20+ Best Online Shopping Sites for Clothes

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โ€˜Shoppingโ€™ has always been a word that has amazed everyone regardless of their age or gender. With the introduction of the internet and other advanced facilities, it has become easier to shop as there are tons of shopping sites across the world that provide anything and everything you want, just a click away. With pay online, cash on delivery, and home delivery facilities, shopping for the best thing โ€“ be it a gadget or clothing โ€“ has now become a less hectic job.

There are around 600 shopping websites in India alone. Though e-commerce has flourished so much, itโ€™s indeed a difficult task to figure out which site is reliable and which is not. Here we are listing out Indiaโ€™s Top 10 shopping websites to help you make the right decision in choosing which one to go with.

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Here is a list of the best online shopping websites in India…


The global online marketing leader is my personal favorite – Amazon. Agree that they might not be as “popular” as Flipkart, but considering my experience with them, they are better than Flipkart in most cases. The better shopping experience, consistency, lesser scams, better customer service, and overall great pleasure.

Flipkart might have gotten the bigger brand but Amazon is a solid contender that I wish will do more better in the future and stand the tests of time. Finding products on Amazon is super easy and checking out is easier! And boy I love their daily deals – always a steal!

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Myntra.com is yet again an online fashion store. Online fashion stores serve the purpose of making the task of shopping the most hectic of all โ€“ apparel shopping โ€“ very easy and comfortable.

Myntraโ€™s tagline says that it is the largest online fashion store and the site indeed gives justice to the name. Myntra offers apparel, watches, bags, and a lot more for discounted prices.

Casual wear, ethnic wear, party wear, formal wear, sportswear, and other apparel for men, women, and kids are available for various prices and fashions on Myntra.com. There are various popular brands too for you to choose from.


Best Online Shopping Sites India WYO

WYO is about great custom designs. Designs that make your plain jane t-shirts, wallets, bags, hoodies, boxers, mugs, and other merchandise into conversation starters. They offer a wide range of custom printed products and are the leader in that niche in India today.

AND India

AND stands for House of Anita Dongre. It offers an online marketplace for high-quality fashion apparel. The label constantly refreshes its designs and experiments with international trends to help customers create their own personal styles.

Presently, AND is retailed through over 515 points of sale, which include 122 exclusive stores, and 350 established multi-brand lifestyle formats like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central, etc.

Global Desi

Global Desi is an India-inspired young, colorful, boho-chic brand with global appeal. Their online shop offers a huge collection of amazing apparel for women. I think their collection is unique and appealing to the young-urban woman of India. Check it out!


Durian claims to be the biggest online furniture mart in India. They have an extensive collection of home and office furniture and have special discounts for online purchases as well. Check it out!


Biba is a fashion giant, offering ethnic and contemporary apparel for women. The shades of colors are vibrant, attractive, and contrast which are eye catchy, and lively. The word ‘BIBA’ means ‘ A young girl. Biba has been associated with Bollywood very closely. It launched its e-commerce platform in 2014.

Indian Gifts Portal

Indian Gifts Portal is an online gifts super-market that makes sending a gift to your dear ones a pleasure. It offers a wide range of gift options, most of which are exclusive Indian products, right on your desktop. With the click of a mouse, you will discover it is just the kind of gift store you’ve always been looking for.


This site has been on my radar for quite some time. They have a good collection, a lot of sales and promotions and overall a good shopping experience.


Limeroad offers mostly fashion apparel for men and women. Their products are unique and handpicked by their own editors, making it a curated experience for buyers.


NNNOW is an exciting hybrid start-up of tech and fashion, made in India with an HQ in Bangalore and a creative division in Mumbai. The company kicked off with the custom clothing platform Create in 2014 and launched the omnichannel retail platform NNNOW in 2016.

NNNOW specializes in crafting addictive shopping journeys โ€” whether the user knows what they are looking for, or not. Users are entitled to smart search with a slick interface, whether they are brand loyalists or adventurous style shoppers, or both.

Forest Essentials

Best online shopping sites India - Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional Skin Care Brand, with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda.

A pioneer in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment, today it has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand where secrets of ancient beauty rituals for skin and hair care have been brought to life through painstaking research and made available to modern-day customers.


Flipkart now has the title of โ€˜the largest player of e-commerce in Indiaโ€™. Flipkart has it all โ€“ books, ebooks, movies, daily personal needs, personal care, beauty care, cameras, laptops, accessories, home appliances, footwear, clothing, music, mp3 downloads, movie posters, watches, bags, wallets, electronic appliances, gaming, sports, and fitness โ€“ all under one roof, hence making it the best place to shop.

Offers and discounts along with free home delivery for the purchase of goods above a certain amount are another plus point of Flipkart. Another thing about Flipkart is that it never disappoints you. Two thumbs up!


eBay.in is the Indian version of the International online marketplace, ebay.com. One good thing about eBay is that it promotes small businesses and passionate individual businesses as well, as it allows buying products directly from vendors.ย 

eBay has a wide range of used and brand-new products from footwear to electronic gadgets, all under one roof. Though it involves a lot of individual and small business sectors, eBay makes sure that the vendors are trustworthy, hence making the site pretty much reliable.


