How to Start Demat Account Online in India

How to open a demat account

You’ve heard about massive cashback offers on Flipkart and Amazon. But have you ever heard of a more than 100% cashback offer on opening a Demat account? Well, now you have.

Upstox, a discount broking company (and a cool one at that) is running an amazing offer, where essentially they’re saying that this is the best time to open a Demat account or in other words, this is the best time to start trading. Here are the details.

So, if you didn’t know already, Upstox is probably one of the best online trading apps available in India today. It’s gotten really popular in recent times for the right reasons. Two of the most unique features of Upstox are their low fees for intraday trading and zero hidden charges on
delivery trading.

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– ₹ 20 /order – For Intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodities.
– Free – Delivery trading. No hidden charges
– On-the-go trading with the Upstox Pro app.
– Upstox offers up to 25X leverage.

If you’ve always wanted to start trading, nobody made it simpler than Upstox, with the easy online application, Aadhaar verification and one-day start!

Get Rs.350 Cashback Offer
Upstox has a Rs.300 account opening fee. As if that wasn’t reason enough, they’re also offering a Rs. 350 cashback on every new account using a unique code upxmk350.

That means, if you ever wanted to start online trading, now is the time! Like seriously.

You can sign up for Upstox DEMAT account and get started under a day!

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