10 Best Mobile Apps for Money Transfer to India

We have all reached a situation where technology has progressed so much that, no one wants human involvement for transferring money. Of course, these days money transfer has become so fast and hassle free that everything is at your fingertips. In this article, I’ll be discussing the best 10 mobile applications that an NRI can use for transferring money to India.

Before I get started, here is a quick brief on what the current trend is of sending money from USA to India. According to the research, India is the world’s number one destination for money transfers from USA. This is because of two reasons. First, there are 3+ millions of Indians living in the USA. Secondly, Indians have a very stronger bonding with their families despite the distance. What more reasons do a banking or other commercial institutions need to develop a sophisticated and user-friendly mobile application for money transfer?


Here is a list of applications which you can use while sending money to India. I have listed them based on usage, fastness and reliability.

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1. Wise

Wise is a service that someone opts for a lower charges for money transfers.

What I like about Wise mobile transfer :

1. When sending money to India, the transfer fee is just 0.7%

2.Delivery time is 1 working day

3. No additional bank fees

4. Minimum payment is upto $2.65 and maximum is up to $1.33 million

5. Wise has assemblage of most easy-to-use web and mobile design, competitive fees and fast delivery times.

What I don’t like about Wise

1. There are scenarios where credit card may not be approved

2. Additional documentations are sometimes needed

3. Transfers are may be delayed at times


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download Wise app from app store and for google play click here.

Moneygram v/s Wise – Which is better?

Wise is a service provider that offer fair service fee which means there are no hidden charges. For example, you are planning to transfer $500 to India. It will cost around 0.9% per transaction without any hidden charges in the exchange rates. Whereas with Money gram, you choose to transfer $500, the transfer fee itself would be $4 for bank account and $7.99 for card transfer.

If you are looking for a service that offers a lower fee and faster service, you should opt for Wise.

2. Xoom

Xoom is considered and used by many NRI’s as the quickest and reliable means of money transfer. It is secure, fast  and operates 365 days and have cheap transfer rates of almost $2.99 for bank account transfers and $4.99 for debit and credit card transfers (no fee when transferring more than $1,000).

What I like about Xoom Mobile transfer:

1. Fast transfers especially when the amount is transferred during Indian Banking hours.

2.It has great mobile app that is user friendly and simple

3.Tracking down the transfers are pretty easy.

4.There is referral benefit plan that offers $25 e- gift card

5.Xoom customer service lines are available 24/7

6.Instant deposit available to Punjab National Bank and HDFC.

7.In short, among the international transfer options, Xoom provides a plethora of delivery options that too at a very low price.

8.The uniqueness of the app is the quick send option “one tap and one swipe” technique.

What I Don’t like about Xoom:

1.There is a limit to the money that can be transferred daily, monthly, six monthly which is set according to your account level.

2.There are few hidden conversion fees of $6.99


Available in iOS and Android. Click here to download the Xoom App from the AppStore and for Google Play click here

3. Remitly

Remitly is an American digital money transfer service. Initially, Remitly focussed on sending money to Philippines and later in early 2015, the company expanded its money transfer service to India.

What I like about Remitly mobile transfer:

1. $3.99 for transfers up to $1,000, no fee for transfers above $1,000

2. For economic rates – the transaction takes 3 business days whereas the express rates are instant.

3. Instant transfers supported with many major Indian banks, including ICICI Bank, Citibank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank

4. The new customer receives $40 Amazon gift card if they transfer $1000 for about 4 times.

5.Offers free text message notification

6. Also has free tracking tools.

What I don’t like about Remitly

1. It deducts hidden currency conversion cost of $13.


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download the Remitly app from app store and for google play store click here

Why is Xoom preferred more over Remitly?

Xoom is very popular for the fast transfer and good services. Even though the FX rates for Xoom is slightly higher than Remitly, people don’t mind paying them more. One of the  best feature is the advance notification and lock in of the exact money to be transferred based on the amount you will enter or are planning to send ( locked-in exchange rates ).Whereas the main aim of Remitly is to focus on Mobile first approach and create products and solutions around that.

4. Moneygram

The biggest market player for money transfer is Money Gram. It is noticed that every day thousands of people transfer money through moneygram.

What I like about Moneygram mobile transfer:

1. Money gram is a very secured and reliable source.

2. This was established more than 70 years ago.

3. Same day transfers and most transfers are finalized within 10 minutes.

4. You may as well add personal notes and mark your amount as gift or for a particular purpose.

What I don’t like about Moneygram money transfer

1. The fees is considerably higher. For the transfer of $1000 from USA to India would cost you about $10 for credit or debit transfer.

2. The conversion fee is also higher which is about $10

3. The limit for money transfer is fairly lower – $2500


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download moneygram app from app store and for google play click here.

5. Xpress Money

Xpress Money – Global money transfer is a good medium for transferring money to India. Even though the service is very limited to other international countries.

