10 Free Whiteboard Apps For the iPad

A Collaborative Whiteboard App is nothing but an app which can be used for making drawings like in a Whiteboard and sharing with other people. There are many free apps available for iPad which satisfies this and the most popular among them are given below.


SyncSpace is developed by The Infinite Kind Limited and is available in many languages like French,German,Italian,Chinese,Spanish etc. The main features include limitless and zoomable drawing space, drawings can be edited or updated by users who also have SyncSpace by sharing the link via email or iMessage, advanced line smoothing,rotating drawings however you wish,exporting the drawings to PDF or other file formats,drawings can be seen on TV screen by connecting the iPad to TV using HDMI cable etc. Also there is no limit on the number of people who collaborate on the drawing and it can be shared on Facebook,Twitter etc.


Doceri is developed by SP Controls Inc and is available in English. The main features include creating drawings using sophisticated drawing tools,editing the drawing stroke or the inserted image,sharing the still images via Facebook,Twitter etc after converting it to PDF or other image file formats. It is a handy tool for doing presentations and other class room sessions.


LucidChart is developed by Lucid Software Inc and the main features include recognizing and interpreting a number of hand drawn shapes like circle, rectangle,square etc,making the drawing in freehand mode,mind maps,Venn diagrams,UML diagrams,Organizational charts etc. It can be also be used to make floor plans and the drawings can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.

4. Jot

Jot is a popular whiteboard app developed by Tabula Rasa and is available in many languages like French,German,Spanish,Chinese etc. The main features include making drawings or sketches with your fingers as stylus, adding textboxes for notes,moving objects and texts easily,exporting images as PDF or other file formats and sharing via email,Facebook or twitter etc.

5. Whiteboard Lite

Whiteboard lite is developed by GreenGat Studios and the main features include creating sketches or drawings collaboratively with more than one person,adjustable marker width,brush preview,easy to use paint interface,creating pictures together through Wi-Fi,connecting other iPads to your personal hotspot etc. It also has an interesting feature in which two persons can draw on the same canvas at the same time.

6. BaiBoard

BaiBoard is developed by LightPlaces Limited and the main features include creating drawings collaboratively using the easy to draw interface,zoomable and multipage whiteboard,Signing & Annotating PDFs collaboratively,sharing documents from Google,iTunes,Dropbox etc,sharing drawings via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. It does not require any registration or sign up to use the app.

7. Groupboard

Groupboard is developed by Group Technologies Inc and is a popular whiteboard app for iPad. The main features include simple drawing on the screen using your two fingers,multi user mode where more than one user can view the drawing in real time,multiple pages in the whiteboard with infinite size,eraser tool,printing option,uploading images or file types from Dropbox,uploading photos from the picture gallery in your phone and making modifications to it etc.

8. Educreations

Educreations whiteboard app is developed by Educreations Inc which turns the iPad into a recordable whiteboard. The main features include create an animated lesson using realistic digital ink,text,photos etc,record your voice message along with the drawings,adding comments to the drawings,creating multiple whiteboard images,unlimited undo and redo options while drawing,sharing the drawings via email or Facebook or Twitter,embedding the lessons in your own personal blog or website etc.

9. ShowMe

ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard app developed by Learnbat Inc. The main features include recording the tutorial or lesson via drawings,text and photos,recording your voice message for the tutorial,various brush colors for drawing,unlimited length in the lesson or tutorial,importing images from your photo gallery or from the web,sharing the tutorials with your friends via email or Facebook or Twitter etc.

10. SyncPad

SyncPad is developed by the company Fifth layer. The main features include creating drawings or sketches like in a real whiteboard,importing images from Dropbox,secured password protection with SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized access,user moderation control,sharing the drawings or ideas via email or social networking sites,annotation of existing pictures or documents etc. To create lesson or drawing using the app,signup in in the SyncPad website and create a whiteboard with a unique username. Then you can create as many lessons you want.

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