Best Apps To File Tax Online in India

Earlier filing taxes required you to stand in long queues at the income tax office or pay a visit to your tax planner or CA. But now times have changed and the procedure has been greatly simplified. In India, income tax can be either filed through the income tax portal or other authorized websites. Let’s take a look at how income tax can be filed online in India – the process and details

Who should file income taxes in India?

Any individual earning Rs 2 lakhs and above is required to file taxes. For senior citizens (above 60 year)the limit is Rs 2.5lakh.Again for super citizens i.e. above 80 years exception is Rs 5 lakh.The last day for filing your taxes with Income Tax department is July 31st.You have options to file it after this day too but it then it gets complicated .So it’s better to pay your taxes on time.

Documents required for filing taxes online

Here are list of documents you need before filing your returns. Form 16 – Bank Statements – TDS Certificates – Last Year’s Tax Returns document – PAN details

Steps to register with Income Tax Portal

Firstly you need to register with the website and for this you would have to provide your personal details like name, date of birth, address and more. After registering you can login using your PAN number as your username. Once you have logged in you need to select the ‘Download’ menu and move e-filing to choose your appropriate ITR form.

Salaried officials, house owner or pensioner can opt for the Return Preparation Software. Once it is downloaded you need to enter all details as mentioned in your Form 16. You can verify your tax amount by clicking on Calculate tax and pay the amount. Next enter your challan details and you can verify using the Validate option. You can now generate an XML file that will be saved into your PC.

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Next you need to click on the ‘Submit Return’ button that is located on the left panel of the portal. You can upload your file and the relevant forms. Here you have an option to digitally sign your file. But if you wish not to do it you can proceed by pressing no. Once this is done you will get a message that the process is complete. You will also receive a ITR-Verification (ITR-V) that can be downloaded and a copy will also be sent to your mailing address.

Take a print out and sign it in blue ink. It has to be sent via mail it or speed post to the Income Tax department within 120 days of filing your returns. Once the IT department receives your mail they will sent an acknowledgement receipt by email.

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Common problems when filing taxes online

If you clearly follow the instructions specified in the Income Tax website you’re less likely to make mistakes. In case any additional amount of TDS has been deducted you can claim a Refund. Once you file your taxes with Income Tax Portal you are required to send a print out within 120 days of filing taxes.

An acknowledgement email will be sent in your email id but in case you don’t receive it make sure to take another print out and sent it again. If you have any difficulty then you can go to authorized websites that simplify the whole process in few simple steps. Some are paid while some help you out free of cost.

Some websites also have a live support system to assist you in case you get confused or misguided.

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Best Apps to file taxes online in India

If you find the Income Tax portal to be confusing then you can file your taxes with authorized apps that help you do so. They do simplify the whole process and it can be completed quickly.

Here are the best apps to file taxes online in India.

  1. ClearTax
  2. H&R Block (Discontinued)
  3. Taxsmile
  4. Taxspanner

1. ClearTax

ClearTax is a popular website that helps you pay your taxes on time. Initially, you have to create an account and provide all your personal information like name, address, PAN number etc….you can spot the two buttons the green and the orange.

Orange is for entering details while the green assists you to scan the Form-16 PDF. In case you face any difficulty you can go to the guide to e-filing that gives you a better idea about filing taxes. You can also opt for the paid CA-assisted e-filing which will cost you about 499. In this case, all your details will be collected through personal calls but this applies only to the paid assistance.

2. H&R Block

Update: Discontinued services.

H&R Block is another website that assists with clearing taxes. Their objective is to ensure that each client pays the lowest income tax liability each year.

The website is easy to follow and it scans you’re the Form-16 PDF. It will fill in all your details automatically and in case you face any difficulty you can call in experts for their assistance. They guarantee satisfaction and offer yearlong assistance. If you to get your returns checked by the CA it will cost you Rs.499. But if you want the CA  to file your returns it will cost you Rs.999.

3. Taxsmile

You can also file your taxes at taxsmile and is free for people with net taxable income of up to Rs. 5 lakh.

One unique feature of this website is that it has a dedicated live support system that will assist with all your queries. You have to follow three simple steps and your task is done. First fill in your Form-16 then review your tax amount and finally file your returns. Only one disadvantage is that unlike other websites you to have manually all the details for Form-16 which others will help enter automatically.

4. Taxspanner

Taxspanner is another web portal that helps you will tax payment. This is a paid website and for filing your returns it will cost you Rs 449.

You will have to manually enter details in Form-16 but the whole process of e-filing is easy to understand. Another  advantage here is that they have a live chat support system that assists you e-filing in case you get stuck. SBI account holders also get an advantage of getting 50% discount on this service.

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Happy tax filing!

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