Future Generali Travel Insurance Review

Just a few years ago, less than 20% of outbound travelers from India with a medical history bought travel insurance to cover their medical expenses in a foreign land.

But today, the size of the Indian travel insurance market has crossed US$70 million, according to an article published by TravelBiz Monitor in 2016.

Although India’s present contribution to the global travel insurance industry is less than 1 percent, the market in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10-15 percent.

People today are buying travel insurance not only to protect themselves from a monetary crisis that may arise due to unforeseen sickness, accidental injury, or other incidents but to avail compensation for the loss or delay of baggage, passports, and tickets as well.

In the current scenario, when there are numerous travel insurance plans available in the market, people are only left with the task of comparing them and finding the product that will suit their needs best.

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Future Generali Travel Insurance

Like any other travel insurance plan, Future Generali’s Travel Insurance, called Future Travel Suraksha, provides coverage for medical expenses, baggage delay/loss, loss of passport, and more.

However, this is indeed a unique travel plan, specially designed for senior citizens aged between 71 to 80 years, whereas all other insurers put the maximum age at only 70 years.

Future Generali offers travel insurance for overseas travel, student travel, and Schengen & worldwide, offering a host of travel plans to individuals, families, and students.


To be eligible for Future Generali’s individual & multi-trip policies, the adult applicant should be of 18-70 years of age, whereas their children can be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 25 years and a senior citizen should be of 71 to 80 years of age.

Pre-acceptance medical tests are not required for people up to the age of 70 years if they haven’t declared any adverse health condition.

However, medical tests will be required for individuals ages 71 to 80 years, whose report will remain valid for 30 days.


  • Coverage for any kind of medical expenses incurred due to accidents and sickness while traveling.
  • Coverage for baggage loss, in which payment is done up to a specified maximum limit.
  • Coverage for the delay in the arrival of checked baggage, whilst overseas, providing the policyholder compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for emergency personal purchases.
  • Coverage for loss of passport, providing compensation for reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate passport overseas.
  • Coverage against accidental death and permanent total disablement while the policyholder is traveling anywhere in the world.


The policy does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury, alcoholism, mental disorder, drug abuse, and any other illegal activities.

It will also not cover for loss or damage of the insured person’s passport due to detention or confiscation by customs or police.

Visit Future Generali’s website to know more about inclusions and exclusions.

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Claim Process

The turnaround time for claim settlement for Future Generali’s travel insurance plans is less than 14 working days.

With Future Travel Suraksha, you can stay assured of protection against any contingencies that might arise during your journey.

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