American Express Payback Credit Card Review in India

If you’re looking for a credit card that’s huge on rewards you can make the best use of, this is going to be a pretty good card! Coming from the ever-so-awesome stable of American Express, this card is customized for those who are big on rewards. No wonder they have a slogan that goes “Rewards ka booster lagao!”

This card is American Express co branded with Payback, a company that offers a pretty kick ass loyalty program. So you can imagine, the possibilities already. This card assures you an earning rate of 3 Payback points for every Rs 100 spent. And if you are shopping at Payback partner outlets, using this card, the reward points double. Obviously, this card works best if you want to earn reward points from both Amex as well as Payback.

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American Express Payback Credit Card Details

American Express Payback Credit Card Review in India

First year fee: Rs.750 plus applicable taxes.
Second year onward: Rs.1,500 + applicable taxes.
If you spend more than Rs.150,000 in a year, you will also get an annual card fee waiver.

Interest rate – The rate of interest for the first six months is 1.25% per month, which is 15% per annum for purchases of goods and services. After six months, the interest rate will increase to 3.25% per month, which is 39% per annum.

Joining Fee – There are no joining fees for the American Express Payback credit card, but there are annual fees of Rs. 750 in the first year and Rs. 1,500 next year onwards.

Interest-free days – This card has a 52 days no-interest policy. This means you have 52 days to pay back the bills and there won’t be any interest on the outstanding amount.

The expiry date for rewards redemption – Most American Express cards rarely have an expiry date to redeem points, but in this case, the American Express Payback Credit card comes with a three-year expiration on rewards.

Summary – My take is that this is a good card for earning rewards and you should get it if you like AmEx and are looking to get one. It is comparatively easy to get, so if you’re looking to get a first-time AmEx card, go for this one. There are many other better credit cards to choose from anyways.

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