10 Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards in India

Standard Chartered is probably one of the most reputed banks in India offering a variety of credit cards for different purposes. When many banks offer cookie cutter offers on credit cards, Standard Chartered Credit Cards are made for each user based on your profession, income, usage etc. And each card has a different reward system, advantages and requirements. Standard Chartered offers Credit cards for business, travel, cashback, rewards etc and you can make your selection from the best based on your lifestyle and usage. Let’s take a look at the different credit card offers from Standard Chartered bank in India.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards for Businessmen

Standard Chartered bank has been operating in India since 1858 and operates in more than 42 cities in India. They have credit card offers for business people and in my opinion, these are one of the best credit card offers so far available in India.

1. Standard Chartered Preferred World MasterCard Credit Card

Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards in India

The Preferred World MasterCard Credit Card is a unique card from Standard Chartered that has been tailor made for it’s preferred banking customers.Preferred banking clients of Standard Chartered Bank need not pay annual fee for the first year for the Preferred World Credit Card. With this card, one can enjoy free access to select lounges (Clipper and Plaza) while traveling. On top of that, this card offers two complimentary access to golf courses and free lessons at select golf ranges in India.

Obviously, this credit card from Standard Chartered Bank is for the high fliers and the folks who’re on the top of the pyramid – the high income group. If you’re a mid-level employee, you might not find this card attractive nor its benefits. But if you’re a frequent traveler, this credit card will be of great use to you. Because, it has rewards points on every Rs.100 purchase and comes with many vacation and holiday packages as complimentary benefits.

Here are the golfing courses in India where this card will get you free access.

Aamby Valley Sahara Lake City Golf course, Willingdon Sports Club, Mumbai, Clover Greens Golf Club, Bengaluru.

Reward Points with Standard Chartered Preferred World Master Credit Card

Rs.100 spend at hotels = 5 Rewards Points
Rs.100 spend at fine dining outlets = 5 Rewards Points
Rs.100 spend overseas = 5 Rewards Points
Rs.100 spend on all other categories = 2 Rewards Points

Standard Chartered Preferred World MasterCard Credit Card Features

Complimentary access to Clipper & Plaza lounges.
Approximately Rs. 1,000 off per travel booking at Travelocity.
Complimentary Golf green fees and Golf coaching. No Annual fees for ‘Qualified’ preferred clients.
No first year annual fee.

2. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Best Standard Chartered Credit Cards in India_Visa infiniteThis card too is a high value customer targeted card with rewards on purchases, golf clubs access and travel lounge access features. This credit card holders can enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges in India and overseas 4 times a quarter. This includes major destinations including Delhi and Bangalore. Here is a full list of participating airport lounges.

New Delhi Airport – The Grid Bar (Restaurant) Delhi Domestic Departures (T3)
New Delhi Airport –  Delhi Daredevils Sports Bar Delhi International Departures (T3)
Mumbai Airport –  Carnations Lounge Mumbai Domestic Departures (1C)
Mumbai Airport –  Celebrations Lounge Mumbai International Departures (2C)
Chennai Airport –  Flight of Fancy (Taj SATS) Chennai Domestic Departures
Chennai Airport –  Maharaja Lounge Chennai International Departures
Bangalore Airport –  Pause Lounge Bangalore Domestic Departures
Bangalore Airport –  Kingfisher Sports Bar (Restaurant) Bangalore International Departures

Also, if you’re a movie buff you can enjoy a buy 1 get one free offer on tickets purchased during the weekend on Bookmyshow.com.
To top up things, you’re covered with complimentary travel and medical insurance of up to USD 200,000 whenever you go overseas. Very useful for frequent travelers.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards for Travel

Here are the different credit cards for travel from Standard Chartered bank.

1. Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum


This card is perfect for frequent travelers. It gives you many rewards and freebies you can make use of while traveling, such as.

– Welcome gift of Travel vouchers worth Rs 4,000* from Yatra.com.
– 10%*cashback on travel spends on Yatra.com.
– Waivers on Yatra cancellation fees for all tickets booked on Yatra.com. 4X rewards on Yatra spends and 2X rewards on other cards.
– Earn 2 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent, except on fuel.
– Save on your fuel bills with our 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver.
– There is no cap on the number of cash back transactions or total cash back availed.

