10 Best Cashback Credit Cards in India

With the advent of credit cards shopping has become easier and more convenient. You needn’t be worried about carrying cash or running short of it. All you need to so is swipe and your payments can be met at a later date. Online shopping has also become easier and it has totally changed the shopping scenario. Just like you move from one shop to another you can browse through numerous websites. It is convenient as you can sit in the comfort of your home and get all things delivered to your door step.

As you make purchases from your card you earn points or cash back which can later be redeemed. This varies from card to card and you can choose the apt one depending on your purchases. There are basically two types of schemes the cash back and rewards scheme

Cash back

Here a certain percentage of your credit card amount will be returned as cash back. But not all your expenses would be considered but only certain specified categories would only qualify for cash back.

Rewards Scheme

Under the rewards scheme you earn rewards on the expenses made. The more you spend the more chances of earning points. But this would change from card to card .For example a basic card can give you 1 point for every Rs150 pent while a premium card can give you 5 points for the same amount spent. So you can choose a card that suits your requirement and your shopping needs.

Here are some best credit cards currently available in India and is apt for meeting your shopping needs.

Best Cashback Cards in India

Other than these, there are some more interesting credit cards offering good cashback and rewards option. Let’s take a look.

HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

HDFC has come with a great card that is exclusively designed for shoppers. The true targeted customer are ladies who wish to shop without having to worry about carrying cash. It has amazing deals with departmental stores, dining, fuel expenses and many more.Some of the benefits are mentioned below.


Joining Fee Rs. 999
Annual Fee nil
Interest 3.4% p.m. (40.8% p.a.)


– Vouchers worth 2000 every month from Shoppers stop.
– For every 150 spent you get 3 reward points. You can also make 50% more reward points on grocery purchases. Cash redemption of points is also possible (100 Reward Points = Rs. 40).
– Fuel surcharge waiver is 250 every billing cycle.
– You get interest free credit period within 50 days of making the purchase.
– Avail 4000 and more cash back on RP by spending 5 lakh or more on your card.


The Solitaire is perfect card for shoppers and they come with the best benefits of all. The joining fee is very nominal and it does have annual charges too. The fuel surcharge waiver, shopping vouchers and rewards points are other additional benefits that come with this too.

ICICI Coral Credit Card

ICICI Coral Credit card gives you the numerous privileges and comes with payback points too. Here the idea is to spend and benefit from it too. With a monthly purchase of 15000 above a customer is entitled to many gifts and reward points. Below are mentioned the fees and the rewards that accompany this card.


Joining Fee Rs. 1000
Annual Fee Rs. 500(If annual spend is more than 125000 then this would be waived)


– As a welcome gift you get a tie worth 999 from Provogue.
– Buy one ticket and get the other one free form bookmyshow.com any day of the week.(2 tickets per month).
– Get a discount on 15% for all your dining needs at their selected chain of restaurants.
– Avail 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver.
– Get 4 payback points for every Rs 100 spent on groceries, departmental stores and more.
– 2 payback points for other expenses for Rs 100 spent using this card.
– Redeem these accumulated points to get gifts and other benefits.


The coral credit card of ICICI Bank is exceptionally good for shoppers. Customers who have monthly spending of 15000 can easily benefit from the numerous deals offered by this card. The payback points are also pretty good and they can be later redeemed for gifts. The fees of Rs 1000 is also pretty nominal and the annual fee will also be waived if the spent exceeds 125000.

Citibank Reward Card

The Citibank Reward card is another credit card that has numerous shopping benefits. You can meet your departmental, dining and travel needs with this card.They also have tie up with numerous retail chains and you have an option to make points as you meet expenses.


Annual Fee Rs 1000 (Nil if 30000 or more is spent by the end of the year)
Interest Your rate of interest initially is 3.25% per month (i.e., 39.00% annualized)


– As a welcome gift you gain 1000 points for every Rs 1000 spent and 1500 points for purchases made within 30 days of receipt of the card.
– Make 1 point for every 125 spent on departmental purchases and on spending 125 at apparel store you can make 10 points too.
– 10 x reward points on purchases with Flipkart, Myntra, Westside and many more.
– You can make 300 points if you opt for e-statements of your credit card bill.
– Get 1000 points for every 100000 spent in a quarter.
– You also get 20% discount on your dining bills and even avail special benefits on services like family parties, sending flowers and many more.


Citibank reward card comes with many benefits and the rewards points’ scheme is also good. You can easily earn your points on departmental as well as apparel purchases. The dining discount is also good. The annual charges is pretty reasonable and it can also be waived if 30000 or more is spent in a year.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

Axis Bank comes with an exclusive card that helps shop as well as have fun with friends or relatives. The deals are pretty good and the charges are pretty reasonable too.


