How Many Laptops Can You Carry on Flights

It is quite nerve-wracking to think of spending time away from our laptops and smartphones. They even have a term for this fear, nomophobia.

Needless to say, even while going on a pleasure trip, we would like to bring our gadgets and gizmos along.

But, if you are planning a trip to India, you need to know the guidelines for bringing in laptops from the US to India in a legal and safe manner.

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Indian Customs Rule for Laptops

According to the general baggage rules, you can carry a maximum of one laptop as personal property.

For all other laptops, you will need to declare them as baggage and pay the applicable customs duty for each one.

The applicable customs duty for each laptop is 18% of the sales price of the device. You will also have to allow for the screening of any extra laptops.

In case you are traveling with just one laptop, you can declare it as hand baggage, without needing to bear any duties on it whatsoever.

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Keep Your Electronics Secure

Also, every airline has its own weight and size restrictions for personal electronics items brought on board.

So, it is best to understand the exact specifications laid down by the carrier for laptops, hand-held gaming consoles, and personal audio devices.

And, it is advisable to bring fewer electronics items on a flight, given the risk of them being stolen, damaged or lost during the journey.

Know When to Use Your Laptop

Generally, you can use devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops inside the airport waiting area and in the enclosed airbridges. A lot of airports also provide WI-FI and charging ports for your convenience.

However, in areas such as immigration and customs, which are controlled by security officials, you should not use such devices, unless absolutely necessary.

At these places, you will be asked to put your laptop for a thorough X-ray screening.

On a flight, you can use lightweight devices, such as eBook readers, headsets, smartphones, laptops, portable recorders, etc.

However, some airlines deny the use of devices that emit frequencies that could interfere with the air traffic control.

So, if you don’t put such devices on Airplane mode, you could be risking the life of everyone on the flight.

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Be Clear About Packed Laptops

If you are taking laptops in sealed boxes, it may give an indication that you are taking them to sell in India.

As a result, you could be charged high duties. So, to make sure nothing of this sort happens, carry the laptops in your personal handbag and in other large luggage.

Although there is no specific number of laptops that you are restricted to bring into India, it is recommended not to carry too many.

This is because a higher number of precious electronics items will raise a red flag for the authorities.

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