Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Review

Traveling internationally has never been as easy as it is today. More and more people, either for education, business or leisure, are choosing to travel overseas. This growth in tourism is driving the travel insurance market too, evident from the facts published by a travel insurance market report published by Allied Market Research, which concluded that experiencing a CAGR of 8.5% during 2016-2022, the global travel insurance market is expected to garner $28,264 million by 2022.

The reason more people are buying travel insurance is that with the growth in tourist traffic, there is an increase in the incidence of medical emergencies, loss of luggage or important documents and natural calamities, and people need a reliable partner to mitigate the associated risks.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance is a commendable product, designed for Indians going on an overseas trip, to ensure that their journey is hassle free and safe. It offers cover for medical expenses, loss of baggage and travel documents, any form of baggage delays, flight delays, personal accident, personal liability and more, at the most affordable rates. You can buy this policy, offering flexible cover with attractive premium rates, online within 5 minutes, without documentation or medical tests.

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Types of Travel Insurance Plans from Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram provides two types of travel insurance plans, single trip and multi trip travel plans.

  1. Single Trip Plan: This plan only covers you for a single trip and is valid for 180 days, starting from the moment you board the flight for overseas travel and ending when you return home.
  2. Multi Trip Plan: This plan is for all those who need to travel frequently. The plan is valid for an entire year, although there are conditions that a single trip should not exceed 45 days and the total number of days one spends on trips in a year should not be more than 180 days.

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Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance also provides coverage for trips outside India to children aged more than 3 months up to a maximum age of 70 years, excluding immigration or overseas education.


  • Royal Sundaram travel insurance plan offers every kind of medical assistance and provide overseas medical cover of up to US$150,000.
  • Provides cover for emergency dental treatments.
  • Provides total coverage for delays and loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Provides coverage for loss of travel documents, in which duplicate documents will be reimbursed and reissued.
  • In case of a legal liability to a third party, the travel insurance plan will provide a cover of up to US$200,000.
  • In case of an unfortunate accident, the plan provides cover for disability and death.
  • Provides compensation to transport the mortal remains to India.
  • Provides hijack distress allowance.

Other Features

The plan also provides coverage of up to ₹2 lakhs for your residence in India, covering for any kind of  fire related incidents, house breaks, theft, etc., while you are on a trip abroad.

It also offers the facility of automatic extension, in which the insurance period is extended for the next 7 days before the eventual expiration date.

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Royal Sundaram’s travel plans do not cover medical claims arising from pregnancy, any pre-existing diseases, alcohol and/or drug abuse, addiction or overdose. mental or psychiatric disorders. They also do not cover any intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide by the policyholder.

Visit the website to know what more what the policies cover and what they don’t.

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Turnaround Time for Claims Settlement

Claims for Royal Sundaram travel insurance are covered in 4 sections, including the claim process for health cover – cashless benefit, health cover – reimbursement, loss of baggage / delay in checked-in baggage and personal accident. In any of these cases, you need to contact Paramount’s Alarm Centre or its Assistance Co-operation Partners through the Paramount Alarm Centre, to claim for cashless treatment and reimbursements.

Providing you the option to choose from a wide range of covers based on your needs and traveling habits, Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance plans are useful products to opt for.

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  3. Jinsen Karedath

    I have recently purchased a Car insurance from Royal Sundaram, I have directly purchased from their website. Soon after giving the details I got a call from them and guided me to the entire process. I have given all the details and cross checked whether all information is correct or not. Everything were correct at that time.

    Soon after I received the policy I cross checked everything, and surprisingly found my nominee name had a spelling error. Instead of D they have put T. I do not understand how that error came up since I have cross checked everything before submitting. I suspect some human intervention in this process. A spelling mistake may be a simple human error, but when you approach them for claim, they can simply reject it saying the name is not matching.

    I have then sent mails, called them, taken this to Social media but still there is no reply from them. I have not tried for any claim, if there is any issue, I have all the mails, communication recorded. I will check all possibilities to teach them a lesson. IRDA, consumer court there are option.

    Still waiting for, My advice to all is not to opt this stupid company.

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