on the basis of business reputation. The joining fee and annual fee is also very reasonable. It looks promising and has a lots of advantages too. If you wish to opt for different card then you could try Business Gold credit card. It has cash back benefits for fuel, air tickets, and railway tickets. The joining as well as annual charges is also very reasonable at 199. The MY Business Credit Card is perfect for business officials who have an account with Axis Bank. It has a joining fee of 999 and an annual charge of 499which is slightly high but the rewards are pretty high.

HDFC Doctors Superia Credit Card

HDFC Doctors Superia Credit Card

This credit card is exclusively for doctors as well as practicing doctors in India. It has numerous privileges and comes with travel benefits. You can also get access to lounge at airports in India as well as overseas. This card is available to all doctors between the ages of 21-60 years.


As a joining gift you get 1000 points and for every renewal you get 1000 points.

For every 150spent you gain 3 rewards points. These accumulated points can be later redeemed for airline tickets on more than 20 international airlines or on any major domestic airline. (100 Reward Points = 70 air miles / Rs. 70 Air Voucher)

You get a fuel surcharge waiver of 250 per month.

The card comes with Priority Pass membership that gives you lounge access to more than 600 airport lounges around the world.

You can free yourself from the first year fee if you spent 15000 with this card within 90 days of receipt.

Can get zero liability on your lost credit card if you report the loss within 24 hours of losing it.

You can also enjoy the Revolving Credit on your Credit Card at nominal interest rate.


Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee 2999 Rs
Interest 3.4% p.m. (40.8% p.a.)


The Doctors Superia Credit Card is launched for doctors who wish to earn reward points on their expenses made. They give you access to lounges and also have fuel surcharge waiver too. The annual fee might be a little higher end but the first year you can relieve yourself of the charges if 15000 is spent within 90 days. The platinum plus card can also be availed by doctors and it is apt for meeting all your utility expenses. There is no joining fee but the offers as well the rewards from this card is minimum. The Axis Bank Platinum Card is also another promising credit card with numerous travel as well as shopping benefits. The joining fee is 500 and the annual charge is 300 which is pretty reasonable.

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HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

The Solitaire Credit Card is a card designed exclusively for women and they have numerous shopping rewards as well as discounts. Earn points as you shop and redeem them later for further departmental or grocery shopping. All salaried professionals as well self-employed people between the ages of 21-60 are eligible for this card.


Get the opportunity to get vouchers worth 2000 from Shoppers stop every year.

For every 150 spent you get 3 reward points. You can also make 50% more reward points on grocery purchases. Cash redemption of points is also possible (100 Reward Points = Rs. 40).

You can also avail fuel surcharge waiver up to 250 every billing cycle.

Avail interest free credit period within 50 days of making the purchase.

Can get zero liability on your lost credit card if you report the loss within 24 hours of losing it.

You can also enjoy the Revolving Credit on your Credit Card at nominal interest rate.

Earn a Cash Back of more than Rs. 4,000 on RP accumulated by spending Rs. 5 lakh on your card


Joining Fee 999 Rs
Annual Fee nil
Interest 3.4% p.m. (40.8% p.a.)


Solitaire Credit Card is apt for shopping requirements and is targeted for the ladies. You can get shopping vouchers from shoppers stop and fuel surcharge waiver by using this card. It has a joining fee of 999 which is high but there is no renewal fee for it. Another card which is good for shopping needs is Platinum Plus Card which does not a have a joining fee and has a renewal fee of 399.Citibank Rewards card is also exclusively for departmental purchases, dining, and travel needs. The card has tie-ups with numerous retail chains and the bill can be settled in simple monthly installment options.

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    […] HDFC has introduced an exclusive card for teachers. It is one of best profession and yet they are still not paid up to the mark. So to combat this problem they have been provided with number of perks and benefits which will help them meet their daily purchases. They have a very attractive reward system which can be collected and exchanged for gifts. […]

  2. Amar


    could you please assist me which HDFC credit card should be taken. I need it basically to have some discount on movie,payment of all utility bill,online purchase and store purchase.

  3. Mani Karthik

    I don’t see any reason to worry. But at the same time, it’s good to keep your expenses in check. The biggest worry should be whether or not your friends pay you back. You are taking a huge risk by “lending” them money. If you don’t pay you back, you’re in trouble. If you keep your expense within the credit limits, it is ok. I would suggest contacting a CA and see what his advice is.

  4. Mani Karthik

    Please contact them. Tip for you – Never believe any offer pitched to you verbally via phone or even directly by the sales guy. Only if they have documents, pamphlets or anything in writing, should you go for it.

  5. Rajesh

    Recently i received hdfc diners club rewardz credit card. Phone banking said this is a life time free card. But in internet i saw it has membership fee is Rs 999 and annual fee is Rs 999. Why customer care telling like that i don’t know. So, i want to convert into platinum edge. Please let me know how to do.

  6. Sudheer

    I am not finding suitable credit card to pay LIC Premium.
    Every year I am paying extra charges.
    Please suggest the suitable credit card in saving the same.

  7. Warren

    1) you are not doing anything illegal, so calm yourself.
    2) with an income of around 50,000 your information will not even fall under their radar, unless ur expenses are on personal assets like cars or houses.
    3) Higher the upgrade, higher the points accumulation. Keep spending!!

  8. Vikash

    My gross monthly salary is 50,000.but using my hdfc regalia card With a credit limit of rs 5 lakhs plus,my monthly credit card expenditure goes beyond 5 lakhs since the last few months.this is happening, basically by purchasing air tickets and due to online purchases and utility bill payments for my office colleagues and neighour and colleagues used to pay me by cash….since there is no payment default on my part,the bank is now ready to upgrade my card with five times more credit limit…my fear is that whether at the end of financial year ,the income tax authority may send me showcause notice regarding my huge expenditure habits against the sharp contradiction of my monthly salary.please suggest how to maintain my personal accounts so that I can enjoy the accumulated reward points against my card expenditure but without fear of showcause notice from the taxman

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