Initially, Snapdeal as its name says, started by giving daily deals to the customers. Deals included services like daily deals on local restaurants, spas, parlors, salons, and travel. Later on, Snapdeal expanded to online product deals as well.

The products and deals include mobile phones, laptops, kitchen and home appliances, books, and a lot more for reasonable prices.


Shein is an online shopping website that has a lot of contemporary collections for women. They have gotten recently popular in India.

Best Online Shopping Sites in India


Free shipping, easy payment modes, easy and free returns, a wide range of offers and discounts, and a great list of products to choose from- all these make shopclues.com one of the best and fastest growing online shopping websites in India.

For those who love to have a high-quality shopping experience, this is one of the best virtual places to be at, which involves reliable, genuine, and real stuff!


Unlike other online shopping websites that provide an online platform to shop many things in one place, Firstcry.com concentrates on selling baby products alone and that makes it stand out from other websites. Firstcry.com has everything for kids โ€“ diapers, toys, and even maternity books. They have it all, and hence the best choice to buy things for your baby.

These online shopping sites, in short, make the whole shopping process an easy deal. In this world where you can buy almost anything online, knowing the right places to shop makes all the difference. Hope you enjoyed the article.

While you are buying new stuff, make sure you sell off your old stuff. Here are some apps that can help you sell off your old stuff like clothes.


What I really like about online shopping in India

  • Ease of shopping
  • Availability of offers
  • Wide range of products
  • Ease of payment

What I don’t like about online shopping in India

  • Reliability: Some websites are notorious for sending the wrong product.
  • Overpriced products: Some websites are known to blow up prices unethically.
  • Limited availability: Some states in India are not supported by some websites.

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Which are your favorite online shopping sites in India? Did I miss anything? Please suggest in the comments.

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  1. Hello Mr. Mani Karthik,

    I read your blog about 20 online shopping sites, I loved it. You genuinely wrote so simply and nice to understand. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep it up.

  2. The names of the sites you had shared were so useful and helped a lot in buying the best quality product from thee sites. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

  3. Yes, there are so many online shopping sites are available in India. Based on our requirement we need to select the sites, for example, if you wanna buy furniture visit Pepperfry, if you wish to buy groceries visit BigBasket, wish to buy electricals visit Amazon, If you want to buy fashionable clothes then you can buy them from Picknhook.com. You will find both branded and non-branded clothes at a cheap price.

  4. My experience with Snapdeal was horrible. They are audaciously selling duplicate fake products and on complain telling to return. But the selling is continuing. I have got fake Timex watch & indulekha hair oil for lesser price. Really pathetic to see cheaters cheating openly.

  5. I live in us and was also looking to shop online when in India. One major criteria for rating a site I look at is ability to return when needed. Would have been nice if you had evaluated that criteria when looking at these sites.

  6. Recently i checked Virtual2buy.com where we can make your own price as on offer. Probably you could check this

  7. Namaste,

    My experience with snapdeal is also not good. I have bought a 26 inch TV (with media play capability) at snapdeal at some time in Nov 2018. They shipped 24 inch TV. I have asked for a replacement. After many follow up, they have agreed to replace the product. Their policy is, I have to ship the product back and then snapdeal will ship the replacement product it seems. I was expecting that they ship the new product and while delivering the right product, they suppose to take back the wrongly shipped product. After me requesting to replace the product, over mail, over phone (alas there is no human interaction, but only IVR and it was bad). Nothing has really materialized. Snapdeal has conveniently closed the case. Really felt sorry for doing a business with a firm not having basic business ethic.

  8. There are many Online shopping sites in India, But I like & appreciate
    I Have obtained best online shopping experience in โ€œFabricssโ€ .

    I avail free shipping, free cash on delivery, wholesale price & Hassle free service in “Fabricss”

  9. Why snapdeal.com is Not Recommended ???

    Any good reason apart from non branded product .

  10. i found many new websites, they are also providing good quality products at low rates like patymmall,styleleak.in. and many more.Styleleak is basically providing only accessories products like wallet,goggles,leather belt and many more. i think many new websites are also good to buy quality products at low price

  11. I personally like Flipkart and Amazon but you forget to mention Bewakoof.com, Where you get some cool t-shirt stuff for men and women both

  12. Hi Mani, Really I’m very happy with Amazon service. I am amazon prime member feel great for this.Thank you for posting.

  13. HI MANI..

  14. Yes sir, I am Amazon prime member,it is amazing experience at Amazon, Flipkart is average.

  15. That is a tough question to answer. Especially since there are lot of things to consider. I like Amazon comparatively to others though. It might be a personal taste however.

  16. Hi Mani !! Amazon and Flipkart are the real competitors in India… and both are top leading eCommerce websites…

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