2. Standard Chartered Emirates Platinum


This credit card entitles you to join Skywards, Emirates Airline’s frequent flyer program. It offers bonus miles for frequent travelers and golfers. Here are the other features of this card..

– Skywards Membership and Bonus Miles.(4 Skyward miles for every Rs.150 spent)
– Membership to Priority Pass program.
Travel Insurance.
– Complimentary Membership to over 600 lounges globally. 

This card is suited for those traveling frequently on Emirates airline (one of my favorite btw) and would like to make the most of it.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Eligibility

Who are eligible for availing credit card facility?

The bank issues credit cards to applicants who are between ages of 18 and 70. They should have a regular fixed income and should have a good credit score.

What are the Credit Cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank?

Manhattan Platinum, Super Value Titanium, Platinum Rewards, Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum, Inner Circle Platinum, Preferred World Master Card, Emirates Platinum, Gold Rewards, Visa Infinite, Platinum Elite, Bajaj Platinum and Bajaj World are the various types of Credit Cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank.

What will be my credit limits?

The bank will decide the credit limits based on the income levels and payment capabilities of the applicants.

Can I get an Add-on card? And will there be a separate credit limit on the Add-on card?

Yes. The bank issues Add-on cards to those who wish to have them. But there will not be a separate credit limit on the Add-on cards.

What should I do if there is a fraud transaction on my credit card?

You have to report it immediately to the bank. Phone numbers have been allotted to each city, and you can use the relevant phone number and report about the fraud transaction. You should immediately change your PIN number also.

What should I do if my Credit card is lost or stolen?

You should immediately call the bank and report about the lost or stolen card so that they will block the card.

Which payment network credit cards are available in India?

Visa and Master payment network credit cards are available in India.

What is a grace period?

Grace period is the interest free credit period you get. The Payment Due Date on your Card can be between 18 and 25 days after the Statement Date (Please check your statement for your exact Payment Due Date). Therefore, the interest free credit period (Grace period) can range from 18-48 days to 25-55 days depending on your Payment Due Date. The interest-free period does not apply for cash advances and revolving balances. For these, interest is charged from the date of the transaction. The bank reserves the right to change this interest-free period by giving you notice.

Assume that your Statement Date is 2 Nov (covering transactions billed between 3 Oct and 2 Nov) and your Payment Due Date is 24 Nov. You have paid the total amount due by 24 Nov (making you eligible for interest-free period). In this case, the Payment Due Date is 22 days after the Statement Date and the interest-free period will range from 22-52 days.

For a transaction billed on 3 Oct, the interest-free period is 52 days (from3 Oct to 24 Nov)

For a transaction billed on 2 Nov, the interest-free period is 22 days (from2 Nov to 24 Nov)

Will there be any joining fees and annual fee associated with credit cards?

The joining fee and annual fee varies from card to card.

How can I make my credit card payment?

Credit card payments can be made online or offline, For online payments, options available are Bill Desk, online banking, Visa Credit Card Payment and NEFT/IBFT. Other options are through check payment, cash payment, phone banking and auto debit.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Fees

Fee Details Joining Fee Annual Fee Renewal Fees Supplementary card fee Supplementary card Multiple Card fee
Platinum Rewards 399 Rs Nil 750 Rs Nil Nil 750 Rs
Manhattan Platinum 499 Rs Nil 999 Rs Nil Nil 999 Rs
Super Value Titanium 499 Rs Nil 750 Rs Nil Nil 750 Rs
Inner Circle Platinum Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Yatra Platinum Card Opt. 1 499 Rs Nil 499 Rs Nil Nil 499 Rs
Opt. 2 999 Rs Nil 499 Rs Nil Nil 999 Rs
Emirates Platinum Opt. 1 Nil 13,999 13,999 Rs Nil Nil 13,999 Rs
Opt. 2 Nil 3,000 3,000 Rs Nil Nil 3,000 Rs
Platinum Elite 4,995 Rs 6,000 6,000 Rs Nil Nil 6,000 Rs
Bajaj Finserv Platinum Opt. 1 Nil Nil 999 Rs Nil Nil Nil
Opt. 2 999 Rs Nil 999 Rs Nil Nil Nil
World 2,999 Rs Nil 2,999 Rs Nil Nil Nil
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