SBI Air Platinum Credit Card Review

In my never ending pursuit for a good travel credit card in India, the SBI Air Platinum Credit Card is the latest (promising) entry. Is it the bet travel credit card in India? No. But is it worth getting? Yes. Read on…

So, SBI has some of the best credit cards in India today. In the Travel cards category, they offer some serious competition with the Air India Signature credit card. Now, this credit card may not meet up with the bells and whistles of the Air India Signature card, but it finishes a level below covering some solid ground and offering to be a good travel credit card in India. Let’s dig in…

SBI Air Platinum Credit Card – Who is it for?

SBI Air Platinum Credit Card ReviewExtensive travelers. People who want reward points on their travels. People who fly a lot within India. Is it clear?

Yup. This isn’t an international travel card (You have the Signature card for it). This travel credit card from SBI is for those who travel extensively inside India and only with Air India. So, if you’re a travel agent, this might not work out for you. Say you’re a business guy who wants to cut down your travel costs by switching from Jet Airways to Air India, this is your best card.

Benefits of SBI Air Platinum Credit Card

Let’s see what the benefits are.

First of all, you’ll enjoy complimentary Air lounge access in some of the major airports in India. (Great value in my opinion)

Second, this card is huge on earning miles and rewards points. For every Rs.100 you spent on tickets on this card, you get 10 reward points (1 Reward point is equal to 1 Air India Air mile). When you pay your renewal fee every year, you are awarded a very generous 2,000 rewards points. So, if you pay Rs. 2 lakhs in a year traveling, you get a 5,000 rewards points.

When all your reward points are accrued, you can convert those to Air India miles points and buy tickets accordingly.

Also, as soon as you join (and pay the joining fee – pfft!) you’ll get a 5,000 miles rewards point to your credit. It will also come with a complimentary membership to Air India’s frequent flyer program.

So, all in all, there’s a huge rewards program awaiting you with this travel credit card.┬áNow, there are also fuel surcharge waivers (like many other cards), at selected gas outlets.

Other than that, there is nothing amazing with this card. Just a good card for someone who flies frequently domestic by AirIndia.

SBI Platinum Credit Card Fees

  • One time annual fee of Rs.1,499.
  • Renewal fee of Rs.1,499.
  • Annual APR rate of 40.2%.

Get It Here

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