10 Best Web Hosting For High Traffic Websites

If you have a high traffic website, chances are that you’ve burned your finger with regular hosting – when they dropped your website and charged you that unexpected amount! Thanks to social media traffic.

Well, the good news is that things are changing. Web hosting companies now understand that all that sudden surge in traffic is not sustainable and it’s not fair to be charging you for unexpected traffic spikes. Below are the best reliable web hosting services for high traffic websites.

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Best Web Hosting Services for High Traffic websites

Let’s start with Eleven2.

1. Eleven2 Cloud


One of the cheapest cloud hosting technology providers you can come across, this one offers cloud architecture that is balanced and reliable. They offer an amazing customer support system, and you can get your website transported to the servers of this host for free. They have an astonishing control panel and offers a large number of web tools, as well.

2. Rackspace Cloud


They started their Cloud Servers sometime back, and what is interesting in their services is their unparalleled customer support system. With reliable flexible cloud computing technology, they offer varied kinds of choices for customers, allowing you to switch to better and bigger servers as your website grows. They already have a huge customer base.

3. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server


They started their flexible cloud web hosting services in the year 2010 and some of the most reputed websites and clients are with them. For 200 GB of storage, you can expect to pay around $28, and the plans are amazingly different and customizable, allowing you to choose everything from the storage to the number of CPUs to even RAM. Truly well-designed services!

4. ReliaCloud


Rather than offering a monthly plan like other cloud web hosting services, they offer you a charge of $0.05 per hour. This simply means you only pay when you use their services, and the choice of bandwidth is yours. If you are starting afresh and want cloud web hosting, they can be the right choice.

5. Atlantic Net


This is another flexible and reliable hosting service that offers hourly billing support. You have the option to choose between a Linux cloud server and the Windows cloud server and can start with a package of 10 GB disk space and 256 MB RAM. Again, this is a good service when you are not sure how much you are going to use, and like ReliaCloud, you pay as you go.

6. SingleHop


It offers support Windows OS and Linux cloud web hosting with a flexible and decent control panel with good bandwidth. You also get 25GB of hard disk space with 1GB RAM. Maybe not the best out there, but this one is worth checking out. Check their website for details.

7. SkyView


Another reliable service that offers 100% Uptime Guarantee with round the clock support. They have both Windows and Linux cloud servers and prices start at as low as $20. You can check their website and find coupons that you can use for their services.

8. Hostingsource


They offer Dedicated Servers for cloud hosting and have no contracts! What works in their favor is the Tech Support provided round the year without any hassle and 100% network uptime. Setting up with their service is easy and they help in all ways possible.

9. ServerPoint


Linux and Windows-based cloud hosting services that allow you to add CPU and RAM as desired and required with easy creation of VMs. They also have an in house team for technical support and offer decent help all the time. The prices vary with the kind of storage and RAM you choose, with the starting package at $19.99.

10. GoDaddy Cloud Based Web Hostingreliable-cloud-based-web-hosting-companies-godaddy

This is one of the best cloud-based web hosts with Apple’s Xserve servers. Their plans are not expensive, considering the fact that they offer reliable services with Wiki Server and iPhone integration. Also, they offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% with amazing servers, routers, and best level customer support services. The only thing that goes against this service is the lack of free features and services.

No matter whether you had considered cloud hosting or not, you can certainly take a chance due to the large number of benefits you get. After all, every giant online is hosting their websites with such services for commendable reasons!

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