RebTel Review – Unlimited Calling to Landlines & Mobiles in India!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about RebTel. It is a popular (and new) app that helps you to make calls to India cheap. In my pursuit to find cheaper ways to call India, this is the latest. Wait! Doesn’t every other VOIP company proismise the same thing? Don’t they let you call anywhere in India?

Of course they do. And I’ve tried almost all of them. That’s the problem.

I can guarantee that almost all of the companies that promises “cheap rates” are pretty much that – cheap. For some reason, we Indians have this affinity for anything cheap and end up buying inferior quality stuff that we can’t use. not trying to generalize, but you get the point.

This is where RebTel is different. If you’re like me, you should’ve probably tried most of the companies listed here – They all promise cheap ways to call India. And some of them are really good in certain aspects but not everything.

I personally think that calling your folks in India has to be an easy process. And I judge these companies based on the following factors.

– Ease of use.
– Call quality and clarity.
– Price.

That’s it. Nothing else. I don’t want any fancy package for 160+ countries or “unlimited calls” with a clause that is not really unlimited.

Most of the long standing companies in this space who offers unlimited calling packages are all $25 and up per month. And I wonder, how they all agreed on the same price bracket somehow. Even though they’re all very different in quality and service. Turns out many of these companies are overcharging their users by giving poor quality service.

This is where I found RebTel standing out. Not only do they have an amazing new technology powering their service, but they’ve also managed to keep it in-expensive. All the while making it super easy to use the service.

What’s so good about RebTel?

Easy to use – No PIN codes, No SIM cards, No hidden costs. I hate those services where you have to call up some number, then dial up a bunch of codes and then get through to the call, only to find that the call quality is bad.

No internet needed – Call anyone in the world, landline or mobile, unlimited or for the lowest minute rates.

Prices – Rates are up to 98% cheaper than those offered by mobile carriers.

Great quality – Outstanding call quality to all countries.

I think that RebTel is a good competition for all other “legacy” companies out there, that is challenging their status quo with better service and cheaper prices. They’re really good with customer support too. If you are interested in getting RebTel, this is a good time to because I have an exclusive deal available for you.

You can get a discount of 2% on top of the $10 by using this coupon code.

Go get it, while it lasts!

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