Patriot America Plus Review – Travel Insurance Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a good visitor’s travel insurance plan while you’re traveling to USA, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been writing extensively about tips to getting the best travel insurance for visitors and in this article, I’ll review one of the most popular travel insurance plans out there – the Patriot America Plus Travel Insurance. Read on…

Patriot America IMG (International Medical Group) is a travel insurance plan for non-U.S. citizens traveling anywhere outside of their home country. So for Indians (and others) traveling to USA on business trip or pleasure trip, this is a good plan to consider.

It is a comprehensive medical travel insurance plan. Read this article to understand the difference between a comprehensive medical insurance and limited medical insurance.

What it essentially means is that this policy has better coverage and is suited for those travelers who wants to be covered for more than just the basics.

Let’s get into some details of this product.

Who is it suited for?

This plan is more suited for non-U.S citizens who are traveling to USA (or any other country other than their homeland) for more than a few days for business, leisure or other purposes. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, this plan might cover it through your trip. (Please check with the company on updated details as things change all the time.)

Patriot America Plus Coverages & Benefits

This plan offers coverage like medical expenses of up to $1,000,000 with a variable deductible, sudden recurrence of pre-existing conditions, emergency medical evacuation, and other protections. I strongly advice checking with the company on what exactly are the pre-existing conditions and in which circumstances are the policy covered.

Patriot America Plus Advantages

  • Comprehensive coverage plan that covers more than the basics
  • Includes PPO network (better coverage)
  • Deductible must be satisfied only once per policy period
  • Policy can be bought online, cancelled or refunded if required (flexible)

Patriot America Plus Disadvantages

  • For travelers above 80 years, there’s a limit of $10,000
  • There’s a $50 cancellation fee
  • Precertification for certain medical treatments required to avoid 50% reduction in benefits.

How Patriot America Travel Insurance works

Since this is a PPO plan, you can go to any Doctor or hospital you like. To get better rates and choices, it’s recommended that you visit an “in-network” Doctor. Finding one is easy. You just need to call up the insurance customer helpline and find out the hospitals/Doctors who are in-network approved in your area.

After the deductible, plan pays 90% for the first $5,000 and 100% after that.

Patriot America Plus Benefits

As of April, 2017 – Here are the published list of their Patriot America Plus plan benefits. Please check with the company directly for any changes.



  • Do you recommend this travel insurance plan? – Yes, if you are looking for a good comprehensive coverage plan.
  • How much does it cost to buy it? – Pretty cheap in my opinion (less than $55 if you buy from here) and it is worth it.
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4 responses to “Patriot America Plus Review – Travel Insurance Worth Buying?”
  1. Pavan

    It depends on the case and cannot be generalized. If someone says they had a tough time getting the claim, it may mean that they didn’t have the documents and enough support to prove their case. These ppl go on and say it doesn’t work.

  2. Alex

    I link to online resource that allows to find doctors in their network by zip code would be helpful. I confirmation that no such resource exists would be helpful too.

  3. Mani Karthik

    This is a very important question. What I suggest is before taking up any plan, call up their support lines and ask what they’d do in an imaginary situation. There are lot of moving parts that it is impossible to make general conclusions. Ask and study well about the plan you’re getting…how they will benefit you in any unfortunate situation before buying

  4. Arthanari C

    Do you know if these plans process proper claims?

    I hear many such insurance plans are simply denying all claims and the customers never get their money back.
    These days the doctors are also not accepting these plans and saying they will charge full value and then we have to get refund or claim from these insurance providers but they simply don’t serve the customer properly and deny all claims.

    Also they ask several years of medical records and keep delaying the process and mostly end up denying the claim after all the tedious process.

    Have you done any research on this topic regarding proper claims?

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