How Do I Earn Money from Blogging

How Do I Earn Money from Blogging
Let me tell you my story. I started this blog, sometime in 2005. As a place to share my random thoughts. Today, it earns me a stable income (in five figures US dollars!) that I can sit at home, travel around and work when I want to, being my own boss! Let me show you how it all happened and how you too, can earn money from blogging.

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Back in 2005, when I started blogging, making money wasn’t my intention. I use to write about random stuff like movies, food, travel, news, health, personal finance etc – essentially everything that I liked in life. My motivation was just to write something, so I can share with others and show off my “expertise”. Today, many people find all that content useful. Lucky me!

Then, I was in Kerala India, working for an MNC at a 9-5 job. You know the regular job in cubicle, where you work you ass off just to make that monthly salary.

Then I switched jobs and even tried starting up a small company..moved on to Chennai, worked in Dubai, then migrated to US on a H1B Visa. Lived in Miami, San Jose and then Los Angeles on various jobs – it’s been a fun journey. During this time, I kept blogging and it grew from a few visits a month (mostly from my family and friends) to a cool 150,000 unique visitors earning over 22 Lakh Indian Rupees!

(P.S – For me, it’s not the money that matters. It’s about how many people I’m able to help by sharing the information I know and learn. To understand why I blog, read this story)


Fun thing is that, if I can do it, you can too.

Before I get into how you can, let me share some data. (For those who think this is fake.) Here’s a snapshot of traffic to this blog from the last 3 years. (Source – Google Analytics)

My Facebook page has about 28K likes as of today (Jan 17, 2017). There are about 20K followers on Twitter.

How I started blogging

I started with three simple things.

1. A domain name of 500 Rs.

2. A hosting account.

3. A passion to help others.

You too can start blogging now. If you want detailed instructions on how to start blogging, sign up with your email ID and I’ll send you the instructions one by one.

Can you make money blogging?


A lot of people ask me how to start making money online? That is a not the right question. Instead, ask yourself – how can you be part of a mission to help people?

Because when you start helping people, monetary benefits come on its own. That’s what happened in my case. When I started blogging, I didn’t start it with a focus to make money.

Instead I thought, how can I use this medium (of internet and blogging) to share my thoughts and knowledge to more people?

Doing so, I also realized that there are some legit ways to make money online as well, so I used it. That’s it. Having said that, there are lots of tips and tricks I learned along the way. Like, how to start a blog easily, How will you get paid, What should you do to start making money etc.. (it will all be sent to you when you sign up)

How to start blogging

If you are interested in knowing more about blogging and making money from it, just fill up the form below and join!

I will send you detailed instruction via email, on how to start a blog, make it successful and start earning money from it.

Basically, here are the topics..

  • Find out what topics to blog about
  • How to get a good name for your blog
  • Technical things (domain name, site design etc)
  • How to build traffic to your blog
  • How to make money from your blog

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to start a blog?

It will only cost about 500 – 1000 Rupees to start a blog. There are expensive options also, but for a beginner, cheaper option is always good. You can improve later.

Can you start a blog for free?

Yes, you can start blogging on free platforms like blogger and WordPress but if you are serious about making money from blogging, then these platforms won’t be enough. Because, they have lot of limitations that you won’t be able to make money from blogging.

Can you make money online in India?

Yes, there are many ways to make money online in India, including blogging. You have to be careful about what you chose to do though.

How long does it take to make money blogging?

It will depend on how popular your blog gets and how much traffic you can bring to it. There are many ways to get traffic and if you use them properly, it is not hard to start making money from blogging pretty quickly.

Do you need a web-designer for your blog?

No. You don’t need a web designer or have design skills. There are lots of free themes and designs available that you just need to select which one’s you like and use it for free.

How to get people to visit my blog?

There are many traffic generation ideas and strategies that will help you get more people to visit your blog. If you sign up to my email instructions, I will send you detailed instructions on all the traffic generation methods for free.

Can a beginner make money online from India?

Yes. Every one starts a beginner. If you have the drive and passion, you can make a popular blog and start making money from it. I am a good example of it.

If you have any other questions, let me know in comments.