What I like about Xpress money mobile transfer

1. You can find your agent using the country code and zip code

2. Xpress money also helps in getting competitive exchange rates, calculate fee and estimate your total transfer amount

3. You might as well track your transfer with the 16 digit X-Pin number

What I don’t like about Xpress Money

1. It is comparatively slower than other mobile applications

2. The transfer fee is almost $13.


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download the Xpress Money app from appstore and for google play click here.

6. Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Money Transfer is the most oldest and biggest money transfer company and it has an extensive physical network.

What I like about the Western Union Mobile transfer:

1. You can track money transfer through mobile device like Iphone, Ipad and Android devices.

2. Figure out the estimate for the transaction before sending the money

3. You also have option to view the past and current transcations in your applications.

4. Secure and user friendly application

 What I don’t like about Western Union money Transfer

1. Maximum limit upto which you can transfer money in western union money transfer is upto $2,999.


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download western union money transfer app from app store and for google play store click here.

Western Union Money Transfer v/s Moneygram – Which is better?

The transaction fees for a money transfer can be steep or cheap based on the long list of factors. A form of payment used, how fast the money is delivered, whether it is paid in cash or wired to a bank, where it’s sent from and where it is delivered are a few among the list. For international transfers, the exchange rates adds another element of uncertainty to the cost.

For example, in the case of Western Union Money Transfer you decide to send $500 to India choosing Delivery at agent location as the payment method. The estimated cost for this transaction would be :

1. Pay with debit/ credit card – $8 & instant transfer

2. Western Union Pay – $5 & money transferred within 3 days

3. Pay with Bank account – $5 & transfer within 4 business days.

Whereas you choose to deposit the money in the recipient’s bank account, the fee is nil no matter what the payment mode is.

This is not the case with Moneygram and that is one of the reasons why it is considered as the biggest rival to Western Union Money Transfer. The rates for sending $500 via bank and card transfer is $4 & $7.99 respectively. The delivery time is comparatively lesser. It takes only 3 hours to one day for the transaction to complete. Hence, I would suggest Moneygram if you are in a dilemma to choose between WU and Moneygram.

7. ICICI Money2India

Money2India is a mobile app which is a subsidiary of ICICI bank. This application can be used by ICICI bank and Non ICICI bank account holders.

What I like about the mobile app & service:

1. Transfer funds to beneficiaries in India anywhere and anytime from your mobile.

2. View the current exchange rates

3. You can as well track the past 5 transactions in your mobile app

4. The app is completely free

What I don’t like about ICICI Money2India Transfer

1. It is not a good option if you want to tranfer big amounts

2. There is no instant transfer and it takes at least 5 business days for the transaction to occur.


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download ICICI money2India app from app store and for google play store click here.

8. Remit2India

It has been 13 years since Remit2India has been dealing with transferring money to India in 10 currencies from 24 countries around the world which include USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada,Germany, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, New Zealand, SPain & UAE

What I like about Remit2India mobile app & service:

1. There is no transfer fee

2. You can initiate the transfer from anywhere

3. The minimum amount you can transfer from the United States to India through Remit2India is $50.

What I don’t like about Remit2India

1. It takes about 5 to 7 business days for the transaction to complete

2. Not very user friendly application


Available in Android. Click here to download Remit2India app from google play click here.

9. Transfast.com

What I like about the mobile app & service:

1. Transfast pass on the great rates directly to the customers, so your recipient gets more with each transfer.

2. They have the lowest transfer fee

3. You can pay by using your validated checking account, or by debit or card card.

4. If your online money transfer is not completed or delivered after you have funded the transaction, you may request a cancellation of the transaction and you will be refunded your payment in full.

What I don’t like about Transfast

1. Delivery time is pretty delayed.


Available in IOS and Android

Click here to download Transfast app from app store and for google play click here.

10. USForex

USForex is a specialist provider of online international money transfers.

What I like about the mobile app & service:

1. If you send more than $5,000 overseas, you won’t be charged any transfer fees. If you send less than $5,000, the maximum fee that will apply to your transaction is $5.

2. Very flexible options and user friendly interface.

What I don’t like about USForex

1. The minimum amount that is eligible for transfer is about $150.


Available in IOS and Android. Click here to download the USForex app from app store and for google play click here.

Summary – Which is the best mobile App for Money Transfer?

These are some of the mobile apps that you may choose to transfer money to India. Xoom, Moneygram, Western Union Money Transfer, Transfast, and Wise are some of the sought after money transfer services based on their quality of customer service, faster delivery of money transfer and lower transfer fee.

The priority differs from one person to another. If you want lower transfer fee with no other hidden charges like transaction cost via bank or card services but you are ready to compromise on the delivery time – ICICI money2india or remit2India would be ideal.

Here is a chart that would briefly explain you the transfer fee for various modes of payment, exchange rates and an estimate of cost for transferring $ 100. These mobile apps are ranked on the basis of their quality of service.

As you can see, most of the applications are available free of cost in Apple app store and Android Play store. Some of the applications mentioned above are used by myself and some of them have been used by my friends. Certain ones are used and reused and certain others were one-time use only. Hence, this article is a collaboration of information from various sources and reviews from the customers.

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