Initial fee Rs 500 (Waived if 5000 is spent within 45 days using this card)
Interest 3.25% per month(46.78% per annum)


– Avail 10x royalty points on dining outside using this card on weekends.
– 25% cash back on movies on all days of the week but to a limit of 1000 per annum.
– Earn 5X royalty points on purchasing from departmental, apparel stores on weekends.
– 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver using this card.
– You can also get access to airport lounges on your travel.


My zone credit card is reasonable and fees will be waived on spend of 5000 using this card within 45 days. Again the annual charges is 500 which is not very high. Most of their benefits can be availed during the weekends when most customers go out for their purchases. It is convenient and royalty points gained can be later redeemed.a

American Express Payback Credit Card

This card comes with numerous reward points and has recently been launched. They have tie ups with many departmental stores and offer discounts which can easily be availed.


Joining Fee Rs. 750
Annual Fee Rs. 1500(If annual spend is more than Rs. 150000 then this would be waived)


– For 100 spent the card user get 3x points.
– You can also make multiple payback points on purchases made with Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Makemytrip and many more.
– There also option to make 900 points on spending 15000 within 60 days.
– You can redeem the payback points from all leading brands.


The annual charges are perfectly reasonable and is apt for shoppers.Their tie with leading departmental stores as well apparels make it easier for customers to shop with this card.They make points and they can be later redeemed for buying gifts.

SBI Signature Card

SBI is a well reputed brand and has great customer confidence when it comes to banking. The Signature card is exclusively designed for people who love to shop and earn points as they do so. Apart from this you can also withdraw cash from over 18000 Visa ATM’s and 10000 SBI ATM’s in India.


Joining Fees Rs. 4999
Annual Fee Rs. 4999
Interest Charge Up to 3.35% p.m. (40.2% p.a.) from the transaction date


– SBI Signature card gives a gift card worth Rs 5000 as a welcome gift from retailers like Raymond’s / Shopper’s Stop / Lifestyle / Jabong.com.
– You make Get 2 Reward points for every 100 spent and 5x Reward Points On Dining, Departmental stores, Grocery & International Spends.
– If you spend up to 4 lakhs annually using this card you gain 10000 reward points and for spending above 5 lakhs you get 20000 points.
– You can redeem you points across numerous categories like travel, holidays, lifestyle, gadgets, Indigo, Taj, Shopper’s Stop or Fossil/Armani.
– You can also get access to special concierge services like discounts at Spa’s & Lifestyle Stores, Customized travel packages, avail exclusive golf lessons from experts and even discounts on flower reservation.

Summary – Best Shopping Credit Cards in India

The annual charges and the joining fee for this card is pretty high. This card is apt for customers who shop heavily and greatly make purchases using the credit card. The benefits that accompany this card is good and it gives you numerous privileges too. If you have an annual spending of 5 lakh INR and more then you make up to 20000 points which can be redeemed later.

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11 responses to “10 Best Cashback Credit Cards in India”
  1. Mani Karthik

    Yes I’d recommend it.

  2. Senthil

    Hi Mani,

    I am currently using HDFC dinners club with limit around 1.5L, i am looking for a new card which will give more cash back, i want to use this card for all my transaction. i have CIBIL score around 800. can i consider Standard charted Manhatten?


  3. How To Choose A Credit Card

    […] Cashback Cards […]

  4. Mani Karthik


    Which bank are you with already? If it’s your first time, you will need to get a secured credit card against fixed deposit. Your bank (the one you already bank with and has savings in) should be the best one to help you with.

    Also, what is the main purpose with a new credit card? Utilities, shopping, travel or something else?

  5. Mani Karthik

    Hi Dev,

    I would suggest Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum http://bit.ly/mkcard1

  6. Dev

    I wanted to know which card you would suggest for utility payments. Have to pay all sorts as I run a business too.

    I do around 1.5L a month in utility payments so wanted these to benefit me somehow.


  7. subbu

    Hi sir
    I am a farmer I am looking for taking a new credit card which one bank is best for me and give me some suggestions.

  8. Mani Karthik

    Hi Sunny, I would suggest Amex Gold Card.

  9. Sunny

    i currently use HDFC Moneyback and SBI SimplySave credit cards. My purchases range around 10-15k per month, mostly revolving around payment of bills and purchases online, and a few restaurant visits.

    I am considering a new card – CitiBank cashback or Amex Gold card. Please suggest ..


  10. Mani Karthik

    Vikas, your success rate will depend on your CIBIL score and other credit worthiness measurements. When did you apply twice? Those rejections itself can harm your score.

  11. Vikas

    Hi bro,I m a defence personnel and getting 37 k pm.I have axis bank credit card having limit of 45 k.now the thing is ,I have applied for credit card to hdfc and standard charted twice.they have rejected my application.now I wanna know,which bank can give me credit card easily.I live in Bangalore.plz reply

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